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How To Find Someone Email Address: 13 Ways

For any email marketing campaign, it is very much essential to have the necessary resources to find anyone’s email address. Imagine this; you’ve spent hours crafting the perfect cold email. An email that you’re sure is going to get the results. But when you go through your sender’s list, you realize that you don’t really have any meaningful contact that will give you value for your hard work. Bummer, right?

And so, now you’re on your way to getting a list of contacts that will help you achieve your goal. After you’ve made a list of contacts you want to target, the next step is to get the right and verified email addresses. Cause why go through so much work just to send it to the wrong person?

Sure, there are other ways of reaching out to this person or person’s email address, maybe through social media, but there is nothing (or at least very few things) that can beat a personalized cold email. A personalized and professional email addresses email helps build a real connection with your recipients that will last a lifetime.

So, now the search begins for finding the right, real email address.

Importance of finding the right email address

Hold up. Before we jump into how you can find anyone’s email address, let’s consider why it is vital for you to find the right and target’s email address.

The simple answer to that question is because if you’re sending an important email, you would rather have it received by the right person than someone else. And with the competition getting fierce, grabbing people’s attention is the need of the hour.

In fact, studies show that only 8.5% of the cold outreach emails sent receive a response. So getting it right and sending it to the right person is even more critical. When you have the right person reading your email, the chance of getting a response that you want increases exponentially.

Hence, no matter how tedious the task sounds, finding the right email address is definitely worth it – especially if you customize and personalize your cold email to suit your recipient.

Now that you know why it is important to find the right email address, it’s time to go email hunting! Here are the best ways to find anyone’s email address for your marketing campaigns.

13 ways: How to find someone email address

Now that you’re ready with your list of people and or business email address you want to target, it’s time to find those sneaky email addresses.

Every search requires the right tools to get the desired results. And so, we have curated a list of 13 tools that will help you get what you’re looking for – email addresses:

  • Try an email lookup tool to find anyone email address
  • Twitter: Reliable to find someone’s email
  • Ask using a generic email address or contact form
  • Experiment with Author pages
  • Give a go with Google and other search engines
  • Take a look at your own email list
  • Use DuckDuckGo
  • Subscribe to your prospect’s email list
  • Take a look at the Contact us and About us page
  • Use WHOIS lookup
  • Try Facebook
  • Use Linkedin Connections
  • Take a guess

1. Try an email lookup tool to find anyone email address

how to find someone's email address from twitter

It is one of the most straightforward, effective tools out there to find anyone’s email address. All that is required of you is to enter your contact’s name and or website URL, and the email outlook tool will do the rest.

The best part about using the email lookup services tool is that there are hundreds of such tools available at your fingertips, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

But even though they are handy, there is a slight chance that you won’t end up getting the result you’re looking for. And even though some of these tools offer free services, they are very limited, while paid services can be expensive, especially if you don’t end up getting the results you want.

2. Twitter: Reliable to find someone’s email

how to find someone email address at twitter

Many people who use Twitter do sometimes include their email addresses in tweets and or their Twitter bio. They tend to hide it by using “dot” instead of “.” and “at” instead of “@”. And to find them, go to Twitter Advanced Search and use “at” and “dot” to find your prospect’s address.

Twitter Advanced Search allows you to choose or ignore words/phrases, use hashtags, time frames, and specific accounts. You can also try including words like ‘email,’ ‘contact,’ or ‘reach’ for better results.

You can also try being bold and simply ask for their email address on Twitter through tweets or direct messages. Be concise while giving them a compelling reason to revert to you, and then maybe you’ll hear a positive response from them.

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3. Ask using a generic email address or contact form

Many websites include a generic email address or a contact form mostly monitored by the admin staff. You can try your luck by getting in touch with them and asking for the email address of the contact you’re looking for.

4. Experiment with Author pages

Another simple trick that you can use is by going to the author page on your contact’s website or blog that is linked to any blog/article that they have written from their name. This can be a beneficial way of finding out someone’s email addresses if they have used the default WordPress settings and themes.

5. Give a go with Google and other search engines

Yes, this is the most obvious one on the list. But hey, it does get results. Knowing a few tricks about how advanced Google search works can help you get your results faster and as precise as possible with Google search operators.

You can search for the email addresses by just typing their name or company website adding a search operator along with “email address,” and voila, it narrows down your search results.

For instance, you can try these options to find out their email addresses:

  • [name] + email (or) email address
  • [name] + “company they work for”
  • [name] + contact me (or) contact (or) contact information
  • [name] + email
  • [name] + contact
  • [name] + LinkedIn
  • [name] + ZoomInfo
  • [name] + “home town”

And if you have a bit more information about your contact then you can try these:

  • + [name] + contact
  • + [name] + email
  • + firstname.lastname [at]
  • + firstnamelastname [at]
  • + firstname [at]
  • + firstname_lastname [at]

6. Take a look at your own email list

how to find someone email address with own email list

This one is entirely dependent on your organization’s visibility and credibility within your industry. If you have that, you can check out your subscriber’s list of known email addresses, and you might just find that some of your contacts have already subscribed to your newsletter.

Furthermore, you can use some of the email marketing software to help you out. That is, there are many email marketing software available that will allow you to search your list for contacts.

7. Use DuckDuckGo


It is one of the less-known tricks on the list. It is an efficient way to find email addresses using an alternative search engine, DuckDuckGo. Run the exact match for “” in DuckDuckGo to get email addresses attached to that particular domain and that are publicly available. For filtered search results, you can always add your contact’s name.

8. Subscribe to your prospect’s email list

This method can work if your contact’s website or blog features a newsletter. If they do, you can subscribe to their mailing list since most of them send emails via their personal email account.

And even if you receive a newsletter from a generic email address, worry not. You can always respond to any one of the newsletters with an opinion/question, and you’re sure to get a response from them. This is not only an easy, quick way of getting an email address, but it will also help you build a relationship with your contact.

9. Take a look at the Contact us and About us page

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones that are often overlooked. Most of the ‘contact us’ and ‘about us’ pages include personal information, including their personal email addresses – and this is true for many websites. But finding them can be a bit tricky, so it might help you to check out the footer of these pages or try the common URL formats given below:


10. Use WHOIS lookup

how to find someone email address with

If your contact has a website, then you can head to their website’s WHOIS information, where you can sometimes find all the needed information. WHOIS data is used when registering the domain. It is publicly available, making it easy for you to check out the information uploaded by them.

This is one of the most reliable ways of finding an email address as it is required by the law to share their contact information for anyone who is creating a website. So just move on to and search the email domain that you’re looking for, and you’ll have your email addresses with a few clicks.

11. Try Facebook

how to find someone email address from facebook

This trick works when your contact has a page on Facebook. When creating a Facebook page, the person has to enter as much information as possible, and after a while, most of them tend to forget that it exists.

But you can access this information by going to the about page on their profile and checking whether they have entered their email address. This is a great way to get their recent and personal email address rather than a generic email address

12. Use Linkedin Connections

Wondering what to make of the n-number of LinkedIn connections you have? The one thing you can definitely do is to export them to your device in 3 steps.

Here’s how you can export LinkedIn connections to your device:

Step 1: On your LinkedIn Homepage, click on ‘Me’ on the top right corner, and then select ‘Settings & Privacy from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Privacy’ tab and scroll down till you reach ‘Getting a copy of your data’ – this option falls under ‘How LinkedIn uses your data section.

Step 3: Once you’re there, just tick the connections’ box and click ‘Request archive.’

And voilá, in the next few minutes, you’ll get a spreadsheet attached with an email with all your connections’ email addresses. But be careful when using this method to prevent yourself from losing your LinkedIn account.

how to find someone's email address from linkedin

13. Take a guess

Let’s face it, pretty much most of the email addresses stick to the same handful of patterns that are based on simple formats. So, if you know your contact’s name, last name, and domain, you might be able to take a guess someone’s email address

And what’s even better is if you have the email address of someone else in their organization, you can follow the same format and figure out the email address yourself.

Still unsure about it? You can always try out the following structures:

  • [name]
  • [name].[surname]
  • [name][surname]
  • [initial].[surname]

And there you have it, 13 efficient ways to find anyone’s email address! But do not exploit this information once you’ve got your hands on it. Use it wisely, and don’t end up spamming their accounts. Remember the purpose for which you’ve spent your time and resources, and go ahead and connect with your contacts!

Happy emailing!