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Auto Dialer: Everything You Need to Know

We live in a very modern world. As a result, we started being heavily reliant on modern technologies to communicate with each other. Sometimes, it’s even much easier to just send a message via text or email.

So, does this mean telephone calls have become part of the past? Are we giving up on personal connection?

Needless to say, phones have become a staple part of our lives. It is undeniable that we can’t live without our phones.

Now more than ever, communication is much more accessible, and phones have risen to the occasion.

In an era where communication can be done through various mediums and platforms, many companies have forgotten the importance of the most basic form of communication through phones – yes, phone calls.

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Telephone calls are undoubtedly one of the most effective tools for doing business.

Calls offer a more personalized touch, allowing businesses to integrate real-time two-way communication with customers.

According to New Voice Media, 77% of respondents to a survey believe that a phone call is the most effective way to get a quick answer.

Businesses today have several different options for communication. Although we have texting through cellular phones, team messaging, emails, video calling, video conferencing, and social media.

That being said, telephone calls still have something businesses cannot ever do away from.

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Telecommunication may have indeed become a tad slower than its modern digital counterparts.

Still, its benefits continue to shine in this era where a lesser personal connection is evident.

Telephone calls offer personal contact centers that connect with a human voice and create connections that other digital media may not be able to do. Thus, still making it an integral part of any business.

Businesses have also incorporated different software to help them boost their sales agents.

And one of the most influential innovations that made outbound calls much easier is the auto dialer software.

So, if you want to know about the basics of auto dialer software and how it can help your business, then you may just be reading the right article!

What is an auto dialer?

An auto dialer is a type of software used to automatically dial numbers for outbound calls, saving callers’ time from manually dialing numbers.

Auto dialers or predictive dialers are time-saving, predictive, and dialing software in different formats. They can include preview dialers, voice modem, progressive dialer software, and predictive dialing modes.

Basically, these tools enable your business to have significant cost savings by reducing time through automated dialed calls, delivering information through automated messages, and letting customers engage in live calls as requested.

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Auto-dialers are designed in such a way that they can dial a customer’s number from a pre-defined contact list.

The auto dialer systems contain algorithms that help determine whether the person you are talking to is a live person or another automated software receiving the call. Once it is satisfied, it will route the call to a relevant agent or provide a set of self-service options callers choose.

Many businesses, especially call centers, have maximized the use of this software to improve overall employee proficiency by eliminating manual dialing in attending to a high volume of calls to a wide range of audiences. Also, check out some guides, B2B sales, tech sales and SaaS sales.

You need four simple components to use auto dialer software

1. Auto-dialer software

Auto-dialing systems only become possible with compatible computer software for your business. Therefore, all the features and capabilities of an autodialer lie on your chosen software and service provider.

Most basic auto-dialing systems can run on computer systems with high CPU capabilities and excellent audio quality.

However, when you need to handle a number of different channels, you will need more powerful systems, higher CPU capacity, memory, and a fast internet connection to support your service systems.

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2. Human operator

Many auto-dialing systems use a recorded message for most of their operations. However, call center agents play a vital role in many auto-dialing modes and live calls.

Human operators are imperative to record messages, organize call lists, choose the dialing mode, and spearhead the systems. Thus, despite its automation capabilities, auto-dialing systems may still need a number of personnel to handle most inbound calls. Check out the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

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3. Voice modem

Voice recordings are transmitted through a voice modem. The voice modem was primarily designed for data and fax communications. Thus, it is imperative to make sure that the device that you use is capable of transmitting voice broadcasting.

If you are not 100% sure whether a specific modem can handle voice communications, take a look at any sign whether the hardware comes with voicemail software.

4. VoIP or landlines

VoIP or landlines are primarily used in connecting calls with auto-dialing systems.

However, extensive operations that use large-scale auto-dialing systems have now moved on to using cloud-based software which can be integrated with CRM software. Additionally, it may include more advanced features that may not even need any voice modem.

For example, when the call recipient is asked to hold on the line or has been asked to wait for a callback, then you may have been routed through auto-dialer software.

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So how does the software work?

Well, these elements work together to form a cohesive unit and run successfully.

Once the auto dialer software is integrated with all these components, plus your contact information system, the software is now ready to make wonders for your business.

Using the lead database, the software will let the computer know what numbers to dial and how to deal with dead calls, voicemails, and busy lines.

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Through the software’s advanced voice detection tools, the auto-dialer will determine whether the person on the phone line is a person or an answering machine. Using that information will carry out the appropriate action to connect the caller with pre-recorded messages or a live agent.

While the calls are in place, auto dialer software can also collect data, such as pick-up rate, phone call lengths, and the number of calls sent to the answering machine and phone system.

Types of Auto Dialers

Each type of auto dialer has different features and sets of functionality. So in choosing auto-dialers, you have to consider your business and how you will utilize this technology. Here are the different types of auto dialers to help you out!

Preview dialers

A preview dialer offers the users the choice to place outbound calls or skip them.

Preview dialers are used when a user wants to have a preview of some information regarding the call receiver before auto-dialing begins.

Through preview dialing, call center agents and sales teams can personalize and prepare for the upcoming customer interaction, whether the purpose is discovery or following up with clients.

Preview dialing modes can be an excellent option for conversations where the user needs unique and critical customer information.

In addition, the preview dialer software can be utilized if your company runs outbound calling focused on handling complex customer concerns. So when your calls are focused on giving quality assurance and answers, the preview dialer can be your best auto dialer software.

Power dialers

Also known as progressive dialer software, power dialers, unlike preview dialing modes, do not give the user an option of placing the next call. Alternatively, the power dialer immediately runs the next call right after the previous call is over.

Power dialing is the kind of call center dialer where an agent is on an active telephone line at the time of the user’s call.

In a nutshell, using progressive dialing or power dialer software would be best for businesses after generating high-volume calls.

Therefore, power dialer software would be your best bet if your company is more after quantity and focuses on contacting many customers on a daily basis.

Voice broadcasting

Otherwise known as robo dialer or robocalling, voice broadcasting is a type of auto dialer software that plays a pre-recorded message to the call recipient. If the recipient fails to answer the phone, voice broadcasting leaves a message.

This type of software can be used with surveys and employee evaluation, where the recipient is advised to press a number with the corresponding command or to indicate an answer which is an outbound interactive voice response (IVR).

Predictive dialers

Predictive dialers elevate outbound calling productivity to a whole new level. Predictive dialing modes enable call centers to dial multiple telephone numbers simultaneously.

But if you think the caller will be required to talk to all these customers, then you’re wrong.

You see, a predictive dialer uses a pacing algorithm. So, once a call is answered, it will automatically be rerouted to available call center agents.

Therefore, predictive dialing modes will determine when the user will be done with the current call. Then, it directly places the next call even before the user ends reading the entire sales script.

So, if your business is directed at calling tons of phone numbers within a day and at an immense scale, you can utilize predictive dialing.

It may also need much technical support since it runs on a much more complex system. But suppose you’re after having comprehensive and detailed conversations that require preparation. In that case, the predictive dialer software may not be for you.

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What businesses can use auto dialer software?

Auto-dialing software is widely used in various types of industries, including call centers, sales, customer service, government organizations, charitable institutions, political groups, and debt collection offices.

Companies with a big group of customer service teams use various types of call center software that help achieve seamless connections with customers.

Marketing campaigns and political activities heavily rely on call center software to reach potential leads through recorded audio messages.

This can help influence decision-making progress, deliver important announcements, and address other workforce management challenges. Check out the guide, customer acquisition cost.

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How does auto-dialing software help your business?

While auto-dialers have been associated with unwarranted telemarketing, the use of these types of software has its own benefits for customers and clients.

As customer relationship management is crucial to any business, it is imperative that businesses keep up with modern technology that drives employees to gain traction in providing quality services. So how does investing in auto dialer software help your business?

Reduced waiting time

Modern auto-dialer software includes the most sophisticated voice detection technology that allows them when to route a call towards a live caller.

Because of this, call center agents can hop from one caller to another in quickly since any room for downtime is eliminated, reducing the number of unanswered calls and waiting time.

For example, modern technologies such as answering machine detection can prevent sales personnel from wasting time due to unanswered calls.

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Increased conversion rates

A preview dialer can collate information that can be used to increase personalization in human interaction. It can also provide sales teams with the necessary information to identify high-quality leads, so they can manage their time doing things that bring more value to the company.

Improved inbound caller experience

An auto dialer software can help inbound callers reach a call center agent easily with the software’s features such as callback instead of longtime holds or getting pushed to a voice mail or voice broadcasting features.

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Boost operational productivity

Since your outbound calling operations will be through auto-dial, you can reduce call restraints caused by manual dialing, excessive wait time, misdialing, and call drops.

With workflow automation, the dialing process ensures that all calls are connected to the agents, and busy signals, voicemails, and no service numbers are all prompted.

Because of this, there is a high connection between contact centers and callers, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Improved sales process

By implementing auto dialer software in your business, your complex sales process for generating leads will become more agile.

Auto dialers such as predictive dialing help in giving a quick view of your client’s contact details even before the calls are placed. Your sales teams can prepare even before the call is connected, which can help personalize your communication and services.

When you are able to personalize your services, your customer relationship management will improve while showing value to your prospects.

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Run in-sync marketing campaigns

Today’s best auto dialer software is designed as a multi-functional outbound marketing tool. Through integrated CRM within their auto-dialer, they can work together to facilitate marketing strategies simultaneously.

They also have data and analytic tools that can generate real-time data, produce results, and monitor the progress and performance of every campaign.

With auto dialer software, you need not worry about workflow automation, time difference, and contact management.

How to look for the best auto dialer software for your business

Auto dialers are packed with features that will help you create meaningful and fast connections with your customers. But how do you know that you are looking at a top auto dialer software?

Given a variety of features and functionality, what should you look for in your software? Here are some auto dialer features that can bring you a flawless experience!

Number Detection

The auto-dialer feature that makes a call center software important for any type of business is its ability to detect inoperative data. In this case, it can tell what phone numbers on your list are not working at the moment, such as answering machine detection or busy signals.

Being able to detect unproductive numbers can save a massive chunk of time without having the need to delete the contact information entirely. Plus, it can redirect you to another available person for the time being.

List Filtering

Some people are just not up to receiving calls, thus wanting to be put on your Do Not Call list. And as a business, you definitely would like to respect that. With auto-dialers, you would be able to ease this process as it can filter the people who do not want to be contacted at any given point.

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CRM Integration

A lot of auto-dialers can integrate with other software that revolves around customer relationship management. For example, CRM software is undoubtedly important in tracking customer data, information, purchasing behavior, and all in all, their journey as a buyer.

As valuable information can be collated through the phone line, being integrated with an auto dialer can help update customer data gathered through call recording and live conversations.

Contact Management

Auto dialers are contact center solutions that can easily manage your contact list. Therefore, if you are using a cloud-based system, you can easily have everything uploaded from other databases without fear of security breaches or deletion. All this can also boost your operational efficiency.

Call Monitoring and Call Recording

It is important that you value your customer’s privacy under the rule of law. However, call center software usually conducts call recording during phone conversations primarily for quality assurance.

In addition, it is beneficial in the optimization of all your outbound calling operations.

Sales managers and call center management would want to listen in conversations to gain perspective on the interaction and the performance of the call center agent and determine areas to improve on. This can be done through live monitoring or through a recording.

Appointment Reminders and Scheduling

Of course, you do not have the guarantee that the people you try to reach will answer your first call. With a call center solution in place, you have the ability to recognize this through organized call schedules for follow-ups and callbacks. The auto dialer software can just reinput the contact information on the list and call them again on another day.

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Call Reporting and Analytics

Call reporting and analytics are very important in identifying key performance indexes and generating progress reports of each team member. With a contact center solution, you can have robust quality management and monitoring performance, campaigns, local caller ID, caller information, and other essential reports.

Easy Navigation

Users loathe having a hard time navigating software. Therefore, the software you should look for should not only be a true auto dialer but should also have a flexible and easy-to-use interface.

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Customer Support

An auto dialer should have contact support that will be ready to help you 24/7. It is important that your provider must have email, phone, and chat support. It pays to know that you can always reach an active telephone line whenever you need it.


Since everything can be accessed through any device in the modern world, cloud-based auto dialer software can be an advantage. You can have your whole outbound operations right on your phone system or any compatible device.

With cloud-based software, you can easily access all your information anytime and anywhere since every contact information can be accessed in one space.

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Having the best auto-dialer software should be cost-effective. There are several ways in which auto-dial companies provide charges for their software.

This can be per user, per month, per year, or sometimes a one-time big-time payment.

In addition, some will give you offers and incentives like discounts and a free phone. But make sure that all the benefits and features that you look for in a call center software will be provided to get your money’s worth.

Boost Workflow Automation Through an Auto dialer

Finding the best autodialer for your business is crucial for your organization. Whether in the call center or marketing industry, your business is bound to do well with reliable contact centers.

It is without a doubt that your business can reach success faster, giving you a step ahead of your competitors.

Remember that having a full grasp of what your business needs are vital in finding the right dialer to keep your calls and services seamless and remarkable!