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Tips on Email Signature for College Students

Whether you’re a student just beginning university/college or a graduate student entering the job-hunting scene, the old saying still holds – first impressions do count. With emails, forming the best impression often means using the best email signature for students.

Your email signature as a student is much more than just a sign-off. It is a great way to put some personality and professionalism into your everyday email correspondence. It can say a lot about you, so take care in creating it and avoiding the standard snares. It shows the right and professional student email signature.

What is an email signature?

Just like having a dessert after a fancy dinner, a sound email signature—i.e., the chunk of text that you automatically include at the bottom of your emails is the lingering last opinion you will leave a professional contact.

If you just include your name and direct phone number in your email signatures, you’re missing a precious opportunity to share more information about your trade and highlight a recent achievement or initiative by your team.

Your signature block is a notable opportunity to make a good impression and convey important news about you and your business through a professional email signature. Regardless of whether your email account is on Microsoft or Google or another email client, you commonly will have access to some basic email signature manager choices in your settings.

You can set a default email signature for all your outgoing emails (both for a prepared message and email replies, or just one or the other), or you can make an email signature pattern from scratch in an HTML email signature file. Although it’s customary to include your contact information, consider what other information or image you could convey through your signature text.

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Why student email signature is needed?

As a student, your communication is concentrated around emails to professors, researchers, classmates, and possible employers, among others. That’s why it’s so crucial to make the most of your student and college email signature. Don’t miss the chance to provide relevant info and context about you where everyone will know where to find it.

No matter if you’re a college student, a university student, or preparing for your bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree, you can get more out of your email correspondence and create a memorable lasting impression with a professional and student email signature in different formats like college student email signature, graduate student email signature, university student email signature, masters student email signature, PhD student email signature, and other email signatures. And it will help all the email signature marketing campaigns for businesses too.

But what are the possibilities that open up with a great email signature? Well, here are a few options to consider:

  • You can grow your professional network with social media icons
  • You can describe your academic accomplishments
  • Let potential employers know when you are looking for a job
  • Let potential organizations understand when you want an internship
  • Brand yourself by seeming professional and showcasing your style
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Student email signatures for job

Are you a student who’s on the verge of entering the job hunting jungle? If so, then a professional email signature will help students make the right impact on the job market. So it’s definitely worth reviewing your student signature through the eyes of a potential employer. And this email signature explains all about students.

For students, an email signature is a perfect way to give your possible employers a glimpse of what you propose and make an added impression of professionalism when you send out your CV or cover letter. The last impact is the lasting impression, so it’s a good thing your email signature appears at the end of your email. This ensures that you stand out from the crowd when applying for internships, fellowships, or even employment.

You might have the relevant degree and the most remarkable CV, but if your cover email isn’t as smart as yours, your application might not get to the top of the heap in this part need to know about grad student email signature. Employers are in a ‘buyer’s market,’ and you need to use every accessible technique to stand out from the job-hunting crowd and acquire that interview.

Charming, eye-catching professional email signatures for students can help you do just that. It’s an effortless but effective way to showcase your personal ‘brand’ and look instantly professional. But there are a few things you need to get right, so we’ve put together some recommendations that you might want to glance over with a proper email signature.

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What should an email signature for students include

The secret of penning down a sound student email signature is always to keep it simple, so as a starting rule you can include:

  • Your full name – You want to make sure your employer knows who you are.
  • The name of your college or university and year of study – Plain and simple, you need to let your employer know where you studied and what year you graduated (if you’ve graduated at all).
  • Status – Here, you can mention your position in any student activity/club/society (if it is relevant).
  • Your precise key contact details – This primarily refers to your main telephone number and your email address. It is a way for your employer to get in touch with you, and the more ways to reach you, the better. Moreover, if you’re asking ‘isn’t my email address on the email anyway?’, you’re right. But remember, if your email is forwarded, your email address might get deleted – and you surely don’t want to make it difficult for people to get back in touch.
  • Website and/or Social Network Sites – It is a great way to make your employer see who you are and add a personal touch to your email signature. Many students also have their blogs, which can be an added possibility in the signature. A lot of them share lecture notes on the Studocu sharing platform where they can testify with their signature that the research was done by them.
  • Your Picture (in high-quality) – Adding a photo of yourself, as per studies, instantly increases your chances of getting a reply. However, the photo has to make a credible and professional impression.
  • Awards and achievements – Use the signature space of your emails to enhance your professional persona and showcase your skills. If you are a scholarship winner or received an excellence award in college competitions, don’t be shy to show off a bit. Moreover, such information would look great on a banner.

You might also want to add other details such as course details, student ID, group symbol (if any), and division. However, it all depends upon the recipients of your email. Your university might have its own set of rules concerning the method of identification, governed by its visual identity. If that is the case, you need to follow those rules, for they might specify what to include and which font size or color to use in your email signature. In that way, it will be the right student email signature.

It’s wise to include clickable, dynamic content such as a button to schedule a meeting with you or social media buttons. But keep these add-ons relevant, professional, and solemn.

The Power of
Email Signature

Benefits of email signature for college students

A college student’s email signature can differ depending on the audience’s demands and the context of a situation. If your communication targets a fundamentally internal audience, consisting of fellow students, lecturers, and university officials- it is better to keep the email concise and straightforward.

However, the email signature for a fresh graduate should have some relevant details to catch the potential employer’s attention and earn some credits for successful branding. Whichever your case may be, you most definitely want to stand out and show a certain degree of professionalism. Regardless of the stage of your college life, it is essential to be ready to enter the big, bad world.

Besides apparent personal branding, a proper email signature for students can help grow their professional network and communicate their academic achievements. Therefore, it is the first step for your future email marketing campaigns.

Moreover, an email signature for college students, university, or even school, have some other advantages:

  • Besides the fact that it allows building contact with many potential future employers, a sound email signature can also brand and boost your skills. However, be careful of what information it should include.
  • Making a professional-looking email signature is the best way for students to make a stellar first impression. You simply need to add a few eye-catching details to attract the potential employer’s attention. Proper email signatures for college students can be a great touchpoint in an email. If you include extra contact details and a website link with your CV, it will make you look more professional.
college student email signature tips

How to create an email signature?

Designing an email signature masterpiece requires a lot of effort and planning. However, don’t fret, as you are not on your own. You can use many of the available free email signature generators in the industry, so creating your first professional student’s email signature becomes super easy.

You can also look at some of the well-known websites that offer an email signature template library if you prefer doing things your way. Looking at some well-thought-out designs will surely inspire you. If you combine it with the pointers from this article, you are sure to achieve success.

best email signature for college students

Tips for designing college student email signature

Designing an email signature requires a lot of effort, so make sure your signature designing process is comfortable and enjoyable. This is to make your signature stand out from the crowd. Here are some simple and easy tips that you can follow to come up with an email signature that’ll sweep recipients off their feet.

  • Be Memorable
  • Don’t Overstuff Information
  • Project Your Personality
  • Keep An Eye on University Requirements
  • Include A Call To Action
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Simplify your social media profiles
  • Identify Your Needs
  • Test It For Yourself
  • Other Miscellaneous Factor
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1. Be Memorable

On email correspondence to your teachers, lecturers, and potential business contacts, a sound email signature will make you look professional – and will be much more memorable than a standard sign-off. And it will be your own signature.

You must evade any confusion in your message, and with the correct student email signature, you’re instantly recognizable and easy to contact. It is especially crucial in communications inside your college or university. You could provide people with just your name, but that is not enough.

Professors who have to respond to many students from diverse groups are unlikely to remember each name. Imagine a situation where, after the hundredth reply on a particular day, a teacher has to ask the sender which group they are from. Instead of testing their patience, it is better to give your recipients all necessary contact and personal details.

college student email signature ideas

2. Don’t Overstuff Information

This particular practice is the main pitfall with any and every student’s email signature. Your signature should be intimate, but it cannot be burdened with unnecessary personal info or social media accounts that might not be educational or even business-friendly.

Remember, the length is another factor to examine in your email signature. Many experts suggest sticking with a three/four-line email signature. The concept is to force some discipline rather than present a drop-down menu of multiple options for the receiver. Be sure to curtail all unnecessary, extraneous information.

Take a look at how you sign off before the signature and how the greeting fits in with your signature. It’s best to keep your email signature to varying degrees of formal and professional depending on the context. For example, you might close your email with “Sincerely” in a thank-you note for a job interview, while it is probably overly formal for your colleagues.

3. Project Your Personality

Just because you’re keeping things simple doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. After all, your student email signature is all about pitching your own personal ‘brand.’ If you’re incorporating your photo or another image, always keep them to a manageable size.

Keep fonts and colors under control – color clashes and crazy characters will get you remembered for all the wrong reasons! You can use sophisticated fonts like Arial or Sans Serif, and all text should be black (or you can even fix text with dark colors). Your school, college, or university email signature content should match color palettes. And remember, creating your student email signature is about making something memorable rather than a masterpiece.

4. Keep An Eye on University Requirements

Check up on your university requirements before you start building a signature for yourself. For your convenience, many colleges have guidelines that students need to follow while creating an email signature. This should be noted if you want your signature to be uniform.

Your signature is not your CV. Therefore, it is essential to remember that you cannot fit all of your accomplishments in your signature. However, featuring the most prominent highlights of your expertise is probably a good idea.

5. Include A Call To Action

Your profile is an opportunity to showcase the latest exciting project or social campaign you might be working on. Thus, it would be a smart move to include one sentence that links to an article, a campaign page, or a social account (of your choice, of course). Here are a few examples:

  • Read about us in the Wall Street Journal here.
  • We’re halfway to our goal of $500,000! Check out our Kickstarter campaign!
  • Our favorite tech guru took over our Instagram account last week. Find out who.

6. Stand out from the crowd

Just because your emails look serious doesn’t mean they cannot have a personal touch to them. Giving the email signature a well-thought and original design is an excellent excuse to grab the recipient’s attention and show your skill. Inserting big images might not be the best idea, as they increase the email size.

They will probably be blocked anyway, so they won’t show up in your signature, which will ultimately destroy your signature layout. Putting a background image may seem like a fancy idea in the beginning, but it will almost always make your email signature hard to read for the recipient.

You will be in a better position by setting a plain background. Just ensure enough contrast exists between the background and font colors so that all details are easy to read, and you’re all set to go. If you decide to inject graphics into your email signature, it is good to use your photo. Most people tend to remember faces better than names.

You can use this simple fact to your advantage (unless you prefer to remain anonymous and out of the spotlight). Another element you might consider is the logo of your college/university. This way, you emphasize your bond with the institution.

7. Simplify your social media profiles

Any profile that you don’t use for professional reasons should be kept away from your email signature. Before attaching a social link to your email signature, check for:

  • Inappropriate photos – Using Instagram to show off a new bikini on vacation or the latest mess your friends got into? Don’t do it – it’s better to keep such an account for your private use only.
  • Unrelated content – Unless your Pinterest account is connected to your work, there is no need to link to the drawing-room inspiration board or gluten-free recipes you’ve been hoarding.
  • Politics – Has Twitter become a place for you to vent about political disappointments? Unless you work in Washington DC, leave politics for after-hours chats.
  • Outdated information – Does your LinkedIn profile mention you still work at your previous job? Take 15 minutes to renew your data before linking your account.

Any link you include in your email signature should be relevant to your work and efficiently build your brand. If you don’t have related social accounts to link, consider linking your business Twitter or Facebook page instead!

You can do it all via icons. If you can custom design it to take up a single line, you can do it in a beautiful and easy-to-understand way that gives your email recipient several options for how to get more information about you.

8. Identify Your Needs

A business expert needs a professional email signature block and an email signature for his/her personal email use. Sometimes we might want a casual and funny email signature that is appropriate for our private email but doesn’t necessarily belong in a more formal setting.

However, be careful about an email signature that may seem too casual for even your personal use. You may be communicating with potential and prospective employers using a Gmail address, for instance, or discussing critical business matters with a client via your Yahoo account.

9. Test It For Yourself

Consider testing your signature by mailing it to yourself, so you can be sure it appears well. Test how your email signature looks like when using different email clients. And remember to update the email signature on your mobile device; after all, that is what you use most often to send/receive messages.

10. Other Miscellaneous Factors

Other things to factor in if you want to create a stellar email signature impression is potentially adding your company logo or university logo and an HTML email signature that’s eye-catching. You need a font that’s decipherable and attractive and a design that looks as good on a desktop as it does on your cell phone (don’t obliterate your mobile email recipients with a big image that will never come across).

Doing all of this will make the logo that you can click through to, and a stylized signature block with suitable fonts and colors.


An appropriate email signature can be useful at different life stages, both for internal and external correspondence. Moreover, it acts as a persuasive apprentice that makes your character look professional and bold during the job hunt process. Every signature can be customized in numerous ways, therefore show some creativity and ace that visual branding of yours. You can check out the email signature examples at Sloovi.

how to create email signature for college students

Make your first email signature

Now that you have some thoughts on the pitfalls and opportunities for improving your email signature block, what are you waiting for? Clean up that old-school, cluttered email signature and put give your emails a spring cleanup! Get your Free Email Signature here!