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Sales Cover Letter: The Guide With Tips, Examples and Templates

A sales cover letter is an opportunity for self-promotion. Cover letters create chances for you to make your job application unique and highlight why you’re the ideal candidate for the sales job you seek.

Additionally, a cover letter gives you a chance to demonstrate that you possess the sales skills required to be successful in a position. According to research, 77 percent of recruiters favor candidates that include a cover letter, even if they are “optional” in 72 percent of cases. Furthermore, 83 percent of hiring managers and HR specialists believe a cover letter can increase your likelihood of landing an interview.

 cover letter sales position

Additionally, according to Jobvite’s 2021 recruiter poll, a cover letter is vital to recruiters in evaluating candidates, with 26% of respondents saying this (up from just 8 percent in 2017).

A cover letter and a strong resume can help you get an interview regardless of whether you are looking for work in business development, customer success, or sales.

This post will discuss the importance of a sales position cover letter, the qualities that hiring managers look for in a candidate, and some cover letter tips to help your application stand out. We’ll also provide cover letter examples that sales reps can use to create their own.

Why do sales cover letters matter?

Similarly, you must pitch yourself as the solution to their hiring needs in a formal cover letter. Consider a cover letter as your sales pitch to a potential client in which you position yourself as the answer to their problem (i.e., a sales rep who will assist them in achieving their objectives, such as increasing deal closings, revenue, expanding into new areas, etc.).

A great cover letter goes beyond highlighting your aptitude for sales skills and proven track record. There is a lot of competition in the job market, and many candidates have similar qualifications and sales experience. Therefore, when applying for sales positions, when there are many applicants, your cover letter can help you stand out from the crowd and support your sales resume.

 sales position cover letter

Use the cover letter to market yourself by outlining exactly why and how your prior sales experience will help you generate results while showcasing your skills.

Use this cover letter opportunity to demonstrate your interest in the organization you are applying to and the sales position. Do extensive study and connect your individual experiences to the company’s guiding principles.

Mention their platform, for instance, if you’re applying for a position at an email marketing SaaS company and have done so in the past. Share your enthusiasm for the products and their capabilities while describing a time when their software was helpful to you in a work or other effort.

This kind of small personalization adds a lot of value. Personalization is essential in sales because it makes buying and selling more human. It produces the same results when used in a cover letter for a sales position. It allows you to go beyond just writing your name on a piece of paper and aids in bringing your application to life.

Additionally, it demonstrates that you have researched their items thoroughly and devised a strategy to incorporate them into your particular story and backdrop. Finally, this demonstrates that, if employed, you can repeat this process with your leads, prospects, and clients. Check out some sales-related guides, sales prospecting, sales funnel templates and sales productivity.

What Does a Sales Manager Look for in an Ideal Sales Candidate?


An elite sales representative accepts responsibility and accountability for their work. They set high standards for themselves and don’t place blame on others for their failings.

 cover letter for a sales position


They swiftly and readily pick up procedures and techniques to execute at a high level. Sales associates must be skilled at comprehending and exhibiting this knowledge daily because they must continuously learn about new goods, features, tools, trends, and strategies.

 cover letter for sales position

Goal Orientation

A successful sales rep consistently establishes goals and surpasses them. They go above and above what is required and are willing to learn to advance their performance and skill set.

 sales cover letter examples

Conformance or adaptability of the sales process

They follow the sales procedure established by their organization and supervisors. They simultaneously creatively modify their strategy in response to any adjustments or setbacks they experience (both environmental and customer-based). They continuously follow up, prospect, and close business.

Tip: See the photo below for the sales process used mainly by organizations today.

 cover letter for sales representative

Management of Time

The most effective sales associate has excellent time management skills. The salesperson can classify prospects and seize possibilities with a high return on investment for the company. The prospect and upskill when they aren’t selling.

cover letter sales representative

Product Understanding

Superstar sales professionals are knowledgeable about the goods they are promoting. As a result, they can communicate with their leads and prospects more effectively and with a great deal of confidence. They go beyond only comprehending a product; they specialize in the solutions they are marketing.

 sales representative cover letter

Customer Interaction

To resolve issues, they take the time to comprehend their customers’ demands and pain spots. They are engaged in improving their prospects‘ lives rather than just trying to sell them something. By developing their listening and communication skills, they can ask probing questions that will let the potential customer decide for themselves why they require their items.

 sales job cover letter

High Levels of Drive, Willpower, or Grit

Every day, a salesperson must be motivated and prepared to turn prospects into customers. However, they must also persevere in the face of rejection. Rejection is a part of the game; therefore, seasoned reps accept it and persevere despite it.

A Sales Cover Letter Examples

The way we write a formal letter is entirely different from letters we write to friends and family wishing them a great holiday.

A cover letter speaks length to the eyes of employers.

Take a peek at Jimmy’s first before listing the guidelines.

The oldest Daniels sibling, Jimmy, is a 6-foot-1 expectant father.

However, more must be said to grab the sales director’s attention in the lead-up. Melvin must emphasize his extensive sales knowledge, expertise, and qualifications. Everything is ideal because Jimmy is climbing the corporate ladder and applying for the opening of sales management trainee.

Look at how he presents himself in this example of a sales manager cover letter:

Sales Cover Letter Example 1: Mid-Level Sales Candidate

Jimmy Daniels

Professional Salesperson with Certification (CPSP)


7 July 2022

Maxine Parker

Hiring Manager

Fruitty Flavors Drink Limited

Strings Avenue, 227

26101 Ocean City, Maryland

Dear Maxine,

I now work as an inside sales representative for food products, and I am looking for a managerial position; therefore, I was delighted to read that Fruitty Flavors Drink Limited was hiring a trainee sales manager. I am confident that I would make a strong candidate for sales management given my Bachelor of Science in Marketing, more than three years of experience as a salesperson, and proficiency in high-volume purchasing.

You indicate in the job description that you’re searching for seasoned sales reps with excellent leadership and communication abilities who are willing to train for a position in sales management. I was a more senior salesperson at Supreme Scoop Food Services, having been a part of the team for three years and joining right at the start of the business. I had my sales manager tasks and responsibilities in my final year there, including hiring new hires, training and onboarding them, and approving significant invoices, even though I didn’t have the title. I brought in 27 new business clients at SSFS, generated over $3.2 million in revenue, and assisted in training over 30 new sales representatives. I am confident that I could work at Fruitty Flavors Drink Limited with the same high standards.

Not only do I think I’d be an excellent sales manager, but I also really love your brand. I’ve been a significant admirer of Fruitty Flavors ever since I learned about them, from the products you produce to how healthy they are to drink. Being a member of your sales team would be an honor, and I would be happy to represent the Fruitty Flavors brand.

Could we arrange a phone call or in-person meeting so I can explain to you how I can assist Fruitty Flavors to achieve the exact sales figures?


Jimmy Daniels


 sales associate cover letter

Not bad, you’d say?

But what if you’re applying for a sales associate role without any previous experience?

It’s equally simple.

Jimmy’s younger brother is Timmy.

Timmy, a few years Jimmy’s junior, just got her college degree. He wants to be a junior sales representative in his first grown-up job.

Despite never having held a sales position previously, he demonstrates in his cover letter that he is still a strong candidate.

Here is his sample cover letter for a sales representative:

Sales Cover Letter Example 2: Entry-Level Sales Candidate

Timmy Daniels


7 July 2022

Maxine Parker

Hiring Manager

Fruitty Flavors Drink Limited

Strings Avenue, 227

26101 Ocean City, Maryland

Dear Maxine,

I’m thrilled to apply for the junior sales representative position at Fruitty Flavors Drink Limited as a recent college graduate with strong communication abilities, excellent time management, and steadfast resiliency. I think I have what it takes to be a fantastic fit for the position when I combine those abilities with my propensity for healthy competition and friendly rivalry.

Per the job description, you’re looking for candidates who can clearly communicate, produce profitable sales leads, and maintain long-term business connections. I studied leadership, marketing strategies, and business and customer interactions while majoring in business management in college. Additionally, I worked as a barista for a non-chain café. At the same time, I was a college student, where I played a crucial role in developing many of their marketing initiatives on social media and sales campaigns (like discounts). I am confident that I would work as a junior sales associate at Fruitty Flavors with the same zeal and tenacity.

If you could give me some time to discuss your forthcoming sales campaigns, challenges, and goals, I can show you how I can help with them in the next quarter.


Timmy Daniels


cover letter for sales job

There you have it! 

You’ve just seen two sales cover letter samples sure to seal the deal.

The second cover letter example differs from the first, but both will get the hiring manager’s attention.

How to Write a Sales Cover Letter

However, while putting together a great sales cover letter might be a chore, it doesn’t always have to be complicated. Stringing together cover letters is frequently one of the more unpleasant, monotonous jobs job seekers have to put up with. To make your cover letters as captivating as possible, there are some essential guidelines, techniques, and organizational structures you can incorporate.

Tip: What about your sales resume? You can’t sell yourself compellingly without using the right resume format for sales jobs.

Here are guidelines for writing a cover letter for sales positions:

On a Sales Cover Letter, Adhere to Formal Formatting Rules

When receiving sales cover letters, sales directors and HR personnel have a high turnover rate; many arrive daily, but only a tiny number are retained for an interview.

How can your cover letter for a sales position stand out from the rest?

Effectively format your sales cover letter to prevent it from being rejected right away.

The following is an example of a sales cover letter template:

  • From the information at the top to your complimentary closing, align everything in a cover letter to the left.
  • Your warehouse or food sales cover letter should have single-line spacing throughout the body text and a 1-inch border around the outside.
  • Choose a readable cover letter font that complements your sales associate resume as much as possible.
  • Keep your sales rep cover letter to one page; anything above that should be condensed.

Expert Suggestion: A study published in the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing found a significant relationship between sales effectiveness and presentation abilities. If you craft your sales cover letter correctly, which is a presentation in and of itself, you’ll demonstrate that you’re a strong candidate for the job.

Make a cover letter header with contact information that is professional

An interview is an action at the bottom of a cover letter sales funnel.

But, as with a sales funnel, you must begin at the top.

Your sales cover letter header is located here.

It’s straightforward.

The greatest sales cover letter will be formatted like a business letter since it is an official letter. The recipient’s name, title, and firm information should come after your contact information and before the date of the letter.

Here is a straightforward model to use:

Sales cover letter example

[Your Name]

[Your Professional Title] (Optional)

[Your Phone Number]

[Email Address]

[LinkedIn Profile]

[Long Date]

[Hiring Manager’s Name]

[Hiring Manager’s Professional Title]

[Company Name]

[Company Street Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Make sure your cover letter header corresponds to the header on your sales representative resume to give the employer the most effective job application possible.

Identify Yourself and the Sales Job You Are Applying For

Cold calling is one of the most challenging and most despised tasks of any inside sales job.

However, a cover letter introduction must pique the hiring manager’s attention enough to encourage them to read further, unlike cold calling, where you can gradually build and cultivate a working connection.

You desire that they review your resume and contact you for an interview.

Use the name of the hiring manager to start for maximum effect. On the company website, LinkedIn, or by calling the receptionist, you can find their name.

Next, introduce yourself and the exact sales position you’re going for in the first paragraph of your sales introduction letter. Then, continue by outlining your history in business, marketing experience, and sales talents.

Here’s an illustration:

Sample Sales Cover Letter: Opening Line

Dear [Hiring Manager]:

I was overjoyed when I chanced on the vacancy for a [Specific Sales Job title] at [Company Name]. I am confident that I would be the best choice for your sales and marketing initiatives because I have [###] years of sales experience and a solid background in [Sales Skills, such as Lead Qualification, Prospecting, Relationship Building, Customer Needs Analysis, etc.].

Remember: Double your impact with a related resume format and cover letter combo. Avoid errors!

Expert Suggestion: Don’t be scared to loosen up the professional tone when writing a sales cover letter. Being creative here could demonstrate to employers that you’ll be a badass hire. This is according to research published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Promote Your Relevant Sales & Marketing Skills

If you’ve ever handled sales, you are aware of the importance of a strong positioning statement to meet the client’s requirements, worries, and pain points.

Apply the same structure to this second paragraph.

Go to the prerequisites part of the sales job description first. Next, find the company’s pain points using those. Then, explain how your qualifications make you the best candidate to guide them toward future success.

Here’s how:

 Example of Sales Associate Cover Letter: Middle Paragraph

You indicated that you are looking for a [Sales Job Position] with experience in [List a Specific Job Requirement or Two] in the job posting I discovered on [Job listing or Website]. I played a crucial role in [List Specific Duties and Responsibilities, Using Numbers to Quantify Whenever Possible] in my current position at [Name of Company]. I believe the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired will enable me to produce comparable outcomes at [Name of Company].

Promote your closed-won-to-closed-lost ratio, NPS, lifetime value of the clients you handled, and conversion rate KPIs. The hiring personnel will have an easier time visualizing you in the position the more descriptive you are.

Expert Suggestion: Moving from a sales associate to a sales manager may be more complex than a straightforward promotion. According to an American Psychological Association survey, different kinds of skills are valued by employers. So don’t mention all of the same skills and qualifications on a resume for a sales supervisor as you would on one for a sales rep if you’re trying to move up the ladder. Also, check out B2B sales, SaaS sales and tech sales.

Why Do You Want to Sell on Their Behalf? You Need to Explain

Whether you’re writing a cover letter for food or wholesale sales, now is the time to compliment them.

Explain in the third paragraph why this company in particular interests you rather than just job search for sales jobs.

Of course, they are interested in your qualifications and expertise as a salesperson. However, they also want to be sure that you are a good fit for their sales team and business (e.g., company culture).

What this means is:

Sales Cover Letter Sample – Motivation Statement for Sales Jobs Cover Letter

Due to [Something That Impresses You, such as Contributions, Company Values, Products or Services, etc.], I have greatly loved [Company Name]. I can see how these ideals match with and reflect my convictions. Therefore, to be hired by [Company Name] would be a great honor.

Finish Your Value Proposition with a Strong CTA

You are currently at the bottom line of the cover letter sales funnel.

Before sending it off, there is one more thing to fix — the letter’s conclusion.

Request a call or a meeting at this point. Insist on your value proposition.

For your reference, below is an example of a sales cover letter closing:

Sales Cover Letter Sample for Sales Positions: Call to Action and Formal Closing

Could I schedule a quick conversation or meeting with you so we can discuss how I might be able to aid [Company Name] in achieving its upcoming sales goals, targets, and objectives?


[Digital Signature Version]

[Complete name]

[Tel. Number]

[Contact Details]

Sales Cover Letter Template

[Your Name]

[Your Professional Title] (Optional)

[Your Phone Number]

[Email Address]

[LinkedIn Profile]

[Long Date]

[Hiring Manager’s Name]

[Hiring Manager’s Professional Title]

[Company Name]

[Company Street Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Hiring Manager]:

I was drawn to the [open position] at [business name] because I’m passionate about [supporting X type of customer, achieving Y goal, and working in Z industry]. I became more and more enthusiastic as I learned more about [company’s] mission to [insert mission here, e.g., “enhance the remote working experience,” “make personal finance easy.”] My experience in [field], knowledge of [related topic], and [relevant skills #1 and #2] would be a benefit to the [department, i.e., “Customer Development”] team.

I’m accountable for [performing X and Y] in my capacity as [title] at [current employer or skill]. In fact, [insert evidence of your skill, e.g., “my manager recently remarked I was one of the most resourceful employees he’s ever had” or “I’m recognized for my ability to stay calm and take the initiative during high-pressure circumstances”] situations, this has helped me improve [ability]. As your [job title], I’d use [X talent] to [accomplish main purpose].

Due to my [prior work or extracurricular experience], I am also [talented in X] and [possess Y and Z favorable traits]. I honed my [skill/traits] [in that position, on that team]. This was crucial to [achieving particular goals/exceeding expectations]. So I think I’m a good match for the [X skill/character characteristics] you’re looking for.

Over the past [number of years], [company] has [accomplished X goal, such as “become a leader in the CRM space” or “used creative marketing and social media campaigns to become a household name in Colorado.”] It looks like you have ambitious goals for the future — I hope I get the opportunity to contribute.


[Digital Signature Version]

[Complete name]

[Tel. Number]

[Contact Details]

cover letter sales job

This perfect cover letter template can be used as a sales cover letter.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the sales job, writing cover letters similar to those above will help you stand out from the competition. A strong sales cover letter provides an opportunity to get in touch with the manager hiring at the organization you’re applying to. In addition, it’s an opportunity to distinguish from the competition, display your skills, and practice your selling.

Make use of it as a platform for self-promotion. Format it in a way that makes it simple for the reader to identify your accomplishments and impresses them by connecting past successes with desirable attributes in a candidate.

Make it your own by learning about the business and expressing enthusiasm for the desired position. Avoid making generalizations and focus on specifics. Read the job description in its entirety, make frequent use of its themes, and be sure to specifically address why and how you are the best person for the position.

While not all hiring managers read cover letters, you should always give them your best effort. You never know when it will be the pivotal moment that gets you the interview and job you want.

There are online platforms that help create a perfect resume template. Resume examples can also be obtained via surfing the web.

Various sales cover letter examples can be searched online for guidance in drafting your own.

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