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20 Best Email Lookup Tools and Methods to Find Email Addresses in 2024

Prospecting is identifying and contacting potential customers to generate new business. It is how sales reps find and engage with prospects (qualified ads) to set the sales process in motion.

According to statistics on prospecting:

40% of salespeople agree that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process.

78% of sales reps prefer email as their preferred communication channel.

8 in 10 prospects prefer talking to reps over email.

Although prospecting is essential to sales, it can be not easy to find the leads and build a connection with them, especially when all you have is the lead’s name, social media handle, or company’s website. An excellent way to start the prospecting process is by finding the valid email addresses of the prospect using email lookup tools.

While it is also easy to manually search for available emails online, this process can be time-consuming and tiring. An easy and effective way to find these email addresses is using email lookup tools. To help you get through the process a lot easier, we have identified a list of the 20 best email lookup tools to use, their key features, and why you should choose them to find your next potential customer.

What Is An Email Lookup Tool?

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An email lookup tool, also known as email finder, is an automated software or device that allows you to find your lead’s verified email addresses on the internet based on their data such as their name, company name, social media links, and many more from numerous platforms using a domain search.

These robust and efficient tools can make prospecting a lot easier. It searches websites, social media pages, profiles, and data aggregators to find accurate email addresses and information crucial to cold email outreach.

Most email finders operate as web apps, Chrome extensions, or both.  

How Do Email Lookup Tools Work?

In simple terms, salespeople use email lookup tools to put all their data, such as email formats, email addresses found on the web, verifications, and other signals, together to find the correct contact information of your prospects in seconds.

An email finder analyzes HTML pages to find email addresses published elsewhere, allowing you to look up email addresses using single and bulk email searches.

Functions Of Email LookUp Tools

An email lookup tool is perfect for finding new leads, connecting with them, and ultimately growing your business. Email finders generally serve to achieve the following:

1. Generate New Leads

Email lookup tools also serve as good lead-generation tools to help you reach your potential customers in time to initiate sales.

2. To Recruit The Right Employees

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Email lookup tools are super helpful in searching the internet for information about a potential employee. With this feature, you can easily find the candidates’ email addresses, contact them and invite them for an interview, making it easy to get the right person for the position.

3. Develop Your Business

Email finders can help you find the right people that are significant to your success. This can be an investor who is most likely to contribute to your company, potential buyers who are likely to buy from you, and business partners or influencers who can promote your brand.

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Why Should You Use Email Lookup Tools?

There are many reasons why you might need email lookup tools; however, for this article, we have identified five key reasons to use email lookup services:

1. To Simplify The Email Search Process

Manually searching for email addresses online can be time-consuming and stressful and make you lose your prospects. Using an email lookup tool, you can simplify finding email addresses and keep your sales process on track.

2. Guarantees Accuracy

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Email finders analyze HTML pages and available information on the internet to find the right email address and information about your prospects. The likelihood of making mistakes is minimal compared to manually searching for the info.

3. Smooth and Easy Background Checks

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Professional sales reps use email lookup tools to find information about prospective clients, potential hires, or business contacts.

4. Marketing purposes

To drive revenue, marketers and salespeople need email lookup tools to check the validity of the email addresses that have been acquired.

Since strict rules govern email marketing, you need to ensure that your email marketing adheres to all set rules, so it doesn’t bounce – one of which is ensuring that you verify email addresses to confirm that you’re dealing with real people.

5. Risk Analysis

Many small and large businesses use reverse email lookup tools to learn more about their users for risk assessment, fraud prevention, and cybersecurity.

What is a Reverse Email Lookup?

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A reverse email lookup tool is an automation tool that helps you find more information about an email sender other than the email address. It is essential when you receive an email from an anonymous sender and need more information about the sender.

An excellent reverse email lookup tool can extract the sender’s public and private information on the web, such as their phone number, home address, job details, address, and social media profiles.

How do Reverse Email Search Tools Work?

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A reverse email lookup tool is an automated instrument that can help you search for a person’s detailed information using their email address. It uses a simple process of inputting the person’s email address in the tool and waiting for it to conduct the search and collect the results.

It provides you with all kinds of necessary information found on the web, such as:

  • The first and last name
  • The country/location
  • Phone numbers
  • Photos
  • Job Titles
  • Home address
  • Employment details
  • Social media profiles, etc.

However, keep in mind an invalid or fake email address will fail to get you any of the above information or data. This shows why you need an email lookup tool to verify the email addresses first before performing a reverse email search.

Features of a Good Email Lookup Tool

Here are the features that a good email lookup tool must have:

1. Multiple searches available

Every good email lookup tool must have single and bulk searches available to enable you to run searches in both ways while still ensuring Accuracy.

2. Accuracy

Accuracy is the most crucial feature of any email finder tool. It can make or break your sales campaign. Before settling for any tool, ensure that the tool has a strong verifiable track record of locating the correct email addresses.

3. Offers search filters

Another great feature to look out for is the search filters. This allows you to narrow your search using email-finding tools based on a company domain, sector, company industry, or geographic region. Besides this, filters also enable you to conduct quick searches via hundreds and thousands of social media profiles.

4. Intuitive User Interface

The email lookup tool should have a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for you to get results and increase productivity.

5. Email verification function

Email verification is an integral feature of email lookup tools that helps verify your prospects’ email senders’ email addresses.

6. Easy Integrations

Many prospecting tools, like email lookup tools and reverse email lookup tools, don’t work in isolation; they sometimes need to be integrated with other tools. This is why you must ensure that your email lookup tool integrates well with other tools.

7. Easily Added As Chrome Extension

Using an email finder extension to your chrome browser makes it much easier to grab email addresses while browsing the web.

An email lookup tool with chrome extension makes it easy to collect professional and business email addresses, business profiles, and personal information about your prospects from any website or social media accounts.

8. Domain name searches

A good email lookup tool should help you search for the email addresses of a company’s staff by conducting an email domain search using the company’s domain name.

9. Easy Deployment

A good email lookup tool should have many easy export choices to help put your data to work. With this feature, you can download data from Domain Search or Email Finder to your smartphone in seconds using its simple export option.

Best 20 Email Lookup Tools To Use in 2024

There are many email lookup tools available on the internet that you can use to find any person’s email address. While some email search tools work as separate apps or websites, other email lookup tools work as browser extensions.

Here are the best 20 email lookup tools to find email addresses easily this 2024.


email lookup tool is an email outreach and lookup tool that allows you to find the email addresses of companies and professionals quickly. In addition, it provides an email verifier to check the authenticity of any email. Users can also list all their personal and role-based email addresses and double-check them to be sure they are real.

Presently, Hunter has almost 100 million email addresses in its database. Its domain search feature gives you a complete insight into people working in the company, along with their names and email addresses.

By displaying a confidence score generated using sophisticated algorithms or a verification mark, it shows the validity of an email address. By just entering a firm’s URL into the tool, Hunter will provide a list of emails belonging to the organization.

It has a free plan allows users to conduct 100 email searches, while the paid program allows its users to conduct 1000 searches at $39 per month.

2. UpLead


Uplead is a real-time verified B2B database that helps you find new customers and accelerate business growth. This free email lookup tool has a database of over 46,000,000 B2B contacts with email addresses, 45,000,000 global company profiles, and 21,000,000 US company profiles.

You can search over 50 criteria to find your next best prospects and access direct email addresses, phone numbers, social profile links, and detailed company profiles. It is an email address lookup tool trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies like Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and HubSpot.

An exciting feature of this tool is that it gives a 95% accuracy rate and the person’s complete profile right before downloading them. Unlike other email address lookup tools, Uplead lets you learn more about your lead before contacting them and enables personalization.

3. SalesBlink

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SalesBlink is a full-stack cold email automation and lead generation platform with an email lookup service that allows you to search a lead’s email address by their first name, last name, and company domain. With no limit on the number of searches you can perform on a single email or in Bulk and over 1 billion email addresses, you are guaranteed a 99% accuracy

You can find a single email address or search for lessons in Bulk by uploading a CSV file without buying a separate email search and verification tool. Aside from email lookup, it can also help automate email outreach, phone, and LinkedIn Outreach with an in-built CRM.

The email warm-up plan costs $15 per month per user, while the email outreach plan costs $39 per month per user.

4. Voila Norbert

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Voila Norbert is an easy-to-use email address lookup tool to help salespeople and professionals find correct email address information. You can generate accurate results by typing the person’s email address, company domain name, and platform.

Aside from email search, you can also use this tool to confirm emails in real-time to ensure the messages don’t get bounced. Its free plan offers 50 free searches per account (Keep in mind that failed searches don’t count toward search credits). Their basic plan starts at $49 per month for 1,000 inquiries.


  • Easy to use
  • Free searches are available
  • 98% success rate


  • No checks for catchall addresses
  • Not a good option for multiple lookups
  • No data guarantee

5. Anymail Finder

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Anymail Finder is another excellent email lookup tool with a simple interface and free lookups. It allows you to search for email addresses in Bulk by analyzing billions of web pages and conducting server validation. You can pay for successfully verified email addresses before downloading.

An exciting feature of this tool is its free plan that allows you to make 20 free verified email addresses searches for an individual or a company domain (though you need to signup to do this). The premium plan costs $49 per month with 1,000 confirmed emails.


  • API Integration
  • Email verification & Bulk search feature
  • Powerful multi-website searching capabilities


  • Very few free searches
  • Not great for personal email addresses.

6. FindThatLead

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FindThatlead is a fantastic email lookup tool that can help you find account-based leads. You can find emails through any company URL, and import all leads to a spreadsheet through its Chrome extension.

The free plan gives free users ten credits per day or purchases $29 for 1,500 credits per month for advance searches.


  • It works well for professional email addresses
  • It integrates with its email-sending platform.
  • It verifies downloaded email addresses
  • It can be used on social media profiles


  • Fairly expensive
  • It lacks CRM integrations
  • No data guarantee

7. FindThat

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FindThat, self-labeled as the “The Yellow Pages of Email,” is an email address lookup tool that allows you to find a person’s email address by looking them up through their name, company, or domain name. In addition, this search tool ranks emails based on their Accuracy.

It ranks its results by confidence and lists the information that’s most likely to be accurate on top. It also works well to verify email addresses. The free plan offers 50 searches and 100 credits with more advanced options for more inquiries. Interestingly, FindThat also has a Chrome add-on to help you with your searches

Its monthly starter plan costs $29 and comes with 250 search credits and 1,000 verified credits.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Developed by LinkedIn, the most popular professional social media platform, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful sales outreach tool that helps you target the right buyers and companies, understand the things their customer’s value, and engage buyers with personalized outreach.

Its Chrome integration allows users to go from locating an email address to sending an email with Gmail in just one click. It’s a fantastic tool that helps professionals connect.


  • Excellent tool for tracking and organizing prospects
  • It gives you information about how you’re connected with the leads you find.
  • Very advanced profiles and information


  • It lacks integration
  • Its a bit pricey

9. LeadFuze

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LeadFuze is a sales prospecting tool that also doubles as an email lookup tool in the form of a Chrome extension. It allows users to find email addresses and information, such as social media profiles and other relevant professional information about your leads.

LeadFuze can also be used for other purposes, such as email creation, drip campaigns, and email tracking. Free users can perform 25 limited searches, while paid plan users can make 1000 searches at $397 per month.

10. Clearbit

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Clearbit is a B2B data activation platform that provides users with a streamlined approach to finding an email address. It has an extension in the web browser or Gmail inbox that allows you to look up email addresses on the compose screen.

Clearbit also integrates easily with multiple platforms, ole Segment, Salesforce, Marketo, and Zapier. In addition, its connect feature works with both Outlook and Gmail.

11. The Datanyze Insider

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This browser plugin allows you to find email addresses by simply highlighting someone’s name wherever it appears on the internet. This tool can also create prospect lists, including information from your CRM, and automatically pull data from some media and other online sources.

Once you have all their information, you can use the web to highlight someone’s name and generate a list of possible email addresses for that individual. Its modest plan has a 90-day free trial and ten credits per month.

The Nyze Pro 1 plan includes 960 credits per year for $29 per month or $21 per month if paid annually, while the Nyze Pro 2 plan gives you 1920 credits every year for $55 per month or $39 per month if you pay yearly.


functions of email lookup tools is a chrome plugin email lookup tool that helps you to find email information and locate your lead’s social media profiles and background information. Its small and unintuitive extension sits on a small sidebar in your inbox, making the search process easy.

An exciting feature of this tool is that it is free to use and displays all kinds of social information. However, the downside of this tool is that it only works for Google Chrome.

13. AeroLeads

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AeroLeads is a Google Chrome plugin that also works well as an excellent lookup tool that helps you find the email address and all the essential contact information on your leads. You can also use this tool to find email addresses through Google LinkedIn profiles and multiple blogs.

It automatically verifies your email addresses and phone numbers before you download them. It’s straightforward to use, has great customer service, and has multiple powerful integrations. The downside of this tool is that it only works for Google Chrome, is not always accurate, and is slow to look up information


what is a reverse email lookup? is a simple email lookup tool that allows users to find all the emails associated with one person. It has an intuitive verification feature makes it easy to see which emails are verified at a glance. It is straightforward to use, has powerful integration, and has a free trial. offers up to 100 free searches per month, while professional plans range from $19 to $139, making it easy to find a program that adjusts to your needs.

The downside of the app is that the search credits come with expiration dates and are not a good option for LinkedIn profiles.

15. LeadGibbon

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LeadGibbon is a B2B email address lookup tool with an extensive database for you to search through. Like other tools, it provides you with your lead’s name, title, industry, location, and essential information from their email address.

Used by some of the world’s biggest companies like Google, PayPal, FedEx, and Airbnb, LeadGibbon has been reported to have 99% match accuracy. Asides from this, it is also fast and easy to use, has multiple data points, and has powerful integrations.

The downside of the tool is that it is not as automated as other tools and is not an excellent option for private email addresses.

16. Lusha

best 20 email lookup tools to use in 2023

Lusha is a good email lookup tool for personal email addresses and phone numbers. It is a high-speed platform that integrates well with Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Twitter with an API for easy integration.

It is a powerful tool that works well for sales prospectors and recruiters and allows you to find personal email addresses. Its free trial allows for five searches per month, while the professional pricing costs from $25 to $139. The downside of this tool is the limited native integrations, high price, and limited free accounts.

17. LeadBoxer

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LeadBoxer is a powerful email lead-generation tool with multiple options for searching and converting a lead. This GDPR-compliant platform can help you filter your email list, qualify email addresses, and quickly identify potential customers.

The platform also offers a mobile app to receive updates and notifications triggered by specific customer interactions.

18. Nymeria

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Nymeria is an excellent lookup tool for gathering prospects from your LinkedIn network. It is a great tool for teams, straightforward to use, and allows you to find email addresses with just one click.

The Nymeria chrome extension also scans LinkedIn profiles and gathers information as you go. The downside of the tool is that it has no search feature options and doesn’t precisely state the feature options.

19. RocketReach

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RocketReach is an excellent tool for looking for personal and professional emails. It has powerful integrations and highly-functional chrome extensions that enable advanced searches and Bulk lookups.

It works well for teams and has many search features and an email verifier. The downside of this tool is that it charges for outdated or non-existing email addresses and has no free plan.

20. LeadMine

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LeadMine is a fast and reliable lead-generation tool with 95% accuracy and over 200 million contacts that you can easily browse and filter through titles, industries, locations, and many more.

It is an easy-to-use tool that you can also use for email verification and basic lead generation. The downside of this tool is that it is not a great tool for looking up private addresses and has no integrations.

Tips To Consider To Choose The Right Email Lookup Tool 

Here are the criteria to consider before choosing any email lookup tool:

1. Your goals

Before choosing an email lookup tool, consider the business and sales goals you want to achieve and your firm’s size, budget, and scope.

2. Pricing

Your financial budget will determine what email lookup tool you choose. Although there are many free email lookup tools that you can work with (though most of them are limited). Check out the pricing plan, compare the services to your business needs, and make an informed decision.

3. Data protection

When choosing an email lookup tool for your business, ensure that the tool gets you accurate email addresses to help you achieve your business goals. An invalid email address can affect your sender’s reputation and bounce your emails.

4. Delivery rate

The success of email marketing is not marked by the number of emails you send, but it’s based on the results your email marketing campaign drives.

Before settling for an email lookup tool, ensure that the email lookup tool can help you get accurate information at a fast rate.


Email lookup tools are essential business tools that can help you get accurate and detailed information about your prospects to reduce bounce rates and help you connect with them better. Whether you choose a free or paid email lookup tool, ensure that the tool enables you to enrich your business data and create better-targeted and personalized email campaigns.

Email Lookup Tools: FAQs

1. What is email lookup?

An email lookup tool is an automated software that helps you find emails from numerous platforms on the internet using a domain name.

2. Can you use email lookup tools to find corporate email addresses?

Yes, most email lookup tools can help you find corporate email addresses and other important contact information.

3. Why should you use email lookup software?

Using email lookup tools helps you find your prospect’s email address faster and much easier than you would manually. Aside from contact addresses and email addresses, more advanced lookup tools can also help you get more information about the prospects and their company.

4. What should you look for in an email lookup tool?

Ideally, a good email lookup service should have multiple searches, enable easy exporting, have an intuitive user interface, email verification, chrome extension, and accuracy score.