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The dark side of Sales Email Signature is Bright

The dark side rises.

The dark mode seems to be the latest trend, and emails and smartphone apps are the latest members of this dark, ominous and popular group.

With introducing multiple dark modes for applications and email service providers, email marketers ought to learn the difference between dark and light optimization. Learning the difference might just be the key to a successful marketing campaign.

This article with take you through darkness and light and the best way email marketers can make use of this additional feature in their sales email signature.

What is the dark mode?

To begin with, are you curious to know what is this dark mode? What is this mode that seems to take the world by storm?

The dark mode is commonly referred to as colour inversion. But that isn’t always the case.

There are several themes out there for various applications and settings that permit colour inversion. Whereas when it comes to dark modes for certain applications and email service providers, it generally applies to the use of dark backgrounds with white text, as opposed to lighter backgrounds with black text.

The theory behind dark mode is to ensure that a user’s eyes are relaxed and not strained while also being able to focus on what they’re doing. We are all dependent on our digital devices. Be it our mobile phones, laptops or television screens.

With COVID-19 engulfing the world, limiting us to our homes, we are increasingly turning to digital devices to stay connected. Research has found that over 80% of American adult’s report using their digital devices for over two hours a day, while another 67% report using two devices simultaneously.

Does that sound like you? Fret not, for that is a large proportion of the adult population today.

Now coming to the crux of our article

How can email marketers brighten sales by going dark with their sales email signature?

With an increasing number of people opting for dark themes for their emails, email marketers need to know how to enhance their emails for both the dark and light sides.

Tips are aplenty when it comes to optimizing regular emails. However, when it comes to dark email marketing, email marketers need to spend time working on how they are going to smoothly transition between dark and light so that their audiences can access these emails without any challenges.

As optimizing emails for dark mode is still fairly recent, it is important to learn how to decode the art of both light and dark.

Here are a few tips to help maintain the brightness in your dark emails:

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1. Use transparent images in the sales email signature

Generally, email service providers that provide dark mode settings automatically adjust the colours in the CSS, but not the colours in the images.

If you use images, it is best to use transparent backgrounds images, so that the image changes as per the background or your theme.

2. Use white stroke around the dark text

When it comes to the fonts in your email content, one trick to use is to apply a white stroke around the darker fonts. Although the white stroke doesn’t show much, especially in lighter settings, in dark mode, it makes the text clear and easier to read.

3. Avoid mixing images and background colours.

Although many graphic designers might mix images and background colours to establish buttons and other design features, it might not be appropriate if you are attempting to incorporate both dark and light themes.

If you’re using background colours, they will possibly change between the dark and light modes while images won’t.

4. Test your sales email signature before you send

And lastly, but most importantly, test your emails for both dark and light mode. Although you may not be able to make your emails look perfect in every setting, you can use tricks to optimize your email signature for both light and dark themes.

By testing your emails beforehand, you will know what works, and what doesn’t.


Although designing for both dark and light optimization is the dream, there is currently no one-stop solution to make the emails function seamlessly for both dark and light themes. However, with time and a lot of testing, confident you will be able to work both dark and light smoothly.