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Drip Email Campaigns: The best way to increase the email open rates

Did you know that open rates for drip email campaigns are 80% higher than single-sent emails?

It’s no wonder that sales teams often sing their praises. The reason for the success of drip emails is that they’re timely, targeted, and relevant.

But, if your sales team isn’t taking full advantage of email drip campaigns, there’s a lot you’re missing out on.

The drip campaign allows you to prepare mission-critical messages targeted at prospects so that you always have a place in their inboxes and memories.

Think about it; you probably send out hundreds of emails to your prospects – how many of them get opened or clicked on? Not as many as you’d like. But what if you received an email with the subject line “You are no longer wanted” or “It’s time for us to end things.” Catches your attention, doesn’t it? Chances are you’ll open that email to check it out and might even check out other emails sent by them.

And the emails would probably be about the products/ services they’re offering, and for all you know, you might invest in it.

How do drip email campaigns work?

Okay, we’ve spoken about the potential of drip email campaigns, but how do they work?

In reality, the chance that you’ll grab the attention of your prospect once they visit your website is minimal. With the number of products/services available online, it’s easy for prospects to lose interest. Therefore, as a sales team member, you must do everything in your control to try to move your prospects higher up the sales funnel, and you must do it fast.

A drip campaign is a collection of emails that are delivered to a prospect at specific times and dates, and it should effortlessly move up the sales funnel. The aim of sending these automated emails is to establish trust and maintain their interest so that they’ll do business with you.

These days, the regular opt-in box for “sign up to receive my newsletter” just won’t cut it. Neither will intermittently be sending your prospects emails they don’t care about.

When it comes to emails drip campaigns, the art is finding the right balance of continually building your email list and keeping that list engaged. This is what’ll push your leads up that sales funnel and earn you your big commission check.

And the best part is that efficient drip email campaigns or marketing campaigns will help you drive sustained growth and automate manual activities that may otherwise be time-consuming and prone to human error.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the implementation of the drip email campaigns.

Implementing your email drip campaign

Implementing your drip campaign just got a whole lot easier with marketing automation.

Marketing automation helps you to set up and plan your email campaigns. The advanced email automation offered by <Sloovi Outreach> is all you need. Once you register and sign up, carrying out your email campaigns becomes a breeze.

You can now create your drip campaigns to:

  • Turn silent subscribers into customers.
  • Boost your signup rate.
  • Reduce chances of unsubscribing
  • Segment your subscribers into different target groups based on their actions.

And did you know that personalized emails contribute to almost 50% higher open rates and about 22% higher response rates? And higher rates signify higher sales opportunities.

If you’re looking for drips campaigns that would best suit your businesses’ needs, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have a few tips, tricks, and samples to help you out. To increase the open rate, it is better to use a tool to validate email addresses before sending. This will help to avoid sending emails to non-existent emails.

Samples of drip email campaigns

1. The first step email

Cold emails or introductory emails are the first steps that any business takes to connect with its prospects. The principle behind it is to answer their pain points, show them that you understand, and then offer solutions. This will encourage them to reach out and do business with you.

The primary purpose of that first email is to grab the customer’s attention. Check out the attention-grabbing email below.

samples of drip email campaigns

This email is clear, concise, and to the point. While addressing the customer’s pain points and offering them a solution to their problem, it also provides direction to the customer on how to further the relationship.

2. The attention-grabbing email

Imagine you’re in an unfamiliar city. You don’t know which way to head, and you suddenly find a road sign. It’s bound to grab your attention, right? Similarly, prospects get hundreds of emails every day which often get lost in their inboxes. By offering them a road sign or, in this case, an attention-grabbing subject line, you can get them to open and respond to your email.

Although it may take time for your prospects to make the final decision, your attention-grabbing emails can share important industry news, blog posts, articles, etc. that your prospect will find beneficial.

3. The pre-event email

Conferences and events pave the way for you to network with decision-makers. This example of pre-event drip email, such as the one seen below, will help you plan meetings and automate follow-up emails with people who might be interested in the conference or event that you’re planning to organize.

pre-event email to increase email open rates

This pre-event email encourages the recipients to purchase tickets for a web summit that has been organized.

Keep in mind that it’s ideal to send at least two pre-event emails, preferably spaced five days apart. But A/B tests what works best for your recipients – the spacing and frequency might differ depending on your business.

4. The upselling email

Upsell drip campaigns are used to increase revenue from existing customers. In your email, you can give them a more expensive version of what they’re already purchasing from you. This works best for B2C but also can be used for B2B businesses. For instance, when a significant number of employees begin using a product, you can upsell by convincing the whole team to purchase or use the product. This way, you can offer them solutions that would benefit them while fattening your commission check.

5. The renewal email

Remember the last time you received an email when your Netflix or Amazon subscription needed to be renewed? Those emails are part of renewal drip email campaigns. In this type of email, all you need to do is remind your customers to renew their contracts. It’s an easy and straightforward way to persuade existing customers to extend their subscriptions.

the renewal email in drip email campaigns

This email is crisp and to the point by encouraging customers to renew their subscriptions while at the same time giving them the liberty to unsubscribe.

6. The re-engagement email

Do you ever feel your email subscribers are losing interest in you? They were all responsive and reciprocal at the start, and now all you get is radio silence. When that particular subscriber who always opened and clicked your email now gives you the cold shoulder, it’s a reason for concern.

No matter how many great emails you send across, there’s always a possibility that your followers may disengage from your business. But don’t worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you in this case.

By sending your subscribers a re-engagement email, you can get them to evaluate their relationship with you.

Why don’t I introduce you to a mediator from Paul Mitchell?

the re-engagement email in drip email

In this email, the content and the visuals make the subscriber rethink their relationship with the brand and the services/products they once enjoyed.

By illustrating what the subscriber would lose out on if they were to unsubscribe, the campaign encourages them to re-engage with the brand.

Now that we’ve covered a few samples of the different types of drip email campaigns, we shall offer you some tips and tricks on how you can personalize your drip campaigns.

Tips and tricks to personalize a drip campaign

1. Get your facts straight

No one likes to be addressed by the wrong name or offered the wrong solution to their problems. So, your email campaign should:

  • Take your prospects needs into account
  • Promote sales opportunities.
  • Make sure that you ask about the priorities of the prospect.
  • Provide relevant services and advice.

Also, since the prospect’s name plays the most critical role in email personalization, make sure you consider all these details to get a successful drip campaign.

2. Promote urgency

By incorporating date and time limits in your emails, you can drive up engagement rates. You can keep your subscribers excited and engaged. Depending on your opt-in dates, you can provide them with deadlines and expiration dates for offers. This way, you can create a sense of urgency and tackle your prospects’ indecision and forgetfulness.

Customers could respond to timeframes differently. They could either delay it or take out their credit cards and make a purchase right then and there. Even if there is no particular deadline, you can build one by providing a specific period to offer direction to subscribers, such as two days, a week, or whatever timeline suits your business better.

You can also send reminder emails reminding your prospects about offers that are going to expire. And these are the right ways to do the drip marketing campaigns, also the personalized drip campaign emails will help to make the right engagement with prospects.

3. Use subscriber tags

Subscriber tags are a perfect way to personalize your emails. You can write variable content emails with appropriate tags if, like, say if a subscriber views a page on your website or clicks a link in an email or any other action. You can save time and energy you would spend on segmenting each group of people.

Say you have five different segments depending on geography, but people are purchasing Xbox video games inside all those segments. Using subscriber tags, you can send people emails about the Xbox without needing to work on an entirely new list.

4. Personalize subject lines

Finally, personalizing subject lines is one of the best ways to work on your drip campaign. The subject line is the first thing your recipients will pay attention to, so the more relevant and interesting your subject line is, the more likely your email will get opened.

You can do this by:

  • Adding relevant first names
  • Devising customer-centric content, and
  • Adding value on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates

Learn the best part of creating a professional email signature at Sloovi.

Summing up

It doesn’t matter if you’re are a newbie or a veteran email marketer; when it comes to attracting subscribers, it’s impossible not to see how vital drip campaigns are.

Using the tips, tricks, and samples mentioned in this article, you can develop your own personalized drip email campaigns.

And if you need help building your drip campaign and schedule when the emails need to be automated, you will need a marketing automation tool. By this, you can set up automated drip campaigns. There are plenty of automation tools, including Sloovi Outreach, that are available online to guide you with the whole process. Also, you can check out some email drip campaign examples at online for best practices.