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Best Email Finder Tools for Cold Email Outreach

Email is one of the most significant ways of business promotion, especially for marketers, salespeople, and professionals in general.

You can create a pathway for new business prospects with only one email. You’ve made the decision to cold email your prospect(s), but you’re having trouble finding their business email addresses.

One of the most important factors in your cold email outreach’s effectiveness is your ability to locate email addresses using free email-finder tools.

what are email finder tools

You can use the resources on our list to locate the best email finder tools and verify the email addresses of your prospects.

These will guarantee that your chances of discovering your prospect’s email address are as high as possible.

What are email finder tools?

An email-finding tool is a piece of email marketing software, a web browser, or a browser extension that searches for and helps sales teams find corporate email addresses.

Some email finding tools even perform direct server validation

Advanced email finding tools could also help could help sales reps find a prospect’s job title, direct dial phone numbers, contact details, company name,

Email finder tools enable users to use a name, business, or domain to discover an email address that enables them to contact for sales or business development.

These tools are frequently used for lead generation and sales.

Your sales management, conversion, and growth strategy all depend on generating high-value leads for your sales pipeline.

You can create a list of qualified leads by using an email finder tool to locate and gather valid email addresses and other contact details.

Even while you can discover emails manually, email finder tools will save you a ton of time, provide you with significantly better results, and generate excellent leads.

With the use of an email-finding tool, you can automate a large portion of the lead-generation process, uncover real email addresses, guarantee a greater delivery rate for your outreach initiatives, and boost sales.

They help your sales teams generate higher-quality lead lists and save them time by doing the lead research.

Advantages of an email finder tool

While you can gather email addresses and other contact information the old-fashioned way, there are some obvious advantages to using an email-finding tool.

  • Save time and effort: With the help of an automated process, members of your team can gather email addresses and other contact information in bulk.
  • Automate operations: Automate manual procedures to release team members for additional work.
  • Reach out to important decision-makers: By identifying the ideal point of contact within a company, hiring top people, and assisting you in forming B2B alliances and other connections, you can focus your contact outreach.
  • Reliable contact information: High-value leads can be generated thanks to contact information that is trustworthy, accurate, and reliable.
  • Increase delivery rate and ROI: Gain higher delivery, open, and response rates as well as higher conversion rates by using solutions that collect reliable lead data.
top email finder tools with domain search

Top email finder tools with domain search

You need a program that concentrates on locating trustworthy contact information when your objective is to discover valid emails that you can convert into worthwhile leads.

The tools listed below offer a range of crucial email-finding capabilities, such as lead management, professional lookup, email extraction, and email verification.

You can find focused, qualified leads by combining all of these.

1. Saleshandy Connect

saleshandy connect

A free Email Finder tool that provides high-quality leads. Now that you have the most trustworthy and validated source of information, you may expand your relationships and business.

This program locates emails and uses 99.99% correct data to verify the lead’s email address, increasing deliverability.

Saleshandy Connect is made to deliver correct data, with the exception of email addresses, to satisfy any Finder’s needs.

It gives a robust set of information, including First Name, Last Name, and Designation.

Saleshandy Connect is a user-friendly plugin that was created with the user in mind. Here are some easy steps to get you going:

Step 1

Search for Saleshandy Connect in the Chrome Store, add it to Chrome by clicking Add to Chrome, and then Add Extension, and you’re done.

Step 2

Visit LinkedIn and search for any profile from which you wish to collect data after installing the plugin.

Step 3

Click the Saleshandy Connect extension button when you are on the profile page to see the person’s First Name, Last Name, Designation, and Email ID.

The plugin functions well for lead-seeking sales representatives, outreach specialists, recruiters, etc.

The fact that there is no daily, monthly, or annual limit is the best feature of this tool. Through this tool, you can search data for hundreds of leads.

  • Subscription plans: Free
  • Available integrations: LinkedIn
  • Comes in: Chrome Extension
  • Usage: For targeted prospecting and Individual email addresses.


Because Hunter allows users to search and verify emails for free, it is the best email finder overall for small organizations. You won’t be charged a search or verification credit if there are no results. Additionally, it’s one of the only sites that doesn’t impose a user cap on any subscription.

Plans come with pre-paid credits for searches and verifications. However, these credits do not carry over from month to month.

Hunter provides you with four unique tools: a domain search, an email finder, an author finder, and an email verification.

Use the Chrome extension, the application programming interface (API), or upload a list of domains, email addresses, or names to do individual searches on the website to find what you’re looking for.

Hunter provides you with the email addresses of people who would be good candidates for your company.

email finder tools

Use the Email Finder to find people’s contact information, a Domain Search to locate contact information at businesses you are interested in working with, or an email verification to validate the validity of the email addresses you have gathered.

Additionally, even with a free account, you may use a basic email marketing tool from your Gmail (or Google Workspace) account.

  • Subscription plans: $0/mo (freemium) to $399/mo (30,000 searches)
  • Freemium Offer: 25 searches/mo + 50 verifications/mo
  • Comes in: Web app, Chrome extension, Google Sheets, API

3. AnyMail Finder identification tool

anymail finder identification tool

You can utilize the real, confirmed email addresses that Anymail Finder gives you as sales leads. You only pay for verified prospective leads with their pricing model because you pay per validated email. These deliver at a rate of 97%, guaranteeing that you reach out to potential leads.

This bulk email finder data focuses on providing factual information, and they back up their claims.

As a result, they’ll offer it to you for free if they can’t confirm a result with the server. As a result, you only pay for emails that are delivered with a rate of over 97%.

Every day, AnyMail Finder is trusted by thousands of businesses to provide verified emails.

Key attributes of AnyMail Finder include:

Email Locator

Direct email server validation and a search across billions of web pages yield real, legitimate emails. Even if you don’t know their name, you can still identify your perfect consumer by searching for their work title.

Bulk email search

Want to scout out numerous candidates at once? Use the file upload function to search through hundreds of emails at once.


Using the API capability, you may quickly check for anyone’s email using just their name and the domain of the business they work for.

Access to the AnyMail Finder database, email validator, and email guesser is available via the API.

  • Subscription plans: $0 (90 verified emails) to $149 (10,000 verified emails)
  • Freemium Offer: 90 emails upon sign up
  • Pros: Find any professional email address with 97% accuracy
  • Comes in: Web app, Chrome extension

4. UpLead


UpLead distinguishes out for its accuracy guarantee, which elevates it to the top of the list of email finders. It guarantees a 95% accuracy rate, and if they miscalculate the data, they’ll refund your credits—a rare occurrence even among the finest email finders.

Business-to-business (B2B) organizations that need to qualify high-value leads, complete blank contact cards, and confirm email addresses should use it.

You may filter data on the UpLead platform by region, industry, and even tech stacks to produce a list of prospects with full contact information.

To obtain contact information, you can also upload your incomplete lead list or make an API request. You can make bulk lists or use the email finder to locate a single contact.

With the help of the lead creation platform, you may search through 56 million contacts to find leads and sort them based on more than 50 different criteria.

Once you’ve located them, you can use this application to download them in bulk, confirm their emails in real time, and use their information about your leads to augment your own data.

  • Subscription plans: Paid plans range from $99 – $399 with a maximum of up to 1000 monthly credits and a pay-as-you-go option.
  • Freemium Offer: 5 credits
  • Available integrations: HubSpot, Insightly, Zoho, Copper, Outreach, Pipedrive, and 1,500 more using Zapier.
  • Comes in: Chrome Extension, Web App.

Finding the email address alone won’t guarantee email delivery to your prospect’s inbox since it could be filtered into Spam or promotions.

5. SellHack


With the use of its native Prospect List Builder or Chrome email finder extension, SellHack makes it simple for you to find email addresses.

Additionally, it is quite inexpensive because the Lite plan lowers the price per email to just 3 cents apiece and includes 100 credits for just $3 per month with an annual payment. Because of this, SellHack is the ideal option for individuals looking for a low-cost email-finding plugin.

However, just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. You can be sure that you are using SellHack’s platform to generate high-quality email leads thanks to its 12-step real-time email verification process.

Once located, you may export email addresses to an Excel spreadsheet, export them using Zapier to other software, or send emails directly from your inbox using the Replify interface.

With the use of SellHack, you can create trustworthy, worthwhile prospects and record your outcomes for later assessment and export.

With SellHack, verified email addresses are ensured with a 100% bounce protection guarantee

Their 100% bounce protection promise guarantees a greater delivery rate, which ensures that email addresses are validated. This results in increased open rates, increased engagement, and improved outcomes.

  • Subscription plans: $5/mo (100 credits) to $99/mo (2,500 credits)
  • Comes in: Web app, Chrome extension

6. Lusha


Use Lusha quickly and locate potential leads’ email addresses and phone numbers. With more sophisticated plans, it’s simple to identify and gather quality leads and add them to your workflow so you can send outreach emails. You can export contact details and instantly integrate Lusha into your CRM.

A sales intelligence software is called Lusha. Business professionals may communicate with their leads, contacts, and candidates quickly and effectively with the aid of Lusha. The basis of B2B engagement is trust. Using easy-to-use tools that enable you to check and enrich business profiles, Lusha assists you in developing that trust.

Lusha is made to support sales, recruiting, and marketing professionals in connecting with their leads, prospects, and applicants in a quick and genuine way. With just one click, Lusha makes it possible to find the emails and phone numbers of potential customers, candidates, and workers.

Simple tools from Lusha improve businesses on social networks, Gmail, and Salesforce and make contact information readily available.

According to the vendor, its clients span from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations like Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Apple

  • Cost: $0/mo (5 credits) to $199/mo (300 credits) | Custom pricing (Enterprise)
  • Freemium Offer: 5 credits/mo
  • The best thing about it: Find email addresses and phone numbers for prospective leads
  • Availability: Web app, Browser extension with your CRM.

7. Find That Email

find that email

There are a variety of alternatives available through Find That Email services to fulfill small business demands for B2B lead creation and more. On the platform, for instance, considerable data can be exported in a matter of minutes.

Find That Email bills itself as “The Yellow Pages of Email” and offers a database where you can look up the email addresses of businesspeople from millions of organizations throughout the world, making it one of the best email finder tools out there.

To find contact information, Find That Email looks up persons, businesses, websites, and social media sites (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter).

The following are the main benefits you will experience if you choose to work with the organization.

The website advises employing a credit system, where each credit corresponds to one verified or discovered email. However, you won’t lose credits if you don’t attain the intended outcomes.

All kinds of emails, including those on various social accounts, are accessible. In other words, if you frequently use Find That Email and effectively utilize the contacts you make, your business will succeed.

The platform is simple to integrate with the most well-liked applications, like MailChimp, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and others.

Once Find That Email is installed, using this strategy will streamline your operations because you’ll have more time to concentrate on important duties.

The company’s price policy is not explicitly stated on its website.

However, some information indicates that you don’t need to get into a long-term contract with the platform in order to take advantage of its features and that you can cancel your subscription at any moment.

  • Cost: 5,000 monthly credits for $49, 18,000 monthly credits for $150, and 30,000 monthly credits for $399.
  • Freemium: 5 credits
  • The best thing about it: Find email addresses and phone numbers for prospective leads
  • Availability: Web app, free Chrome extension with your CRM.

8. RocketReach


Utilizing RocketReach, you may establish direct contact with influential decision-makers, greatly increasing the effectiveness of your outreach. Learn where to find precise, up-to-date contact information, including emails, phone numbers, job descriptions, and social media links.

Include this in the workflow of your sales team to connect with the relevant prospect.

Finding personal and professional email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles from a database of over 430 million professionals working for 17 million firms is made possible by Rocketreach, which promises to “rocket-fuel your growth.” In a single search, you can find essential information from more than 50 websites.

Its main features include the following:

  • Advanced email search using several criteria, such as bulk lookups.
  • Access to extended APIs that facilitate automated persons search.
  • Finding and validating contacts from Google, AngelList, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn is made possible through a Google Chrome extension.


  • 5 lookups per month for free
  • 125 lookups per month for $59
  • 300 lookups per month for $119
  • 1,500 lookups per year for $468
  • 10,000 lookups per year for $2388

9. Overloop (Formerly called

overloop (formerly called is a simple, effective, and user-friendly tool.

This tool is utilized by SEO experts, professional content writers, social media experts, link builders, and a developing SEO outbox.

With the help of, you can change the settings for the features to keep an eye on a single user’s activities and assess the team’s performance, compare the team’s work style to other businesses with a similar size and agenda, determine what else you want to include about the assistance the team offers to prospects and create future campaigns around them, etc.

The platform makes these tasks very simple, making it one of the best email finder tools on the market.’s support staff is committed to providing excellent customer service. They offer all of their assistance.

They will assist you with all of the fundamental preparations, including making lists and adding contacts.

Its main features include the following:

  • Chrome addon that enables harvesting individual or groups of email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and corporate websites, along with prospects’ names, job titles, and companies.
  • CSV and Google Sheets formats are supported for exporting prospect lists.
  • You may incorporate email search into your app or CRM through integration with solutions you may already be using, such as Google Apps, Hubspot, and Outlook API.


  • $79 per month for 250 email credits (also known as discovered email addresses).

10. LeadBoxer


Utilize LeadBoxer to streamline your lead discovery and validation process.

Locate, follow, and manage potential clients, and assess the quality of the leads produced based on their profile information and actions.

In order to effectively target your outreach to prospects, you can segment your client base and develop personas.

You may select a tool and begin gathering email addresses for your lead lists now that you are familiar with the various sorts of email finder tools and have compared the top email finder tools available.

Put them in your sales outreach tool, then start interacting with qualified prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is preferable, buying contact lists or using email finders?

An email locator is a far better option than purchasing contact lists.

Contact lists rarely come with a quality guarantee and rapidly become out of the current.

Building prospect and lead lists naturally through content marketing initiatives or by utilizing specialist email solutions, such as email finders that deliver highly accurate data and adhere to compliance requirements, is the ideal approach to getting the contacts you require.

How can I verify the validity of email addresses?

The top email finders allow you to enter an email address and verify its validity using a multi-step and multi-source verification method.

To prevent wasting time on bounced emails or sending emails to spam-trap email addresses that could result in the blacklisting of your domain, it is always a good idea to check corporate email addresses before sending cold emails from your domain.

How can I obtain email address lists in bulk?

Utilizing a reliable email finder is the first step in obtaining a large list of email addresses. Pick one that complies with the regulations governing data sharing and sales.

For additional information on other methods to naturally assemble an email list for email marketing campaigns, in addition to employing data mining tools and email finders, visit our post.

Bottom Line

We hope that we have given you enough information to choose the finest email finder for you and your company.

Sloovi might be the best option for you if you’re seeking an economical all-in-one solution with a free email signature generator, pipeline manager, a variety of tools, many features, excellent customer care, and a solid reputation.