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Top 15 Sales Management Software [2024 Guide]

Every sales manager knows that process is the key to sales success. Your sales reps will find more qualified leads for your sales pipeline, close more deals, generate more revenue, and go above and beyond all expectations if you develop a winning process and perfect its optimization.

We realize that this is easier said than done, so allow us to take a moment to discuss sales management software.

Continue reading to find out what this sales management software does, why it’s useful, what features to look for, and which one is the best sales management software for your sales reps.

Introducing Sales Management: What It Is And Why It Matters

Managing a sales department is the process of sales management.

This entails establishing appropriate goals, selecting, educating, and inspiring sales reps, as well as sales forecasting, data analysis, pipeline management and more to identify successful strategies and eliminate ineffective ones.

It will be challenging to maintain the focus of your sales department, meet and exceed revenue targets, and expand your business without sound sales management systems in place (and the appropriate piece of sales CRM software to make it possible).

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Sales Management Software For Sales Teams

Sales managers can direct their reps, increase productivity, and precisely track and report on sales activity and performance using sales team management software.

Systems for sales management increase field transparency and create significant new coaching opportunities.

Why Do Sales Management Software Matter?

The success of your sales department depends on effective sales management, which means that the best sales management system is necessary.

Five advantages of purchasing this tool are listed below:

1. Improved teamwork and customer interactions

Multiple employees including remote sales teams within your company will be able to access and use your sales data in real-time when it is kept in a central location.

Imagine how much more efficiently your sales reps will be able to keep up with their key performance indicators, monitor the team’s performance and close deals when marketing can add details to prospect profiles based on recent campaigns.

Support will access the same customer’s file in your sales management system months from now to find out about their past purchases and how to best assist them and build better customer relationships.

2. Access to data on the go

Data is your sales department’s oxygen.

Without it, you won’t be able to determine what is and isn’t working, or how to modify your strategies for greater success.

Effective sales team management software guarantees that customer information is always current, enhancing your effectiveness. Consider this: when your sales reps have access to real-time data, they can prioritize their time to focus on the leads that are most likely to become customers.

3. Time saved

Data about customers is simple to organize and keep track of with the best sales management software tools. In this manner, you (or a colleague) can easily access it when you need it.

Additionally, good sales team software frequently visualizes important data points in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

This functionality helps prevent expensive misinterpretations by making it simple to understand key metrics at a glance.

4. Automation

Did you know that less than 36% of sales reps’ time is spent actually selling? The remainder of their working hours are used for administrative work and other non-revenue generating activities.

Fortunately, the best sales management tools can also be useful here.

Your sales representatives can spend less time entering data, sending follow-up emails, and other time-consuming tasks by creating automated workflows. They will have more time to interact with clients, forge bonds with them, and complete transactions as a result.

5. Increased sales

What is the primary justification for purchasing sales management software?

It will, quite simply, assist you in increasing sales.

Utilize one of these sales tools to manage your sales reps, identify and focus on winning tactics, monitor your revenue targets, and otherwise improve your sales process.

Sales will come for sure if your team is well-organized, laser-focused, and supported by data.

Essential Qualities of a Sales Management Software

Sales management software must be pretty great, right? But how do you decide between the various choices you have?

To begin, check that your sales and marketing tools have these sales management software features.

1. Monitor the team’s performance and sales activity

 software for sales management

What do your reps do when they’re out in the field?

Sales leaders must be able to respond to this query in their capacity as sales managers.

Sales tracking software gives insight into the daily tasks that reps—such as calls, emails, and on-site visits—complete as well as their progress toward overall sales goals. Determining whether rep performance can be attributed to a level of effort or insufficient training requires this level of insight.

2. Lead management

 sales performance management software

The most effective sales team software will assist you in organizing prospect data, including names and locations, jobs and titles, and previous interactions with your business.

Additionally, it will enable you to monitor the position of every lead in your pipeline and provide automatic lead assignments.

Your representatives must always have access to these crucial details.

They have access to all of this information and much more, as we’ll see below, with the best sales management software.

3. Analytics dashboard

 sales order management software

Not every form of sales reporting is the same. Different organizations require visibility into various performance- and activity-based metrics.

The most crucial KPIs for various stakeholders in the company should only be included in custom reporting dashboards that managers can create using sales management software.

4. Work automation

 sales lead management software

Not every form of sales reporting is the same. Different organizations require visibility into various performance- and activity-based metrics.

The most crucial KPIs for various stakeholders in the company should only be included in custom reporting dashboards that managers can create using sales management systems.

15 Sales Management Software To Finetune Your Sales Process For Your Sales Team

Sales managers and business owners can monitor, improve, and control their sales teams’ performance with the aid of sales management software.

Using customer relationship management (CRM) or specialized software for gamification, enablement, project management, or analytics, users can streamline their teams’ workflows and close more deals.

We tested dozens of sales management software solutions before choosing the top 20 for small businesses.

1. Sloovi

 sales leads management software

The best way to increase leads, boost sales, astonish customers, and move your business toward rapid expansion is with Sloovi sales management software.

With the help of this sales management software, you can shorten your sales cycle and increase revenue. Automate the task you dread doing the most while monitoring your sales activities at every point of contact.

 sales management software free

With Sloovi, you can also obtain customer feedback using the built-in platform for Sloovi Feedback. Not only that, but as an added bonus, you can also use the free Sloovi email signature generator to strengthen your brand identity.

Pick from hundreds of templates and alter them to suit your requirements.

 free sales management software

2. Zoho CRM Software

 best software for sales management

In the extensive app ecosystem of Zoho, Zoho CRM is a sales management CRM. Since the apps are frequently sold in bundles, it can be challenging to obtain a quote if you’re only interested in the sales CRM platform.

With Zoho CRM, you can automate tasks like turning website visitors into leads or moving prospects from one stage of the pipeline to another. Additionally, it has excellent sales reporting capabilities that let sales managers analyze data for various accounts, locations, and products.

Users of this sales management software can also manage tools like social media and customer service that fall outside the purview of sales management.

3. Freshworks CRM

best sales management software

Contact management, deal management, sales sequences, and a wealth of marketing features are all included in the Freshworks CRM package, formerly known as Freshsales.

Based on unique lead-routing rules, Freshworks CRM helps with an automatic lead assignment to specific reps. In order to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, it can also be used to automate sales sequences, intelligent workflows, and internal notifications.

Whether your sales representatives prefer to call, email, text, or connect on WhatsApp, or Slack with leads is irrelevant. With the help of Freshworks CRM’s multichannel communication features, they can do it.

This sales management software is available to all departments, not just sales. The web forms, email and landing page builder, and segmentation features of Freshworks CRM can be used by marketing teams to participate as well.

4. HubSpot

 sales team management software

In addition to being a contact management software, call recording and tracking, email marketing, document management, and automation features, HubSpot is a full-stack sales and marketing solution. It can be challenging to adopt (and expensive). But once it is learned, the software is effective.

While HubSpot is best for big businesses, its free CRM is still useful for small businesses. Some startups might value this cost-effective choice.

With HubSpot’s automated follow-ups, personalization, and workflows, you can prevent your leads from slipping through the cracks and reclaim time in your day.

Do your prospects seem to be moving along in the pipeline? How is each representative on your team doing? And what sort of revenue do you anticipate this quarter? You can find out by using HubSpot’s sales analytics dashboard.


 inventory and sales management software

In, data is king. To gain deep insights into the performance of your team and make future improvements, use this sales management software.

Gong will automatically record your sellers’ and customers’ interactions and provide you with rich insights that increase retention.

Know why some of your reps perform better than others? Gong will examine the data and identify the distinctive behaviors of your top salespeople. You must be aware of the state of your entire industry in order to succeed in sales. Gong enables you to comprehend what is currently effective.

6. Airtable

 sales pipeline management software

Standard project management features are given a visual flair by Airtable that is more reminiscent of entertaining graphic design apps like Canva. Instead of feeling like a dry, formulaic process when using Airtable, project management becomes a genuinely collaborative and creative experience.

Airtable, in my opinion, is the ideal tool for organizing your sales and marketing projects, customer data, and sales automations.

Who says undertaking a sales project with CRM software can’t be enjoyable?

7. InsightSquared

 sales project management software

InsightSquared, which describes itself as a “end-to-end RevOps platform,” analyzes data from every stage of the sales process with the aim of assisting every team in your company—from marketing and sales to customer success and even staffing—in making better decisions.

The sales management tools from InsightSquared use artificial intelligence to surface information that sales leaders would find useful, such as warning you when customers are going dark or revealing what the best sales reps are doing to stand out from the competition. Additionally, managers can use 120 pre-configured “Actions” created to increase the effectiveness of their sales process or quickly create their own.

8. LevelEleven

 software for inventory management and sales

With the aid of the sales performance management system LevelEleven, managers can help their sales teams and teams that interact with customers by reinforcing key behaviors. LevelEleven, which was initially introduced in 2012 as a sales gamification app, has grown into a full suite of “data-driven coaching” tools intended to inspire, involve, and advance sales reps.

The LevelEleven coaching tools include rep performance snapshots that show you each seller’s daily efforts and outcomes as well as automated coaching workflows to ensure that coaching happens frequently.

Another helpful tool for managers is the executive scorecard from LevelEleven, which shows how various organizational units are performing in relation to their objectives and gives senior leaders a simple way to spot problem areas and take corrective action (as well as the C-suite).

9. Hoopla

 sales and inventory management software

Need a sales management tool to motivate your staff to close more deals? Hoopla might be the answer. Sales managers can use the tool to organize competitions, show leaderboards, and stream results in an effort to inspire their teams.

With Hoopla, you can design competitions that will inspire sales representatives. With the help of challenges, competitions, races, and face-offs, Hoopla will help you incite friendly rivalry amongst your sales reps.

With the help of challenges, competitions, races, and face-offs, Hoopla will help you incite friendly rivalry amongst your sales reps.

Competitive sellers enjoy contrasting their performance with that of their peers and Hoopla’s leaderboards guarantee that they always have access to this information.

Working with Hoopla means can easily stream real-time news, messages, videos, leaderboards, and other content to TVs on your sales floor with Hoopla. All vendors can see them in this way.

10. SalesRabbit

 b2b sales order management software

Another tool geared toward field sales teams is SalesRabbit. SalesRabbit can assist you if you need to generate more leads, redraw territories, or make leaderboards. However, Team Messaging, which will keep your entire department in the loop, is its best feature.

Territory mapping, rep tracking, team messaging, and other features in SalesRabbit make it easier to manage sales.

Leads that are lost are not new. Through lead management and route planning tools, SalesRabbit aims to put an end to them.

Users of SalesRabbit can design unique contracts that can be electronically signed.

12. Spotio

 sales contact management software

You can’t go wrong with SPOTIO when it comes to sales management software for mobile sales teams. Task automation, document management, and sales routing capabilities found in its market-leading platform have been shown to increase field sales revenue by up to 23%.

To easily see and organize current deals and locate new deals more quickly, outside sales teams need to visually organize customer and prospect data on a map. You don’t even need to move a muscle when using SPOTIO to import your current sales data, quickly search Google Maps, and sync back to your CRM.

13. PipeDrive

 sales rep management software

Small teams can maintain focus on the right deals at the right times with the aid of Pipedrive, a sales management tool. Utilize this tool to effectively manage deals, automate tasks, and communicate with leads.

Through its live chat, chatbot, and custom web form features, Pipedrive will not only assist you in managing your leads but also in generating more of them.

The AI Sales Assistant from Pipedrive will provide you with tailored performance advice to improve your outcomes and concise data graphs to keep you on track.

Numerous Integrations re supported. Does your sales team use Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft, Xero, or Asana? With just one click, integrate them all with Pipedrive.

14. Nutshell

 sales management software for small business

The “sneaky powerful” sales and marketing tool Nutshell is simple to use.

Additionally to an email sequencer and free live customer support, it has features for contact management and sales automation.

It’s ideal for small teams with lofty long-term goals. The CRM capabilities of Nutshell are its foundation.

Keep track of all relevant contact information in one place, including call logs and email exchanges.

Time wastage is the enemy of efficient sales teams so Nutshell’s automated sales processes and communication workflows can get ease your sales process and rid of tedious tasks.

Sales managers can use Nutshell’s customizable email templates and automated sending features to stay in touch with your contacts and encourage them to buy.

15. Nimble

 free sales lead management software

Nimble is a collection of sales management software that integrates with numerous tools used in the marketing and sales industries. This clever system centralizes your applications, making it simpler to manage both clients and prospects.

A helpful “Today” page in this sales management software enables salespeople to keep track of their activities and make decisions.

Nimble helps sales managers sell “smarter” by giving sales intelligence to every salesperson on their teams. Along with deal forecasting, pipeline analytics, calendars, and task management, Nimble’s award-winning feature makes it the right sales management software for any high-performing sales team.

Which Sales Management System Suits You Best?

With the appropriate sales management software, you’ll be able to direct your sales team, boost output, and spot growth prospects. To choose the best tool for your sales team, first, decide what advantages you require from your tool of choice. Then, compare features and costs.

You and your team will become more on the same page, productive, collaborate more successfully, and increase sales once you integrate the right sales management software into your workflow.

So why are you still waiting? Pick a tool with every one of the essential features—prospect management, sales rep tracking, process automation, email marketing, and a sales analytics dashboard,  then begin utilizing it. When you do, your sales will soar to new heights!

The best option for the field sales team is Sloovi, so you can’t go wrong there. With Sloovi sales software, your sales team won’t need other sales tools.

Get a free demo of Sloovi right away to see it in action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of software does a sales division use?

CRM software is an integrated solution that standardizes sales processes and provides salespeople with all the information they need. This software allows users to create dashboards and create custom reports to see revenue opportunities.

How does sales management use CRM?

CRM helps salespeople optimize day-to-day schedules and prioritize activities to ensure clients aren’t ignored. CRM enables salespeople to spend more time with customers, leading to more transactions being closed and a strong customer base.

What are the four components of CRM?

These four essential elements must be taken into account for any CRM implementation: technology (applications and infrastructure), strategy (business goals and objectives), process (procedures and business rules), and people (organizational structure, skills, and incentives).

What is the CRM strategy?

Customer relationship management is referred to as CRM. Your game plan for enhancing the relationship between your sales, marketing, and customer service teams and your customers is your CRM strategy. CRM tactics and CRM software are frequently combined.