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Company Email Signature: Definition, Tips, and Examples

There you are staring at the screen; you’ve done all the hard work of composing your email for a client. You’ve tried to be as charming yet business-like as possible. And after going through your email, you are confident that this will impress your client. But wait, it doesn’t end there. Now comes the tricky part, how impressive is your business email signature for a sign-off.

How long do you sit there, perplexed on how to sign off? Keep in mind that you should always try to conclude your power-packed marketing email with an equally strong end. In the words of writer Robin Sharma – “Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic”. And this is why the end of your emails should be more than just an afterthought.

Though ending a B2B marketing email with a brief phrase such as “Yours sincerely” or “Best regards” may sound professional and seem to tick all the right boxes, these generic signs off are an inefficient use of space in your email.

Signing off on your email is just as important as the content. The way you sign off your email speaks about your relationship with the receiver and will determine how they respond to you. So why not put some spark into it?

You can do this by optimizing your email signature details with graphics, bold fonts, images, logos, and much more.

Importance of company email signature

Did you know that there are over 3.9 Billion email users daily? And it is expected that this number will rise to 4.3 Billion by 2023. Did you also know that almost 1 in 3 of marketers sends their clients 3-5 emails per week?

With the large number of emails exchanged between B2B marketers, there’s a good chance your company’s email signature has excellent and possibly unleveraged branding potential.

Email signatures are a widely underutilized branding tool for companies as they hide in plain sight. According to a market research study by The Radicati Group, the average office employee sends and receives about 121 emails a day. A survey conducted by Carleton University substantiates this figure, and it also reports that the average employee spends 11.7 hours every week, processing emails at work and another 5 hours processing emails at home.

Consider this example, when you are driving down the road, you probably don’t notice all the buildings along the way, unless there is a new fascinating building that stands out. Similarly, most email signatures that you come across a probably a blip in your memory until you encounter the best signature that stands out and reminds you about that brand. That over, there becomes marketing for the brand.

What should be in a company email signature?

Email signatures are not an accessory to adorn your emails but a powerful way to represent your brand. Just the way how a professionally designed business card has the potential to persuade your potential buyers, a professionally designed email signature builds trust and credibility among your audience.

For this reason, it’s crucial to go the extra mile to create a formal and beautiful email signature for your brand. A professional email signature has 5 major components and without them, any email signature design looks barren and amateur.

Here are five goals that an email signature helps your brand achieve:

  1. Professionalism: Having a coherent email signature throughout the organization indicates that the company is well established. Using email signatures in their marketing strategy allows for effective brand positioning of products and services. It not only offers important information about the company but also professionally communicates the message of their brand.
  2. Brand Awareness: An email signature is an excellent opportunity to market your brand. It creates and reinforces the ideals of your company. Whenever there is a new team on board, they can design an email signature for themselves that they can use while sending mails within the company and to prospective customers.
  3. Digital business cards: An E-signature can also act as your digital business card. It’s a way to communicate with clients and express your accessibility.
  4. Personal association: By adding a picture to your email signature, it will allow the person on the receiver’s end to attribute the email to an actual person, and this helps form a personal connection.
  5. Link to relevant information: An email signature could be a link to pertinent information. Think of the most meaningful links you want to communicate. By attaching the phone number of your company, recipients will be able to tap it to make a short call. You may want to link with customers or build your social community —you can do this by linking-social media icons to your social media channels.

Why email signature marketing is a great marketing tool?

Now that we have covered the importance of an email signature and the way it can help your brand focus on how an email signature can serve as a great marketing tool.

Email Signature Marketing is easy to customize to a range of business goals. In addition to generating leads, this approach will help reach content download goals, maximize website views, promote social media engagement and much more.

The use of email signatures in a subtle way can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Rather than looking at it as a mere shortcut to your contact details, it is also a great tool for branding and achieving your marketing and business objectives.

Another advantage of using your email signature as a marketing tool is that you will often have a well-established relationship with the email receiver and already know what you intend to share with them. Owing to this established relationship, you can align your email signature with the message that you intend to communicate.

A large number of email signature tools available are free or have token subscription costs.

When it comes to getting a unique email signature for your brand you don’t have to fret over setting aside a substantial portion of your marketing budget.

The Power of
Email Signature

What makes an email signature most effective?

The content of your email signature is primarily dependent on your company’s or team’s marketing goals. Usually, your signature must provide some contact details, such as your phone number or website. However, even that is not necessary, as the client will reply to your email is he/she wishes to get in touch.

Now excluding the content details, do you have an idea about what is the most important part of your e-signature?

Drum roll please.

If you guessed it was your name followed by your job title, then you guessed right.

After your name and signature, let your marketing goal drive the creation of content for the rest of your email signature.

For example, if you want to boost your site visits, include a link to your homepage or if you want a client to download your app include a link to your app. Here are a few more content suggestions to give you a clearer picture of what can be used in your e-signature:

  • Social media links.
  • Alternative email address.
  • A link to your blog.
  • Your phone number.
  • Product demo call to action.
  • Event information.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • App store links.

Like for every other piece of content that represents your brand, your email signature should meet the branding guidelines of your company. By using a coherent color scheme across all the email signatures for your team or company, you will achieve a more professional look. Additionally, you could also leverage the potential of various designs by using tested taglines and stats to enhance the readability of your signature and draw the reader in.

As a successful marketing tool, think of your email signature as that diamond necklace to that perfect black dress, or that statement watch to a tailored. Be what it may, a unique email signature boosts the hard work that the subject line and body copy have already produced.

Your company’s email campaign should follow a strategic road map, and every little tool brings you closer to the finish line.

For instance, let’s say the purpose of your email campaign is to get your users to purchase your products and services. The subject line should draw them in and get the reader to open the email. The body should convince the reader of your brand’s story and talk to them about sets you apart. Finally, you could use an enrapturing email signature to direct the reader to your website where they could browse through your products and services.

In this type of situation, the email does two jobs:

  1. It tries to engage prospects to delve deeper into the sales with relevant content
  2. It drives your prospects to visit your website and pushes them further up the funnel.

How do you create your own unique email signature?

Aah, here we are.

You have all the background knowledge you need. You are aware of how a unique email signature can boost your sales or enhance your marketing strategy.

But how do you design your signature style? Are you unsure of how to go about creating your unique email signature?

Don’t break a sweat, because the whole process is very simple. You can create a customized email signature with the help professional or by using email signature generator tools available online.

And whichever approach you choose, take the time to understand how the e-signature will help your marketing strategy. You may need to change your signature regularly if you’re involved in sales, or less often if you don’t have a dynamic business goal that keeps changing throughout the year.

Keep in mind that your email signature should be optimized for display on mobile devices. Today, over 50% of emails are viewed on a smartphone, and since signatures cannot carry dynamic CSS, they are unable to adapt to screen sizes. The receiver who is viewing the email on his/her phone may scale the images, but leaving it to the client is a risky business.

To be on the safer side, use smaller images, reduce the text into shorter lines, and use narrower columns. Also, don’t forget to test your email signature on a smartphone before you deploy it for a campaign.

You can also have a look at how to make a professional email signature

Ways to use your unique email signature for marketing campaigns

Scaling your email signature marketing campaign could be more than meets the eye. In the case of a single entrepreneur, he/she can manually modify his/her signature as and when they like, and all it takes is a few minutes. However, the same isn’t possible big organizations with many departments having focused and specialized sales or marketing goals.

So, rather than manually process the cumbersome procedure, you can automate it with the help of tools available online like Sloovi Email signature tool.

There are a large number of email signature tools available online that automate the generation of signatures on the basis of content performance, upselling opportunities and recipient geography. Such tools use content management systems and automatic processes to deliver personalized signatures along with graphics, dynamic copying and location-based targeting with measures for enforcement.

If you are a company or organization that is just starting to scale, you can use online tools to generate professional-looking signatures at costs that won’t burn a hole through your pocket. You can also check out ‘Sloovi’s Email Signature tool’ to get great tailored signatures for free.

There are a large number of B2B brands that have successfully implemented this marketing strategy to enhance the relevance of their business and establish a deeper connection with the audience


As you can see, a good and unique email signature can help boost your business in many ways. From generating leads to promoting content, converting customers and boosting site traffic, the possibilities are countless.

We hope we could give you some insights on creating the best email signature for your company and your teams. You can sit back and generate your signatures in style. This will be your epic finish to your great start.

It’s now time to let your brand ambassadors sign off in style.