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Scaling Your Cold Outreach With a Killer Sales Email Pitch + Templates

You only have one opportunity to make an excellent first impression on a prospect. Additionally, if you decide to use email marketing, you must create persuasive sales pitch emails that are sure to be well-received.

Every day, around 2.7 billion sales emails are sent to 3.7 billion email subscribers.

Amazing, huh?

Now imagine how many good email sales pitches there are that go unread!

Unless there is a particularly exciting subject line or an email topic that will assist you in solving your difficulties, we only skim through the emails when we open the inbox. Anything unimportant will be skipped over.

Similar to this, you must consider your customer while you are writing sales pitch emails. The success of a salesperson’s campaign is entirely dependent on how well he communicates with prospects via email and whether or not they reply.

 sales pitch email examples

Sales professionals need a sales pitch email that will receive much attention in the end. Let’s look at the reasons why your sales pitch email isn’t working before we continue.

  • Your primary attention is on your product or service rather than what your soon-to-be new customers need.
  • The recipient immediately rejected your sales pitch email sales pitch since it was irrelevant to them.
  • The sales pitch email is uninteresting, excessively long, or ambiguous.
  • The sales pitch email was not sent at the appropriate time, which the recipient frequently overlooks.

You must adopt a novel strategy while crafting a sales pitch email to overcome these obstacles.

You must choose the appropriate sales email pitch template.

We’re here to support you in doing that.

What is a sales pitch email?

A sales pitch email is a succinct explanation of the key features of your solution, service, or product that is addressed to a specific client. A successful sales pitch provides the reader with all the information they need to make a purchase or convince themselves to schedule a meeting. It is succinct, sweet, professional, and personalized.

One common definition of a sales pitch is “your elevator pitch by email,” which gets the idea of how it works but misses the real meaning of a sales pitch.

The finest sales emails address a customer’s problem; a successful elevator pitch summarizes your value proposition.

You must create an elevator pitch or sales pitch slides; that is not the topic of this guide.

However, we will assist you in structuring your sales pitch into a convincing email in the next sections of this blog post.

 sales pitch email

How to write a good sales pitch email that drives sales

You must write a sales pitch email that will be persuasive to draw customers with a sales presentation. Once you’ve won them over with your email sales pitch, closing the deal will be simple.

Do some research before your sales pitch email

Sales proposals frequently fail because they are irrelevant to the company/recipient. Therefore, it’s imperative to conduct in-depth research on your prospect; learn about their company, sales patterns, pain points, and full background to acquire a sense of your client before sending them the initial email.

Your potential customer will therefore understand that you are interested in them and that you have taken the time to find out about their preferences and needs when they open the email.

Because your prospect wants to know what’s in it for them, use your prospects’ pain points and highlight the remedies in your sales pitch email.

These will increase your chances of receiving a response.

Use an eye-catching subject line

 email sales pitch examples

In the end, the subject line is everything. Therefore, it must be extremely clear and impressive for your client. Maintain a casual conversational tone because you don’t want to sound too salesy.

To determine which subject line has a higher open and click rate, sales reps can also conduct A/B tests.

If you don’t want your email to end up in the spam folder, make sure your subject line doesn’t contain any spam words.

7 examples of effective email subjects to increase open rates

1. Email subject lines that are personalized

 email sales pitch

Personalization is crucial in sales pitch emails and begins with the email subject.

We already know how vital it is to personalize the email’s body or opening line, but doing so in the subject line is just as crucial.

People automatically assume that the email is for them and that it might be important when they read their name in the subject line.

A 41% unique click-through rate and a 29% higher open rate are both achieved when the prospect’s name, title, company name, or any other personal information is mentioned in the sales pitch email subject line.


  • “Hey {first name}, personal note to you!”
  • “{first name}, would you be interested in {the product/service}.”
  • “Personal note to {company name} from a fan.”

2. Email subject line with a connection

 email template for sales pitch reports that referred prospects have a staggering 50% close rate.

That’s mostly because the referral source has the prospects’ trust.

Because of this common connection, your relationship with the recipient is much warmer than it would have been otherwise.

Finding this information all the time is difficult.

However, you have access to their social media pages.

See if they have recently participated in an event, written anything on social media, or won any awards. If so, mention it in the sales pitch email subject line.

  • “Mutual connection with {referral name}”
  • “We met at {event name}.”
  • “Your Linkedin posts on {post’s topic} is really inspirational.”

3. Email subject lines that are relevant

 sales pitch email template

The receiver will not open your email if the subject line contains information regarding the e-commerce sector while they work in the SaaS industry.

You must be specific about them in the subject line.

Never, ever sell or scam someone with your email subject line.

Your prospects will be annoyed and irritated by a catchy term that elicits an open but doesn’t provide what the title implies, and they’ll probably add you to their spam list as a result.

Ensure your subject line is intriguing and pertinent to the email’s body material.


  • “Is your team ready to handle the holiday season?”
  • “{first name}, an insight into E/M-commerce in the UK.”
  • “{first name}, here’s a free resource in {industry}.”

4. Email subject line that generates curiosity

 email sales pitch template

Curious people are more likely to open your emails, which is one strategy.

Curious subject lines make the receiver want to open the email to see what’s inside.

Avoid including too much information in the email subject line.

Provocative language should entice recipients to open and read the email.

If you provide your recipients with too much information at this stage, they will have to decide whether or not to open and read your email.


  • “Let’s decide, {first name}”
  • “I wanted to share my ideas with you.”
  • “I’d like to help {company name}.”

5. Email subjects with benefit proposition

 how to write a sales pitch email

Your recipients won’t open and read your email if the subject line is generic and irrelevant to them. Instead, experiment with communications that are tailored to the prospect’s problems, or present a strong advantage. The prospect is more likely to pay attention to problem-solving expressions than generic ones.


  • “How I helped {referral customer} save $20K.”
  • “300% increase in self-service at {referral customer}”
  • “A new marketing strategy for {company name}”

6. Email subject lines that are short and simple

 how to write an email sales pitch

Today, more and more people read their emails on their mobile devices. Therefore, your recipients must stop reading your email if the subject is too long, dull, or poorly written.

People see emails as text messages and typically respond quickly because most email programs truncate email subjects after a certain number of characters (smartphones only take 35 characters).

In fact, shorter subject lines that border on amateurish perform better than sophisticated marketing materials.


  • “Hello, {first name}!”
  • “Quick question, {first name}”
  • “Are you free to talk, {first name}”

7. Email subjects with meeting request

 sample email sales pitch

Why not just mention it in the subject?

The purpose of a cold email is to request a meeting with the receiver eventually. Naturally, your follow-up email subjects benefit from using this.


  • “March 23 Meeting At 2:00”
  • “I’d like to earn a few minutes of your time, {first name}.”
  • “{first name}, quick meeting at 10 am on Monday?”

No Self-Introduction

A common opening for cold emails is “Hello, my name is Henry Ohaegbulam from Sloovi.” Which is really unimportant.

And while it is customary politeness to introduce yourself in other conversations, doing so in an email sales presentation may actually work against you.


It can make your sales pitch appear generic and dull at best, and spammy at worst since you wind yourself talking exclusively about your business, product, or service.

So how do you begin your sales pitch in a cold email?

A sales presentation’s goal is to grab potential customers‘ attention and solve their problems in a way that makes them curious about your good or service.

There you have it, then.

Begin with the pain point

The specific pain point in your niche will differ, of course, but the fundamental formula you use for the first section consists of three components:

  • Even if they are not yet aware of it, start with the precise issue.
  • Adapt your pitch to their particular situation.
  • Describe the negative effects of not addressing that specific issue and the advantages you provide.
 sales pitch email sample

Provide social proof

Salespeople have traditionally utilized social proof to persuade prospective customers to purchase their products.

Social proof is the notion that consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they know that others have already done so.

This is because consumers prefer to purchase goods that have already undergone consumer scrutiny.

In your sales pitches, you can use social proof in various ways. One of the most typical is to remark how well-liked your product is merely. You can support your claim by using sales data or customer testimonials.

Don’t forget your Call-To-Action

A call to action (CTA) is a statement that asks your audience to do something. An example of a CTA would be “Join our newsletter” or “Buy our new product.”

A CTA is used to direct prospects to the following stage of the sales process. For instance, you want your audience to purchase your product if you’re selling it.

If you’re advertising a new service, you want people to subscribe.

 sample sales pitch emai

A CTA needs to be concise and unambiguous. Your audience should have no trouble comprehending what you want them to accomplish.

Here’s what to note;

  • Make your CTA a call to action, literally. Use commanding verbs to instruct your audience. “Sign up today,” “Buy our goods,” or “Try our service,” for instance.”
  • Clearly state what action you want your audience to take. Don’t be overly ambiguous with your CTA. For instance, “Join our newsletter” is preferable to “Join our updates.”
  • Use convincing wording. Write in a way that will persuade your audience to do what you want them to do. For instance, “Save money,” “Get a free trial,” or “Get our best discounts.”
  • Make your CTA clear to see. Put your CTA in a location where your audience may easily see it. It should come right before your signature after a perfect sales pitch.
  • Check and monitor your CTAs.Test various iterations of your CTA to find which performs the best. Analytical tools can be used to track how many individuals are taking the desired action by experimenting with different wording, location, and designs.
  • Monitor your CTAs.Analytical tools can be used to count the number of persons who are completing the desired action. You can then determine what is and is not working.
  • Make it simple for people to act. Make taking the action you want your audience to take as simple as possible. Give them access to an easy-to-find sign-up form, for instance, if you want them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Follow up

The follow-up could be the second most crucial component of your pitch if the CTA is the most significant element.

Did you know that contacting a decision-maker within an hour boosts your chances of having a fruitful conversation with them by almost seven times? This implies that you’ll require a variety of follow-up emails. The three main forms of follow-up are as follows:

Yes respondents

First, you must follow up with folks who respond favorably to your pitch. Your first priority should be this kind of follow-up because these leads are more qualified and interested than non-responders.

No respondents

These contacts are not drawn to your offerings in any way. Your best option is definitely to take them out of your pipeline and concentrate on qualified leads.

5 cold emails templates from Sloovi

Nothing is more boring than receiving a standard cold outreach email and a sales pitch that reads like a novel.

You must present your argument clearly and concisely. Your protective customer is more eager to learn how this email will help them. Therefore, provide your value proposition and demonstrate to them how this offer will benefit their business.

 how to close a sales pitch email

Focus on your prospect, and mention your company’s expansion and client success rate to establish credibility. With the combination of all these elements, a return is guaranteed!

Here are two excellent email templates for sales pitches

Sales pitch email template 1

Hi [First Name],

I joined your company’s Instagram live yesterday, it was a great show, and we learned a lot from the cases mentioned.

Due to those difficulties that all small businesses encounter, I would like to introduce you to our CRM software solutions. With our simple-to-use CRM, we’ve effortlessly assisted more than 1000 clients in growing their businesses.

I’m giving you access to the (business resources and guide) so that you may see what we provide to our users.

I can arrange a meeting if you’d like to discuss it with us on the phone or in a chat. What time and day are you available?


Henry Ohaegbulam

Your signature.

Sales pitch email example 2

Hello [First Name],

For a very long time, I have been reading your posts on LinkedIn, and two days ago, I saw your article about the difficulties that many sales managers are having.

We provide time-tracking software that many sales managers have found to be useful. We can arrange a brief call if you’re available on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

Please let me know when you are available.

Kind regards,

Henry Ohaegbulam

Your signature.

Using placeholders and merging tags from multiple recipients

Placeholders match the columns in a CRM list or spreadsheet.

Your email will be more individualized and less likely to get up in the recipient’s spam box if you use a placeholder for their first name in the salutation.

You can use placeholders to personalize each message based on a recipient’s unique information if you’re running a campaign with a CRM, email automation platform, or mail merge tool (a program that sends multiple emails at once).

CRM/email marketing tools will pull data from the customer’s information saved within the platform, while mail merge software will pull data from a spreadsheet.

Data from the “First Name” spreadsheet column would be used to fill the “First Name” placeholder field in the spreadsheet.

 how to write a sales email pitch

In the image below, “Hi {{First Name}}” would show up in the email as “Hi Smith.”

Here, Case and spacing are important.

You must match the spreadsheet columns’ case and the CRM fields’ spacing for placeholders and merge tags, respectively.

Placeholders like “Location” or “Where we met” are other options you have for warming up your email.

Look at this sample of a template:

Sales pitch email example 3

Hello, {{First Name}}

It’s Henry Ohaegbulam; we spoke about {{the pain point of the prospect}} when we met at {{Where we met}}.

This week, do you have 10 minutes to explain more about {{company name}} requirements?

Kind regards,

Henry Ohaegbulam

Your signature.

Sales pitch email example 4

Hi {{first name}},

Are you purchasing your sales software at the greatest possible price?

We can assure you that you are not if you haven’t updated in a while. The positive news is you can save money, a lot! Here’s how;

(Insert sales pitch here)

Of course, you could continue using your outdated software, but would you enjoy monthly financial loss? I believed not.

Let’s schedule a chat right away to get things going.

Best regards,

Henry Ohaegbulam

Your signature.

 email marketing sales pitch

Best practices for writing sales pitches

Good sales pitch emails are those effective at closing sales and are used to draw target customers and boost revenue. Emails that are effective at closing sales are used to draw clients and boost revenue.

They rapidly connect with the reader by identifying a problem, arousing an interest, or bringing up prior exchanges.

Your strategy will depend on the sales funnel stage, with certain methods being more suitable than others.

The Sloovi team has selected seven sales pitch strategies.

Here is a description of each, along with information on when to utilize it.

  • Reference past conversations: If you have previously spoken with the prospect, go to those talks and concentrate on the issue you both share and how you can resolve it.
  • Your elevator pitch should begin with a question: We all want answers; therefore, starting a sales proposal with a question generates attention. It’s a moderate strategy appropriate for top-of-the-funnel tactics.
  • Keep it brief: Another top-of-the-funnel lead-generation strategy is to develop a brief pitch meant to spark a discussion.
  • Focus on advantages rather than features: Instead of concentrating on the technical details of the procedure, concentrate on the results that clients will appreciate or the experience of working with you. Once more, this is effective at all funnel levels.
  • Integrate data into your pitch: Lead with statistics, and let your statistics tell the story.
  • Tell a story: According to Donald Miller, using a story to promote your brand can have a significant impact. Create a problem, introduce characters, and offer a hero (you) to solve it.
  • Keep it friendly, not formal: Maintain a casual, conversational tone; sales speeches may be lighthearted and enjoyable if you want them to be.


You now have five templates at your disposal to aid in exceeding your sales targets.

Remember that benefits, not features or services, are what customers buy.

And if at all possible, follow up as soon as two days later.

P.S. Don’t allow non-responders to sap your enthusiasm; keep contacting them.

Not every customer converts right away!