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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Acceleration

Increasing sales means enhancing business processes and promoting prospects in a timely and efficient manner. Effective Sales Accelerating Software gives the sales team information on how to accelerate conversions by increasing conversion rate and relevance.

The Sales accelerator umbrella encompasses software tools including a sales leads database, business research tools, email tracking technology, and predictive analytics. Sales prospecting has been dramatically altered in recent years, especially for b2b sales reps.

This article covers everything sales leaders need to know about sales acceleration, and how to use sales acceleration tools to Fastrack your sales cycle, and improve any sales strategy to optimize sales and increase revenue.

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What Is Sales Acceleration And How Can It Help Your Sales Process?

A sales acceleration strategy helps businesses move prospects through the sales pipeline faster and more efficiently and FasTracks the sales cycle. Sales acceleration software provides sales and marketing teams with timely data and insights to increase conversion velocity and relevance. It also covers company research tools, email tracking technology, and predictive analytics. Sales lead databases, company research tools, email tracking technology, and predictive analytics are just a few of the applications and technologies that fall under sales acceleration.

Sales prospecting, particularly for B2B sellers, has changed significantly over the past decade. The emergence of data and analytics has flipped the long-held belief that selling was primarily about who you knew. It is becoming increasingly common for the what to replace the who. Managing sales and marketing is being transformed by the sheer amount of data that can be processed and analyzed in real-time. The old static methods of outbound calling and prospecting no longer drive results the way they used to. Many are now referring to it as sales acceleration.

Increasing deal velocity through sales acceleration solutions involves delivering meaningful buyer engagements using content, analytics, and resources. For a meaningful connection to be formed and for their target audience to be enticed to learn more, they use relevant content, analytics, and resources.

As you may have guessed, acquiring someone to buy SaaS technology can be difficult even when you have to invest heavily. Making small eCommerce purchases can be relatively quick and easy, but in SaaS, it can get surprisingly challenging. Usually, the sales funnel involves about eight touch points that include reading blogs, watching demos, emails, phones, and more.

Sales cycles are therefore extremely long, hence the need for good sales acceleration software and the right tools. It’s like traveling on a road trip, long-winded and packed with surprises. As a result, organizations are tempted to navigate difficult paths and pursue customers with less effort. That is a good way to keep your opponent out of your way.

In other words, you have to speed up sales and understand your revenue engine so you know the most effective method to achieve your goals.

Here are our top 10 sales acceleration tools any SaaS, eCommerce, or small business can use to accelerate sales.

Top 10 Sales Acceleration Tools For Sales Teams

Sales acceleration software automates administrative tasks and streamlines sales processes to accelerate the sales cycle. With these tools, sales reps can increase their sales velocity and become more focused. As a general rule, sales enablement software emphasizes the supply of quality materials, quality opportunities, and best practices to salespeople, which is somewhat different from the primary goal of sales enablement platforms.

Some vendors use both terms interchangeably, and many products combine features of both sales enablement and sales acceleration software. Sales acceleration generally aims to increase sales conversations, shorten sales cycles, and/or attract more revenue.

Let’s look at some of these sales acceleration tools.

1. Sloovi Outreach

the sales acceleration formula

Unlike traditional prospecting, Sloovi Outreach helps sales teams close even deals faster. It gives sales and marketing teams a single gateway to accelerate, manage and enhance sales and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Sloovi equips sales professionals with the data needed to harness the power of outbound sales.

Trusted by the go-to-market teams at retail giants such as RedBull, Papa Oscar, The Channel, and many more, Sloovi Outreach is a sure way to accelerate sales and close more deals and increase revenue faster.

2. Groove

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Groove is a sales productivity platform. Revenue leaders can boost revenue-per-sales rep across every division of their sales organization using Groove. Whether sales teams are working from home, from the office, or on the road, Groove makes Salesforce easy to access and update.

With Groove, sales teams are empowered to operate at peak performance with marketing automation, repeatable playbooks, and AI-driven data analysis.

There are more than 70,000 customers using Groove, including Google, Atlassian, Uber, and Capital One. As a result of Groove’s #1 enterprise customer satisfaction ranking on G2 for over three consecutive years, the company has been named one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. since 2020.

3. LeadFuze

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Described as a search engine for leads, LeadFuze helps sales reps find any business professional’s contact information. Through a pool of millions of leads, sales reps can search entire market segments, or for specific individuals or accounts.

LeadFuze gifts you 25 free leads when you sign up. It is used by salespeople, HR managers, and marketers to help build their ideal list of leads and candidates.

At G2, LeadFuze is a consistent quarterly winner in the Lead Intelligence category, with top ratings for ease-of-use (9.0), quality of support (9.3), and ease-of-setup (9.0).

4. Sendoso

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This is the first Sending Platform (SP) of its kind in the world.  Sendoso’s purpose is to solve a problem that has arisen in modern society: digital noise has become spam, but sending physical touch points can be difficult for most companies.

The Sendoso mission is to elevate the quality of relationships across the entire company lifecycle by combining technology with physical experiences.

Sendoso manages time-consuming problems such as finding quality vendors, storing inventory, tracking inventory, and personalizing at scale. Using their fully integrated cloud solution, companies can source, store, ship, track ROI, and even create coupons and rewards for customers, leading to better customer relationship management.

They can also send direct mail, physical gifts, plants, plant pots, perishables, rewards, company swag, handwritten notes, and gift cards. Zuora, RollWorks, and Salesforce are all Sendoso customers.

5. FreshWorks CRM

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There are many offerings from Freshworks, including Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales). In general, it is an excellent CRM platform option for large companies trying to keep a large number of salespeople working efficiently, because of its great features for managing a team of salespeople.

Freshworks CRM can help you if you manage a sales team rather than just a solo salesperson. The software automatically assigns prospects to the right salespeople based on geography, deal size, and product division in your SaaS world.

The basic version doesn’t focus much on team management, but the more advanced versions offer a number of powerful features that can boost a team’s sales. These include workflow automation, lead assignment, advanced reporting, event tracking, sales goals, audit logs, and more.

6. SalesForce

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One of the best in the market. Users of Salesforce can forecast revenues and track leads using the application’s web interface. There is no doubt that it is one of the leading apps for sales, service, and marketing.

The Sales (CRM), Service (Service Management), Platform, and Marketing applications at are designed to improve communication between companies and their customers, partners, and employees on a totally new level.

Using Salesforce increases sales by +29% through better visibility, +34% through increased productivity, and +42% through improved forecast accuracy, according to the vendor.

7. Chili Piper

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The Chili Piper suite of tools is designed to assist revenue teams in converting leads into qualified meetings. After submitting a form, inbound leads can book a meeting or start a phone call using its intelligent Concierge form scheduler. One iof the best scheduler in the market.

Chili Meetings is used by revenue teams at companies like Square, Salesloft, Twilio, Zoominfo, Snowflake, Spotify, and Forrester.

In addition to making it easier to book meetings, Chili Piper’s Meeting Lifecycle Automation suite and tools make it easier for a prospect and customers to book meetings as well.

With Chili Piper, users showing rates will increase while follow-up and manual tasks will be eliminated. Organize meetings with reminders, no-show management, buffers, reserved times, and easy rescheduling, while automating administrative tasks with CRM integration.

8. Salesflare

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Designed specifically for small and medium-sized B2B customers that want to sell more with less effort, Salesflare is marketed as an intelligent CRM for B2B businesses. Using Salesflare, users’ address books are automatically filled out, and all interactions with their contacts are maintained.

The automated customer timelines take information from email, social media, company databases, phones, and calendars and display it in a way that tells users everything they need to know about them. The users just need to write emails, make phone calls, and drink coffee.

9. Reply

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Using Reply, sales teams can automate multichannel touchpoints with leads and customers throughout the sales cycle. Reply saves sales and sales development teams up to 40% of their time by helping them search for emails on LinkedIn and book meetings right on the platform.

With Reply, users can automate bulk email searches, LinkedIn outreach, personal emails, calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages according to their sales playbooks. In addition to offering out-of-the-box email and sequence templates tested to deliver top performance, it streamlines workflow with native CRM integrations, rich API with 40+ methods, and Zapier to sync data and keep CRM records up-to-date.

Reply helps sales reps collaborate in teams within sequences and prospects, manage workload between team members, and perform account-based selling without additional sales training required.

 10. Allbound

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Allbound is a cloud-based channel sales and marketing platform that allows sales organizations to give real-time access to sales enablement, marketing tools, and resources in one mobile-friendly place.

With Allbound’s PRM, businesses can arm their partners, resellers, and distributors with the content, training, and campaigns needed to promote revenue growth.

Forms of Sales Acceleration

Lead Qualification

Even if you have hundreds of prospects interested in your SaaS product, only a small portion will become actual customers, with good lead scoring. 

Lead qualification is a vital part of sales acceleration, as it helps reps focus on the prospects they should be focusing on. 

 b2b marketing and sales acceleration solution

Qualifying leads allows a sales manager to determine which prospects meet the right criteria and who is most likely to become a customer, allowing you to prioritize your efforts. 

Buyer Research

When a rep is knowledgeable, they can move leads through the sales funnel faster, increasing their chances of converting. 

Streamlining the buyer research process involves acquiring knowledge in the following areas:

  • Company background
  • Public financial documents
  • Competitive information
  • Potential pain points
  • Recent news

Then the sales leader can personalize their pitch to ensure they cover the right topics and address a lead’s needs head-on. 


In this case, technology is used to automate simple, redundant tasks, such as:

  • Inputting information into a CRM system
  • Generating product quotes
  • Sharing information between marketing and sales
  • Processing orders

When reps use the right tools, they spend less time on trivial matters and focus more on making sales. 

Real-Time Alerts

Reps will receive notifications whenever a trigger occurs, such as:

  • A lead visits a particular product page
  • Fills out a form
  • Requests a demo
  • Books a meeting


As mentioned earlier, the sales cycle has changed dramatically as customers have adapted to the digital selling motion. Sellers who previously used physical meetings, business travel, and client visits now sit down and stare into their screens and work with digital tools.

Increasing customer retention and engagement in digital-based sales is essential for any company. Sales accelerators are a valuable tool for navigating the increasingly challenging business processes of the market.

Digital marketing is a new normal. According to McKinsey, 75% of shoppers are interested in continuing digital conversations. Hence, having your sales acceleration solutions in place is paramount.

There is no secret sales acceleration formula, all you need is the right sales enablement platform.

Ready to optimize your sales process and skyrocket sales, try Sloovi Outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Acceleration

How do you accelerate sales?

Ensure your sales and marketing teams are synchronized with each other. It will help to speed up the sales process by personalizing sales experiences to meet each contact’s needs and building relationships; this includes the creation and distribution of valuable content.

What is acceleration marketing technology for a sales team?

By combining agility, automation, and insights, marketing acceleration platforms make it possible for businesses to deliver highly-targeted interactions across the entire customer journey efficiently and flexibly with little or no extra sales training required for the sales teams.

Sales acceleration technology provides teams and companies with highly customized interactions throughout their customer journeys to close more deals and boost revenue.

What is a sales acceleration platform?

Sales Acceleration tools help companies by improving productivity, sales success, and optimizing their sales operations throughout the sales funnel.

Effective sales acceleration software helps sales managers improve their conversions and optimize their revenue growth by generating timely data and analytics. Also, check out some sales-related guides, sales productivity, sales funnel templates, sales analysis report and B2B sales processes.