Email Signature Tool in Marketing
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Role of Email Signature Tool in Marketing

Why email signature tool is super effective in marketing during the pandemic? With 2020 came a new decade, and along with it brought one of the most pervasive obstacles of our time – COVID-19.

While COVID-19 engulfs the world, limiting us to our homes, metamorphosing centuries of social norms, and transforming business practices, we have chartered into unfamiliar waters.

In the words of David Rockefeller, “If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress.”

Our discontent with the pandemic has propelled us to invent a way of life, unlike anything in the past. We’ve become more digitally connected than we’ve ever been. And it is an understatement to say that digital technology’s impact in every facet of our life, including business, has skyrocketed.

From academics to retail, from pharmaceuticals to B2B businesses and everything in between, the world is not merely going digital, but screaming digital. Despite the effects of the pandemic and the ensuing impacts on businesses, businesses cannot afford to skimp on their marketing strategies.

Why don’t we look at it this way, marketing for a brand is like milk to cereal, while cereal on its own tastes just fine, milk is what makes it a great breakfast option

Similarly, marketing creates brand recognition, increases revenue, grow businesses, and attract consumers. A strong marketing campaign can boost the efforts of a brand and make it a great business. And any business would be silly to overlook or neglect their marketing efforts

Your company probably sends out thousands of emails a year, which is over thousands of marketing opportunities. Your brand can leverage these emails’ enormous marketing potential by adding a unique and relevant email sig (sounds cooler, doesn’t it?). It’s as simple as that.

The architecture of the email signature has evolved over the years. And though aesthetic email sigs have only been around for a while, they are well in demand, especially in 2020.

Email signatures help increase your social reach, promote your content, maintain brand consistency, and maximize the ROI of your marketing strategies.

Let’s look at some real-life stats, shall we?

A recent study conducted by marketing charts surveyed over 750 global marketers and small business owners. The top findings of the study were:

  • 66% of business owners rely on corporate emails as the main source of interaction with customers
  • 61% of small business owners send over ten emails a day
  • 75% of solopreneurs send about ten emails a day.

And, while an email sign may sound like embellishment at the end of your email, it is a great way to achieve your marketing goals.

While marketers and salespersons often realize the potential of email signatures, they seldom take time to carve out a unique email signature.

Consider this example

Example of a Poor Email Signature

How many times have you received an email with a signature that looks like this? More often than you can remember, am I right? And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with the signature, there’s nothing great about it as well.

It doesn’t tell the readers much or draws them in to click on your email signature. So what do you do?

Here are a few tips that work wonders, especially in 2020.

  • Include a picture
  • Share social media links
  • Share latest publications
  • Include customer reviews
  • Share product announcements
  • Include offers, highlights, and much more.

Tweak it, twerk it, just don’t fake it.

Example of an Classic Email Signature

As the saying goes – ‘The world is your oyster. In this case, ‘your email signature in your oyster’.

Let’s go deep-sea diving into the ocean of email signature marketing!

May the force be with your email sig in 2020, and may your brand ambassadors sign off in style.

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