How to Create a Personalized Email

how to create a personalized email
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Your company’s reputation is crucial. It’s the brand of your business. Your brand is reflected in everything, even the email address you use for business. Your relationship with your past, current, and potential clients will be better the more attractive your brand is.

Using a personalized email address is a standard error new business owners make. When a business sends an email from an address like or, customers and clients find it challenging to take it seriously.

Use these unprofessional email addresses at your discretion. For example, you can set up an email address with your custom domain, such as, and link it to your Gmail account.

It indicates that you will enjoy all the benefits of the Gmail platform, but with your company name used as the email address rather than

 how to create a personalized email address

What is a Custom Email Address

A custom domain name is used instead of a default one when creating a bespoke email address. For instance, is a free, generic business email address, whereas is a custom email address.

You can specify what appears before and after the @ sign using a custom email address. However, you can only choose what appears before the @ symbol in a generic email address, and you can only register an address that isn’t already registered, which limits your options.

Because they seem more professional, are simpler to remember, promote a brand, and instantly boost credibility, custom email addresses are frequently utilized by companies and individuals with a web presence.

Instead of using a generic Gmail account, use a professional business email address with your company’s custom domain name.

It is more difficult for customers and other businesses to believe respectable firms use these generic email addresses. Respectable firms do not use these generic email addresses because anyone may create them.

 how to create a personalized email address with gmail

The top 4 reasons why you require a business-related email account are as follows:

  • A personalized business email address presents a more official image.
  • Additionally, it is brief and straightforward to recall.
  • Customers are more likely to trust your company as real if you use a professional email address.
  • Finally, you may advertise your brand with each email you send by using your own domain name while sending emails.

The best part is that getting your personalized business email address is free, so there is no reason not to.

Also, one benefit of purchasing a domain name and web hosting from the same provider is that you won’t have to configure nameservers or adjust your DNS settings. Instead, these settings are configured for you.

These are done through domain registrars. Therefore, you can do this through your domain registrar.

How to Create a Custom Email Address

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up a custom email address:

Get a Domain Name

You must have a custom business domain name to create a custom email address (e.g., It is easy and only takes a few steps to get a domain name.

However, there are several places where you can get a domain name. Which one is best for you will depend on the email hosting service you intend to use and whether or not you intend to create a website using your domain name.

Depending on how you intend to use it, these are the top methods to acquire custom domains:

Business email only:

If all you need is a custom business email address and a domain name, you can get one for about $12 per year from one of the top domain name registrars, such as Google Domains.

Instead, buy it directly from companies like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to enjoy the advantages of having your domain connected to your email host immediately.

Business email and a WordPress website:

The best way to receive a free domain name through a web hosting company like Bluehost is if you also want to develop a website. You may get web hosting, a free domain, and up to five free custom email addresses for as little as $2.95 per month.

It also makes it faster and simpler for small teams because you no longer have to manually connect your domain to your web host.

All-in-one website builder and business email:

Without any prior web design knowledge, consider one of the best website builders for beginners, which comes with a free domain if you intend to develop a professional business website yourself.

Connect to Your Email Provider

Where you registered your domain determines how you connect it to your email provider. You only need to follow the subsequent instructions if you registered a domain name through an all-in-one domain and email hosting provider like Google Workspace.

On the other hand, you might need to take further action if you registered your domain through a web hosting firm, site builder, or another third-party service.

For instance, if your domain comes with your web hosting plan, you’ll need to find the instructions for setting up your new company email address on the website of your web host.

The account dashboard will most likely have an “Email” option. To create your custom email address, adhere to the instructions.

The only thing left to do is choose how you want your email address to be formatted. Find out more about selecting a professional email address to assist you in making the choice that is best for your organization.

Connect to Your Favorite Third-party Email Host (Optional)

You could connect your email to a third-party provider email host like Gmail or Apple Mail if you purchased your domain name through web hosting services (and yes, your email will still be free).

Each email platform has a different procedure, so select your preferred email host to link your free business email.

How to Get A Free Custom Email Address

Remember, using a @gmail, @yahoo, or @aol address can give the impression that you are unprepared and careless. On the contrary, by purchasing a custom email domain, you take pride in your business and solidify your position in the market.

Having explained how to create a custom email address, let’s now look into getting a free custom email address.

Simply pick a domain name and sign up for web hosting to receive a free business email account. There are typically no additional costs because most web hosting companies offer free email hosting.

Costs for web hosting services can range from just a couple of dollars per month to hundreds. However, you don’t need a pricey web hosting plan with enterprise-class features if you’re just starting to build an online presence.

For about $2.75 a month, Bluehost offers quick and dependable web hosting that also comes with a free domain name for the first year of service. In addition, you can have up to 5 email accounts with 100 MB of email storage space each, even with the cheapest Bluehost plan.

A number of the reasonably priced hosting plans offered by Bluehost include cPanel email hosting.

Bluehost provides instructions on how to do so here, but we’ve compiled a concise summary for you:

Step One: Access the Bluehost Control Panel by logging in.

Step Two: From the side menu on the left side of the screen, select the Email & Office tab.

Step Three: Complete your custom email address and supply your email password in the “Add Email Account” area.

Step Four: Select “Create Account” from the menu.

Step Five: Your custom email address will be created by Bluehost in seconds.

That is how Bluehost customers can obtain a professional email address. The procedure is similar to most other email services, but some provide you with more top-level domain options than others, including .com, .org, and .net.

But because it’s linked to professionals and international trade, the .com top-level domain is the most acceptable choice for personalized email addresses. Check out the detailed guide for how to add email signature in Gmail.

Get a Free Custom Email Address with Gmail

Getting a free business email account is not as challenging or expensive as people imagine. Creating a new business email address requires a few steps.

Follow these instructions if you want your email address to be something like rather than

Countless third-party services are also integrated into Gmail, such as Sloovi, an easy-to-use bulk email organizer that makes it much simpler to achieve and maintain Inbox Zero, which is defined as a strict method of email management that aims to keep the inbox empty—or nearly empty—at all times.

 how to create a personalized email through gmail

Although Bluehost is our example, the procedure is the same for other web hosting providers in this case.

Step One: Log in with your Bluehost account. Click the Email and Office tab in the Bluehost dashboard’s side menu.

 how to create a personalized email for my gmail account

Step Two: Choose Google Workspace as your email provider of choice.

How to Create a Custom Email Address

Step Three: You are free to select the business email address you want for your company based on your desired domain name.

 How to Get A Free Custom Email Address

Step Four: Provide the relevant details about your company.

 Get a Free Custom Email Address with Gmail

Step Five: Select the user count, then click “add to cart on the next screen.”

How to Receive Emails in Gmail

You ought to have a custom email from Gmail after completing these instructions.

It is essential to know that if you use Google Workspace with an existing domain name, you will be asked to verify that you own that domain name.

To do that, you will now see an HTML code snippet you need to add to your website. There are other ways to verify your ownership as well.

You can upload an HTML file to your website using an FTP client or file manager app in your hosting account dashboard.

Since all the tools you would require are offered for free, you won’t even need to start by paying for Google Workspace. It helps in creating a free email account. But eventually, you might want to switch to Google Workspace.

One of its main advantages is that Google Workspace functions effectively with teams; for instance, managing your team using a collection of personal Gmail installs would be a nightmare. It is simple with Google Workspace.

How to Send and Receive Emails Using your Custom Email with Gmail

The fantastic Google Mail service is free. In addition, you receive access to Google Drive, which offers 15GB of cloud storage for your files and images.

Access to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and other tools is also included. Using these tools, you can create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. These are compatible with your custom email and are wholly integrated with Gmail.

Additionally, you can access many Gmail accounts at once (meaning you can easily toggle between your personal and business email inboxes).

How to Receive Emails in Gmail

Step One: Enter your Gmail login credentials.

How to Send Emails in Gmail

Step Two: Click the gear symbol in the top-left corner to bring up the Settings, then select See all settings from the menu.

Step Three: Click the Accounts and Import button.

Step Four: Click Add a mail account in the box marked “Check mail from other accounts” after scrolling down.

 how to Get a Free Custom Email Address with Zoho

Step Five: Type your email address here, for example, Then click the next step button.

 how to create a personalized email account

Step Six: Your full email address should be used as the username.

Step Seven: Type your email account’s password.

Step Eight: Connect to the inbound POP Server. The Always Use a Secure Connection (SSL) option should be selected. Make sure port 995 has been updated.

Step Nine: Make any further selections you desire.

Step Ten: Select Add Account from the menu.

how to create a perfect personalized email

How to Send Emails in Gmail

Step One: Select “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as, e.g.,”

 how to create a personalized email on gmail

Step Two: Generally speaking, you ought to keep “Treat as an alias” selected. This configuration is used when all your emails are delivered to a single Gmail mailbox.

Uncheck it if you want to send emails on behalf of another account. For example, this situation would be if you have any accounts you log into independently. You can reply to emails from an account you are not currently logged into.

 how to set up email account on android

Step Three: Then, select the Next Step button.

 personalized email

Step Four: You will enter the outgoing SMTP server

Step Five: Your full email address should be used as the username.

Step Six: Enter your email account’s password.

Step Seven: Select SSL-secured connection. Make sure port 465 has been updated.

Step Eight: Press Add Account.

best personalized email

Step Nine: Check your email address.

Step Ten: A confirmation email will be sent to your Gmail account because email forwarding was already set up.

creative and personalized email for business

Step Eleven: Copy and paste the PIN or click the confirmation link in the email.

Step Twelve: Done! Gmail now allows you to send and receive emails.

Adding Email Forwarding

A forwarder from your domain email address to your Gmail account is not required, but it should speed up new mail transmission to Gmail. Make an email forwarder first, then configure Gmail.

Create an email forwarder from your custom domain email address to your Gmail address by going back to the cPanel.

Step One: Locate the Forwarders area under the Email & Office tab.

Step Two: Select your favorite domain from the drop-down menu that appears by clicking the icon next to Manage.

Step Three: To add a domain forwarder, click the button.

Your Gmail account will now receive all emails sent to

Remember that Google also provides Google Workspace, a premium collection of business tools that includes Gmail. Google Workspace offers several corporate benefits, particularly organizing and collaborative working.

best personalized email guide

Get a Free Custom Email Address with Zoho

Small and medium-sized enterprises in India can use the online office suite Zoho. Offering word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship management, and email applications, it provides everything organizations need to manage their daily operations.

To obtain an email with a custom domain with Zoho:

Step One: Choose a plan by going to the Zoho Mail pricing page.

Step Two: Choose the option to purchase a new domain name on the following screen, then type in the

Step Three: preferred domain name. To continue, press Add.

Step Four: Enter your registration information, then click Continue. Verify your acceptance of Zoho’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

Step Five: After checking your contact information, click Sign Up.

Step Six: Access your custom email domain account.

Your customized email address will only be available to 5 people inside an organization if you’ve chosen the free plan, and each user will receive 5 GB of email storage capacity. You must buy one of the two premium plans—Mail Lite or Mail Premium.

Mail Lite has 5 GB of email storage and supports domain aliases, email routing, email and folder sharing, offline access, email recall, Exchange ActiveSync, and other helpful features. It costs €0,9 per user per month.

In addition to 50 GB of email storage, support for large file attachments, email backup and restoration, white labeling, and other features, Mail Premium costs €3,6 per user each month.

Setting Up Your Email Account on Android Phone

One major positive of the mobile phone is the ability to be on the go and still receive your business emails from your single mail account or multiple email accounts.

It is known that Google builds the Android OS. Therefore, it could lead to difficulties for people trying to follow up using their domain name.

But in a genuine sense, even with your own domain name, you can still get updated and connected via Gmail.

Step one:

Open the email client like the Gmail app.

personalized email for people

Step two:

Go to settings by clicking the top left corner and tapping on settings at the pop-up menu.

 personalized email for business

Step three:

Click Add account.

personalized email step by step guide

Step four:

Choose Other for the type of account you wish to create.

 personalized email for professionals
Step five:

Enter the desired email address here.

Choose Next.

personalized email for students

Step six:

If mail cannot find your account settings, you must enter it manually.

Select IMAP as your account type

 guide for how to create a personalized email

Step seven:

Enter your email account password and click Next

 android personalized email

Step Eight:

Type in as the incoming server and click Next


Step Nine:

Type in as the outgoing server and click Next

 A2 Hosting

Step Ten:

Here, you can control when you receive notifications, how frequently Gmail should check for new emails, and more. To proceed, uncheck any choices you don’t want and click Next.


Step eleven:

Done! Your account is now set and ready.

 Email Hosting Alternatives

Email Hosting Alternatives

Asides from Bluehost, you can get another hosting provider and create a hosting account.

Let’s take a look at some others:


With DreamHost, their unique control panel is simple to use and can assist you in creating a professional email address that corresponds to your domain name. You can sign up for email if your package includes email hosting.

Here’s where to begin:

Step One: You’ll find an Email tab on the left control panel of your DreamHost account.

Step Two: Select the Manage Email option by clicking on it.

Step Three: Find the Create New Email Address button on the next screen.

Step Four: Your personal or business information should be entered in the blanks, along with your email address and the domain you intend to use.

 best Email Hosting Alternatives

It offers an excellent hosting package. If you require more space, all of Dreamhost’s email hosting plans provide for mailboxes of up to 25 GB. 200 MB is the default storage size supplied by DreamHost, which is more than enough if you regularly clean out your inbox.

A2 Hosting

Your custom email address can be created, changed, and connected with the A2 Hosting provider. To begin, make your business email address as follows:

Step One: Click Email Accounts on the cPanel main page’s EMAIL section.

Step Two: After that, click Create and choose the Domain where you want to create the email account from the Domain menu. If you have numerous domains and your chosen domain is not included in the menu, check your account’s domain configuration by clicking Manage Subdomains or Manage Aliases.

Step Three: Type a new email address in the text field for the Username.

Step Four: Choose from the available possibilities for the password: Enter a password in the Password text box after selecting Set password now. If you check the Additional security checkbox, cPanel will send a message containing login details to the chosen email address.

Step Five: Customizing the Optional Settings is the next. In the Storage Space section, click Edit Settings, type a custom mailbox quota storage size or choose Unlimited.

Step Six: You can choose the checkboxes for Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client or Automatically Create Folders based on your preferences.

Step Seven: After that, select the option to Stay on this page after I click Create to create another email account if you want to do so. The account can also be created by clicking Create, which will take you back to the Email Accounts page.

 top Email Hosting Alternatives


Similar to how you can generate professional email addresses using your custom domain when you set up a website with GreenGeeks. You can have a website at with a related email account rather than sharing a account.

The procedure is simple when cPanel is used.

Step One: Click the “Email Accounts” link or icon under “Email.”

Step Two: Enter the email address details on the next screen.

Step Three: The storage you require can then be tailored. (Remember that incoming mail bounces back to the sender if you run out of storage space.)

Step Four: If you are creating multiple email accounts, check the option next to Stay on this page when I click Create at the bottom of the screen. Ignore the ticked box next to Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client.

Step Five: Finally, press the “Create” button.

 personalized email creation

After creating the account, you will be routed to the “List Email Accounts” page. Following the creation of your account, you will receive a configuration email. It allows you to view the message before opening a typical email program.

Hostinger is another email hosting provider which is highly used.


Maintaining a professional image for you and your team requires using a unique email address that incorporates your company’s domain name.

There are various simple ways to set up a personalized email account, including Google Workspace, despite how difficult it may sound.

The communication and productivity feature your company needs are included, making it super simple to set up your business email.

To conduct business online, every professional needs a custom email account.

This article covered how to obtain a unique email address and utilize it with Gmail. We also discussed Sloovi and how much easier it is to organize emails.

Sloovi offers various software packages to help organize your personalized email accounts. Visit for more insight to make your life and business easy.