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People usually remember how you finish your thoughts because your final words summarize what it all meant. With email correspondence, your email signature is your closing statement. Your email signature is what helps your addressee learn essential information about you. Making your email signature outstandingly unique is undoubtedly necessary if you want to write expert emails. You must have seen several email signatures and wondered if you could make one for yourself, especially those that pop up with a great profile picture. You might think that making one is no less than rocket science, but it’s not. All you need is to pick a free email signature generator from the market and generate one for yourself.

What is an email signature?

Everything and anything that goes after your email body can qualify as an email signature. By default, it is a closing phrase (like ‘Best regards’) accompanied by the sender’s name. You can also upload images and implement graphical and text content to the email footer. The description of an email signature has evolved in recent years to a digital call card.

It usually contains the necessary contact information of the sender, photo or logo, and linked social media icons. Moreover, you can add a call-to-action (CTA) or a signature-wide promotional banner as well.

Benefits of having an email signature

On average, office goers send about 40 emails per day. If your company has ten employees, there are 400 emails they send daily, and 8400 monthly. If used smartly, these can turn into 8400 branding opportunities. Hence, an email signature that is automatically added to your colleagues’ emails pays off a lot.

Furthermore, a signature can help your email stand out and warrant an immediate response with the contact information added. You can use it for advertising your website, offering social media profile subscriptions, or even promote upcoming events. Just make sure it looks attractive enough and adequately complements the email body.

1. Increased brand awareness

Having an email signature in corporate emails makes your brand more recognizable among your clients and potential partners. The signature should have all the necessary brand identity elements, such as the company name and logo, corporate fonts, and company colors. This way, when a recipient scrolls to the bottom of an email, they will see a style characteristic to your company. After all, consistency drives recognition, which in turn facilitates awareness.

2. The professional look of your emails

Your email signature is almost like your business card. Instead of chasing prospective customers offline with a paper card, you share all the necessary information with them online. A business signature also signals that you aren’t alone, but acting on behalf of your company makes you more credible in the business world.

To give your email a professional look, add an HTML email signature that:

  • declares your status within the company
  • incorporates the company name
  • outlines your corporate contact info
  • has a link to useful content, etc.
  • has a legal disclaimer (required in many countries)

3. Marketing personalization

Some might argue that business signatures make emails look too formal. But they also open a lot of opportunities for customization, so you can use your corporate logo to offer more meaningful communication.

First of all, customize your closing. Use something offbeat instead of the same mundane “Best regards,” or “Have a delightful week.” Secondly, use different contact details with different contacts. Giving prospects a chance to connect with you on social media could be a gesture of trust. Moreover, you can incorporate a personalized link at the bottom of your email signature — an article your reader could find useful or a link to a trial version of your product.

4. Quick access to your contact details

Your email signature helps people access your contact information at any time. So, list all the main contact details at the end of your email. It can be your cell number along with an alternative email address for a quick reach. Or else, it can be your work address, used for invoicing or sending thank-you cards.

In your email signature, remember that social media icons are a must. Include your LinkedIn profile for contacts to connect with you professionally. If you are using Twitter or any such social network professionally (or maybe even striving to gain more followers for your channel), link it to it.

5. Social proof

The business correspondence comes in handy if you want to increase your contacts’ trust in your brand. Place a happy customer’s testimonial inside of a banner when sending out emails. Add some social stats to improve your credibility, like the number of followers on your channels.

Use social media icons for any recipient who wants to see who is publicly engaging with your business. With icons, they can simply click on the respective symbol and get their conviction in a blink of an eye.

6. A robust promotion tool

A promotional banner in your email signature can drive publicity to the company, its products, and its activities. Your established business relationships will surely click on your promotional link or share it with their contacts. As a result, you can be looking at growing sales rates.

Here’s what your business can promote via email signatures of its employees:

  • Products and services
  • Offers and various deals
  • Webinars
  • Company events
  • Content: articles, case studies, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Surveys
  • Newsletter

7. Traffic generation

When employees add a signature to email messages, make sure they include the official website URL. Some people might click on the link, even if they weren’t your users before, and your website gets more visits. Although the purpose of email correspondence is not driving sales, including a link in your signature might create some.

Apart from linking to the company’s homepage, try and sample out different links. You can even steer people to your landing pages, the contact us page, the About Us page, or even the company’s blog.

8. Higher response rate

Email signatures increase the response rate, sometimes by quite a lot. Your signature can tell your recipient a story about you, so it adds more personality to your email and builds trust. Secondly, the signature informs the receiver who you are, what your profession is, what company you work for, and how to contact you. All this adds to your credibility.

If you want people to respond to your corporate emails, make sure every employee has a business signature.

9. Better targeting

Email signatures can be customized according to audiences and target groups. For instance, you can include a case study link for a potential business partner or an attractive deal in an email to a potential customer. You can even create a few varied signatures and use them, depending on the circumstances.

And just imagine the wonders that a personalized email signature can do! Instead of using a regulated sign-off, you can tailor the existing one for individuals. Of course, not every contact of yours needs it, but it won’t hurt adding a distinct item to your email signature that a particular person would appreciate.

10. Cost-effectiveness

Maintaining specific marketing channels and employing third-party sales tools can be quite expensive. At the same time, you can use email signatures for various marketing and sales purposes that cost your company next to nothing.

Email Signature Best Practices

There are four very distinct ways to make your own email signature:

  • Text format
  • Design it as a Microsoft Word table or as a Canva image, using Photoshop, etc.
  • Code it with HTML and CSS
  • Use an online free email signature generator

Making your email signature in editing software and uploading it as a whole image might cause the email to be flagged as spam. Furthermore, you won’t know how it will display in all the email clients; on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Going the extra step to give your users a personalized experience is paramount to your company’s success. However, being a salesperson isn’t only about advertising a product/service and hoping that consumers see it. It’s more about attracting the right people and making the purchasing journey memorable.

Hence, we are here to help you with some of the email signature best practices that you can adopt in your day-to-day functions to get more out of your email signatures. You can also have a look at email signature tips.

1. Drive Engagement

When a recipient opens your email, you can draw their attention immediately to an important message. Various eye-tracking tests and analyses show that an attention-grabbing email signature banner will draw the reader’s view within the first three seconds this presents a huge opportunity to differentiate yourself from lengthy and wordy emails that might be skimmed over. The CTA at the end of your email signature can reinforce or supplement your email’s body text, making that messaging pop.

2. Stay on Brand

Consistent email signatures help standardize the branding across an organization while allowing your team to ensure that the actual content is optimized for success. There are varied ways to set up the “business card” portion of your email signature (name, title, phone number, etc.). Specific fonts are more suitable than others (please, say NO to comic sans), and some are merely outdated or unprofessional. Reading up on the best practices of email signature etiquette can help you use this space most effectively and ensure you’re being taken seriously by recipients.

3. Add Value with Relevant Content

When you’re making cold calls or sending cold emails, you must provide value for them. An email full of demands will get you nowhere. Instead, showing how you can help customers will lead you to be taken seriously. Materials such as ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, and case studies help establish you and your company as a leader in the industry. And the best way to promote this type of content is in everyday email communications. Invite recipients to download a piece of content that would benefit them in their specific role. Delivering value quickly will differentiate you from other emails hitting their inbox.

4. Personalize Effectively

Personalization in prospecting emails is a no-brainer in theory, but it’s challenging to implement hundreds or thousands of emails. You don’t want to serve the same content to all different personas, so using different campaign banners to target each persona separately with relevant content is a great way to ensure you’re providing value to the email recipient.

Now that we’ve managed to tackle the various nuances of email signatures and their use, we need to look at how to generate a comprehensive and catchy email signature for your business. You can either do it manually (which can become a painstaking process) or use some successful free email signature generator in the market.

Free email signature generator – What is it?

As you can make out from the name itself, an email signature generator is a tool that helps you build and customize email signatures. You can then upload it to your email service provider and save it as your default signature.

There are several email signature generators available online that are free. Plus, some tools help build customizable templates, including graphics, clickable links, photos, and much more.

Essentially, your email signature can act as a virtual business card to establish your brand identity, inform prospects of precisely what you offer, and personalize your outreach.

5 Reasons for using a free email signature generator

1. Saves Valuable Time

When you manually create an email signature like “Kind regards” or “Sincerely yours,” it can be banal or even boring. But to be honest, are you really satisfied with the result? The standard email signature looks dry, and most often, your email receivers skip reading it altogether.

With the help of a free email signature generator, you kill two birds with one stone. You have a fantastic, professionally designed email ending and spend less than 5 minutes on it. This is a real benefit, isn’t it?

2. Helps drive conversions and generate more leads

Most free email signature generators have numerous features. In fact, some of them are very helpful in marketing. Mainly, they present the opportunity to build beautiful, clickable banners and add social media buttons to your email signature.

Your banner can consist of some critical info and the CTA, something along the lines of “get a free trial of your service/product.” If you promote your business through social channels, you can use icons that will lead the receiver to the needed source. Also, you can keep a check on the number of clicks on the banner and measure the effectiveness this way.

3. You can get trendy, relevant email signatures in a jiffy

You don’t need to be a tech geek, coder, or even a designer to make a professional email signature. And the credit goes to a majority of great templates that best suits your needs and add other elements.

No matter the email platform – whether Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or any other – the templates apply to each. While editing your email signature in whatever free tool you choose, you have to select your desired template and see your choice come to life.

4. Helps Company News Travel Faster

The benefits of using banners in your email signature can’t be underestimated. It is a real godsend that most free email signature generators offer their customers. Apart from driving conversions with CTAs, you can use a banner to share what new is happening in your company.

You can insert a link targeted at your employees, or a detailed article with product updates, upcoming release dates, or other relevant info. Whenever people receive your email, they will see the things you want to deliver.

5. Mobile-Friendly Solution

In this day and age, mobile phones are becoming smarter with every passing moment. Global tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and their Chinese counterparts are developing new gadgets and implementing advanced features pretty fast. More than 50% of all email exchanges are opened via smartphones, which is why people use their mobile devices more often for business purposes.

Most of the popular free email signature generator tools in the market allow optimizing the email signature to be correctly displayed on smartphones. This is very important because some weird signature instead of a well-designed sign-off may be disappointing, and you won’t get responses to your emails.


As you can see by now, there is no need to divide business communication from a company’s marketing and sales pursuits. You can combine them all by using your and your employees’ corporate email signatures. When managed efficiently, email signature marketing can become a powerful marketing channel for outstanding results.

To be honest, using email signatures is an underrated practice since not all businesses use it. However, it is highly recommended you see this marketing tactic and take advantage by including it in your emails. I believe the above tips will do the trick for you! Get your free email signature here!

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