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Top 11 Sales Dialer Software to Make Business Calls in 2024

Sales dialer software is more important than ever to connect businesses with their customers as work-from-home models and e-commerce methods grow.

Businesses use cloud-based phone system software because it offers savings of 27% and a reduction in downtime of 35% when combined with automatic sales dialer software techniques.

Dialing by hand causes significant time and productivity in modern businesses for firms when there are hundreds of phone numbers for clients. Because of this, businesses that wish to strengthen the lead generation efforts of their inside sales teams, increase efficiency, and improve performance must invest in sales dialer software.

See below for a list of the most sales dialers. You might discover a solution to increase productivity in your company.

what is sales dialer software

What is sales dialer software?

The process of dialing phone numbers for leads, customers, and other crucial contacts in the business’ CRM is automated using sales dialer software.

The software automates and enhances the lead-generating process by dialing numbers and text messaging for your sales team.

Sales personnel can improve their outcomes by using sales dialers to create more productive and successful phone conversations. In terms of the functionality they provide, the right tool offers many key features such as call recording, real-time coaching, automatic call logging, predictive algorithms, call lists, and predictive dialers.

Key Features of Sales Dialers

Predictive Dialing

predictive dialing

Salespeople can make more calls and close more transactions because to predictive dialers’ increased speed and efficiency. To increase productivity simultaneously, this software contacts large phone number lists automatically.

Power Dialing

power dialing

Phone button pressing takes a long time, which increases the chance of error. You can place consecutive, automatic calls with a power dialer. This function can prevent manual activities from diverting sales teams from their repetitive tasks and assist them to concentrate.

VoIP system calling

voip system calling

Salespeople can make calls online thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. There are many suppliers, and their services are frequently affordable and don’t need a phone connection or carrier.

Why do you need a sales dialer?

Sales reps save time by using sales dialers, which reliably and quickly dial numbers and frequently have additional features that increase productivity, such as call queues that prioritize talks with the most valuable prospects first.

Sales dialers improve productivity and provide value in other ways as well. For example, you may combine your tool with your CRM integration to keep all contacts, records, and data in one place.

Advantages of sales dialers

Companies and call centers alike strive to boost their productivity per employee on staff.

Therefore, they keep track of the amount of time an agent spends speaking with a potential consumer.

Therefore, the agents are instructed to call numerous prospects after receiving a database.

Due to numerous missed calls, fax machine responses, busy signals, etc., it is seen that the effective time spent speaking with clients is relatively low. As a result, the agents speak less than they really call. To boost their efficiency, which is sometimes measured in Talk Time per Hour, many outbound contact centers use dialers that automatically dial the phone numbers on the agents’ behalf (TTH).

advantages of sales dialers

But when it comes to sales, the idea and requirement for a sales dialer remain the same. The company here, however, installs various tools to facilitate the process, which is the sole distinction.

Brands that wish to differentiate themselves in the current competitive marketplace should place a high priority on offering great customer care services. Sales calls are the method of choice for modern companies looking to boost profits. Sales calls should increase the lifetime value of your clients. When you consistently make sales calls to potential new clients, you will see a rise in revenue and success in customer retention.

The idea and requirement for a sales dialer, however, are still there in the sales side. But here, the corporation installs different software to facilitate the process, which is the only distinction.

For businesses that wish to stand out in today’s cutthroat industry, offering top-notch customer care services should be a top concern. Outbound calls are a popular choice among contemporary businesses to boost profits. Outbound calls should be made with wit with the goal of increasing client lifetime value. Making calls to potential clients on a regular basis will help you maintain your current clientele and grow your revenue.

key features of sales dialers

However, the idea behind and the requirement for a sales dialer remain the same in the sales context. However, the only distinction is that in this case, the business installs various software to facilitate the procedure.

Top 11 Auto Dialer Software

Here are some of the top sales dialer programs you may utilize to increase your lead generation.

1. HubSpot

hubspot sales dialer

With the help of HubSpot’s Call Tracker, you can schedule a whole day’s worth of calls and decide which leads to call first based on the contact information in your CRM. Not to add, HubSpot offers a free trial period.

Without a phone, you can make and record calls directly from your browser. You may initiate a VoIP or desk phone conversation with a prospect in just one click, and when you call prospects, your phone number will show up as the caller ID in both cases.

To save time and continuously update and maintain contact details, record each call in your CRM integration.

2. PhoneBurner

phone burner sales dialer

For power dialers, there is the all-cute sales engagement platform PhoneBurner. The software emphasizes usability and can help a sales rep dial leads 4 times faster.

Numbers from the local area code boost response rates. Additionally, the application aids sales managers in automatically and wisely allocating leads across their teams.

To make sure that the proper leads are provided to the right agents, a number of rules can be changed.

The workflow automation of this software is a wonderful touch and provides reporting possibilities. PhoneBurner assists salespeople with time-consuming duties (e.g., leaving voicemails and sending and tracking emails).

3. SalesDialers


For sales managers who desire the best outcomes, SalesDialers offers a variety of online dialers, tools, and data sources.

The cloud-based application claims a simple connection with numerous well-liked CRMs. When looking for a trustworthy and successful sales dialer, this function is crucial. Salespeople can increase their productivity by using four lines at once with the use of this tool.

This application provides a variety of cutting-edge capabilities that aid salespeople in making calls and closing deals. Verifying telephone data is one of these advantages, along with improved reporting and flexible options that are within your department’s budget.

4. CrazyCall

crazycall sales dialer

CrazyCall is a sales dialer software that improves your prospects’ chances of conversion. This phone system also makes it easier for inbound calls, which helps you take good care of and serve your prospects.

Here, a straightforward click-to-call widget is a useful addition. With just one click, it enables sales personnel to dial numbers exactly as they are shown on a website.

Work on intelligent call scripts and call recording are additional options. Teams that wish to evaluate their performance and see how their calls can be made better should definitely consider this alternative.

Here, monitoring is also included, promoting cooperation and group efforts.

5. sales dialer

With the dialer tool, organizations may increase caller productivity and learn more about the activity of their sales teams.

The phone system in question is connected with Salesforce. A variety of premium features aid sales teams in boosting productivity and revenue growth. A native click-to-call button and the option to leave prerecorded voicemails from the neighborhood area code are among the features.

The platform also supports reporting, making it simple for teams to keep tabs on important sales indicators and record call information. Additionally, the phone calls are automatically recorded, giving a full discussion history.

6. Sales Sling

sales sling sales dialer

Sales Sling is one of the best sales dialer tools that offers lead management software and cloud-based auto-dialers to assist sales teams in closing more deals. The key sales platform for entire businesses is what this technology intends to become.

This tool is valued by sales reps for a number of reasons. To ensure that sales actions are based on quantifiable facts, the application first provides daily metrics. Reps may easily make and receive inbound and outgoing calls thanks to a web phone.

While evaluating each agent’s ability to handle inbound traffic, this tool also rates the agents. The team is motivated to achieve new levels of productivity and achievement by this feature, which promotes responsibility and transparency.

7. CallHub

callhub sales dialer

Used in more than 200 nations, CallHub is a multi-award-winning voice broadcasting, phone banking, and SMS broadcasting software.

The tool’s seamless integration with a variety of CRMs enables organizations to amplify their sales efforts without creating distracting complications. This tool is employed in a variety of projects, such as political campaigns and fundraising.

This solution constantly evolves and adds new features, enabling enterprise-level firms to take advantage of cutting-edge technological advancements and sales strategies. It costs nothing to sign up for the tool and try it out.

8. ChaseData

chasedata sales dialer

For both inbound and outgoing contact centers, ChaseData is a cost-effective, potent, and simple-to-use piece of software. All throughout the world, telemarketing and remote sales teams use it to enhance business results.

ChaseData is aware that a business’ call centers are a crucial component of the customer experience. These experiences are made more rapid, effective, and tailored with the aid of this software.

The sales and marketing departments may make data-supported decisions that improve business outcomes thanks to sophisticated reporting. The same emphasis placed on reporting can increase agents’ productivity and increase sales.

9. Voicent

voicent sales dialer

Voicent is a collection of communication tools that include auto-dialer software, inbound call center software, etc.

This platform, which has been active for more than 10 years, caters to a wide variety of international users. It’s a widely used all-in-one communication tool that keeps businesses executing complicated operations on schedule.

A predictive dialer, a power dialer, and a variety of marketing automation solutions are among the many tools that are available. Additionally, it improves management and tracks missed calls with its whisper coaching.

10. Nextiva

nextiva sales dialer

One of the best sales dialer tools, Nextiva is a cloud-based business phone system with a ton of useful features, such as voicemail to email delivery, professional auto attendants, click-to-dial, inbound call center portals, and more.

Contrary to the majority of auto dialer software and sales tools, Nextiva leverages Go Integrator to seamlessly sync with the majority of popular CRM and helpdesk software, including Hubspot, SalesForce, Oracle, and others.

Your salespeople will have a quicker overview of each contact they are calling or receiving an incoming call from by integrating the one-click Nextiva calling capability into your CRM. Your reps may easily start a call by clicking the phone icon next to each contact when you generate and share segmented contact lists in your CRM.

One-click dialing from Nextiva’s predictive dialer streamlines your processes and boosts team productivity. The whole VoIP solution from Nextiva includes each of these capabilities.

11. DialPad

dialpad sales dialer

DialPad is a cloud-based, AI-powered communication platform designed for teamwork and networking. DialPad Sell, a sales dialer, automates data entry for representatives so they may spend more time speaking with prospects.

There are additional ways that DialPad fosters employee learning as well. For instance, managers can use playlists to share sales calls “best hits” in order to inform employees about the strategies that are most effective with their target market. The analytics and reporting for post-sales calls also provide useful information.


A sales rep can spend more time speaking and developing relationships with prospects by using sales dialer software to save them time on manual, labor-intensive chores.

When deciding which choice is best for your support teams, consider which key features you require in a sales dialer.