How to Add Email Signature in Gmail
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How to Add Email Signature in Gmail

Emails have become a classic tool for communication. Although true enough, there are several communication platforms for SMS and instant messaging; you cannot ignore the fact that emails remain a fundamental part of business exchange.

And when we talk about emails, one of the tools that would be on top of your mind would probably be – yes, Gmail!

Since its launch in 2004, Gmail has become the most used email provider for users worldwide. In fact, in the second quarter of 2020, there are almost a billion and 700 thousand active users online.

Given its indisputable popularity, it has naturally transformed from being a personal email service provider to one of the most favored choices for small and large companies.

One of the reasons that Gmail is a top choice among business owners lies in its user-friendly interface. Having the same interface for both personal and business use makes it easier for its users to adjust to the learning curve.

However, even the most loyal of Gmail’s users are barely aware of its wide array of additional features, not being able to maximize the platform.

One feature that is often overlooked but is very significant in business messaging is the use of Gmail signature.

In this blog, we will walk you through adding your very own email signature in Gmail and why it can be handy for creating your personal and business emails.

The Power of
Email Signature

What is an email signature, and why is it important?

An email signature is a way to exude professionalism in communicating with your clients and business partners. It helps leave an excellent lasting impression on you as a professional and your company.

Placed at the bottom of your email, an email signature consists of a few lines that contain all your essential information.

An email signature is essential for many reasons, specifically for professionalism, branding, personal connection, and openness to communication. Check out the email signature marketing guide.

Creating your email signature in Gmail App

Now that we have settled on how vital an email signature is, let us dive into creating your signature in Gmail.

How to Add a Signature in Gmail

Follow these steps in composing your signature in the Gmail app for the website browser and mobile app:

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account

To start, open Gmail through your web browser by typing in Then, log in to your personal or business account.

 how to add an email signature in gmail

Once you’re logged in to your email account, you can see the Settings tab, a gear icon on the far right side of the Gmail screen.

 how to add email signature in gmail app

Step 2: Click on the Gmail Settings tab

Once you click on settings on the top right corner of the screen, proceed by selecting the See all settings option.

 how to add a email signature in gmail

Next, scroll down through the options until you find the Signature option.

 how to add line in email signature gmail

If you don’t have a signature saved, you can also create one.

Step 3 (Optional): Create your own Gmail signature

3.1. To create your own signature in Gmail, start by clicking Create New

 how to add email signature image in gmail

As this is going to be your professional email signature in Gmail, you have to include the following signature details.

a. Full name

b. Position in the company

c. Company name

d. Phone number

e. Email address

f. Company logo (optional)

g. Photo (optional)

3.2. Name your signature

After selecting Create New, a Name new signature pop-up will appear on your screen.

 how to add image email signature in gmail

3.3. Create your personal email signature

Once all your contact information is ready, you can now proceed and create your new Gmail signature.

how to add logo to email signature in gmail

Through the Gmail signature editor, start by providing the necessary information of your full signature into the box provided.

You can then add your preferred formatting style in the formatting bar below the Gmail signature box. You can select the font style and the size of your Gmail signature text.

Be careful not to go overboard with your font styles and the image you’re going to use as it can end up looking messy and result in an unprofessionally formatted message.

You can also have your Gmail signatures indented. You may go for a block quote or a bulleted list as you prefer. Also, check out the guide for the best email signature.

 how to add html email signature in gmail

In most cases, hyperlinks are used for email addresses. To do this, simply highlight the text and click on the Link icon as shown below.

You also have the option to change the display text in your Gmail signature.

 how to add a signature to email in gmail
how to add signature to reply email in gmail

For a more personalized look, you may also upload your company logo and signature image in your signature as you prefer.

To add signature in Gmail, just click on the Insert image icon, and upload your image in your desired placement.

You may have an image uploaded straight from your computer, Google Drive, or from a specific web address.

Tip: You may also include your social media accounts and customize them with the use of social media icons as part of your format.

 how to add signature in gmail email
 how to add a signature to an email in gmail

Step 4: Save your Gmail signature

Once you achieve your desired signature, scroll down at the bottom of the page, and do not forget to click Save Changes.

how do i add my signature to an email in gmail

Once you click Save Changes, your Gmail signature will be part of your signature templates. You can also create multiple signatures if you prefer a professional email signature or for personal use.

You can also edit your signature name by clicking on the pen tool beside the signature section. Then, simply click on edit signature name and proceed. Also, find the guide for the company email signature.

how to add a signature in gmail on an email

So, the next time you compose a new message, you can now add a signature by clicking on the Signature icon below the text box. Once you click on Insert signature, you can automatically select your desired professional signature.

In writing your replies, you can also quickly insert a Gmail signature above the original message. To add a signature, simply select your desired signature at the bottom of the signature section.

 how to add email signature in gmail guide
 how to add a signature to you email in gmail

You can also have your signatures edited anytime you need to. Using the signature editor, simply go back to the Settings icon at the top right corner of your Gmail screen, and click on the signature you want to edit. Use the signature box to make the necessary changes. Once done, you can click Save changes.

How to move a Gmail signature above quoted text in response emails

Step 1: Select the Settings gear icon on your Gmail toolbar

Step 2: Click See All Settings

Step 3: In the General settings category, go to Signature

 how do i add my signature to an email in gmail

Step 4: Click on the check box that corresponds Insert signature before quoted replies and remove the “-” line that precedes it

 how to add a sign a email signature in gmail

Setting up your signature defaults

Of course, you don’t want to insert your Gmail signature manually all the time – especially when you’re only using one email account for business. To save time, you can automatically insert your Gmail signature within your replies. Here’s how:

Step 1: Click on the Settings gear Icon

Step 2: Select see all settings

Step 3: Go to General and look for the Signature option

Step 4: Set up your Signature Defaults

Under signature defaults, you will have two options namely, for new emails use and for on reply/forward use.

Make sure that you are using the account that you ought to use for sending out emails. Next, select your preferred Gmail signature should you have multiple signatures.

how to add a jpg email signature in gmail
 how to add link to email signature in gmail

Setting up your signature template in your Gmail app on your mobile device

Since Gmail is compatible with different devices, including your phones and tablets, let’s look at you can set up your Gmail signatures in your Gmail mobile app.

1. Log in to your account through your Gmail app on your Android or IOS device

2. Click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of your screen.

 how to add a link in your email signature gmail

The horizontal lines on the top left corner represent the different options you can choose from. Tap on it and head on to the next step.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the options and select Settings

 how to add image to email signature in gmail

Once you click on the three horizontal lines, scroll down and tap Settings.

4. Choose the Gmail account you wish to set up

Once you tap on the Settings option, select the Gmail account you prefer to set up.

 email signature guide

5. Click Signature Settings

Tap on Signature settings to start setting up your Gmail signature.

 perfect email signature

6. Start working on your signature text

Once you click on your signature settings, tap on the mobile signature section and start typing your new signature.

 adding email signature in gmail

And voilà! Your mobile signature in Gmail is now ready to use.

There are times when your signature in Gmail won’t show up. Go to your signature settings and make sure that the No signature option is not selected.

Removing your Gmail signature

It is easy to edit and modify your Gmail signature. However, if you opt to stop using it, then you can always have them removed easily.

Simply go to Gmail settings, then select the General settings tab. Then, under Signature, remove any selected signature saved in your database.

If you want to use them the next time you send a new email, you can simply add a signature, as Gmail always saves all the signatures you have entered into the system. Find some detailed guides about B2B sales, SaaS sales and tech sales.

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