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Top Sales Memes To Keep You Happy At Work

Most times, sales reps do not get any days off because customers must receive prompt attention, especially if the business runs an online store, but do you hope for a way to stay happy and entertained during work hours? We sure do have some ideas to help keep you sane while trying to attract new leads and more deals to achieve your next sales target.

 funny sales memes

Have you ever heard of ‘sales memes’?

I mean, hilarious sales memes?

Yes, some real sales humor!

Perhaps you have, but trust me, you haven’t seen the ones I come with today. I took a break from work, crossed seven seas, and climbed seven mountains to gather the best sales memes, and that’s a big deal!

Ready to take a little time for yourself and beat the burnout by joining us as we laugh at a collection of sales humor memes that every sales professional will understand?

Of course, you are; now, let’s get to it!

Funny Sales Memes For The Sales Team

I dug out some of the best sales memes from the deepest corners of the rich Indian Ocean. These should help any salesperson going through a tough time at work or trying hard to follow up with a customer or convert a prospect.

 funny sales motivation memes
Yesware Sales Memes

I know how proud you are right now. Lol! You have a great product, an excellent sales pitch, and the poise of a brilliant salesperson, so sit back, relax and watch those prospects come back to your desk.

It’s time to hit some sales targets. This is one of the funny sales memes I keep on my screen every time!

 sales memes funny

Well, she didn’t lie. The big deal here is that sometimes, a leader wants to take a while to explore and weigh their options before turning into a paying customer, and that’s normal.

Having the sales team call 16 times or sending numerous follow-up emails would only make you come across as a desperate sales rep. Honestly, that won’t take the lead, change their mind, or immediately become interested in your company or sales pitch.

 car sales memes
The Daily Sales Memes

When a prospect says the dreaded “I’ll get back to you” line, the sales rep is thrown off balance because she knows the opportunity would never call back.

Few prospects dare to outrightly say NO, and fewer respond YES and make a sale happen on the first few rounds of cold calling. Still, most remain mute for a long time, sometimes even forever, despite the several follow-up efforts of the salesperson.

But when they respond after the long wait, the relief on your face cannot be expressed.

The above expression could be the closest match for the sales rep.

 sales memes motivation
Spiro Sales Memes

Oh yeah?! Your product has grown to talk for itself! But have you wondered what the conversation is about?

What if your prospects or leads aren’t saying the right things about your product? Do not just hope that they are; your job as a salesperson includes stepping in and advocating for your product when and where necessary.

This is something sales managers should do more often.

daily sales funny sales memes
VideoForm Sales Memes

I have a quote I love to use so much; “80% of your prospects, leads, and customers are not ready to strike a deal just yet; the role of good sales and marketing strategy is that when they do, your company and product is top of mind.”

As a salesperson, it is key to understand that to make more daily sales, we should commit more time to build and strengthening customer relationships instead of just investing all the long hours in selling alone.

Sometimes the customer needs your product but lacks the means at a particular time, and you should know this and try as much as possible to be empathetical.

This helps the lead build trust and confidence in salespeople and a company, shortens the entire prospecting process, and makes the job easier for the sales team.

 motivational sales memes
The Daily Sales Sales Memes

I’m currently rolling on the floor in my office because I can personally relate to this sales humor! But, unfortunately, we all have that one random staff from the UI/UX or Accounts Department who think sales is one easy peasy thing to do.

The next time my colleague from the admin block tries to give us any more sales advice, I’m making him a sales intern!

If it’s that simple, do it, bro. Let’s see how fast your first sale would be.

It would help if you also tried this.

Don’t bother answering. When you hear comments such as ‘sales is so easy,’ ‘sales is not stressful,’ and ‘anybody can sell,’ give them a demo. Please bring them to your workplace and ask them to do some cold-calling rounds. Show what it means to be a salesperson. Increase the daily sales by just 0.5%. 😉

 salesperson funny sales memes

This is one of the funny sales memes that aren’t so funny. Imagine spending all your energy convincing a potential customer. First, you talk to them for months. Then, one fine day you find out they need your product and love it.


There is only one huge problem, though – they don’t have the power to decide.

WHAT??? End of story.

Funny Sales Memes For The Sales Manager

Perhaps your sales manager has been micromanaging the sales team lately, and you want some breathing space. Of course, some specially handpicked funny sales memes are all you need.

Just put them in place so the sales manager would find them. Lol!

christmas sales memes

In sales, if there’s one number that all salespeople obsess over, it has to be the quota. It’s the final destination for any sales manager. And the pride that they get when they reach the summit is worth framing into a picture.

 sales manager memes

This is one very serious topic for a sales meme. LOL!

Asking for an underserved vacation from any manager in any field is asking for trouble. But in a high-pressure work environment like sales, asking for a vacation is like asking your sales manager to give up their job.

But when you deserve it, do not hesitate to ask!

 funny memes sales memes
Sales Play Book B2B

There are times when your leads love your sales pitch, adore your product, and appreciate your company. But in the end, they will buy the same product from your competitor who sells at a lower price.

Well, do not blame them. These just saw a better deal, and perhaps it’s time for your sales team to create a better offer, so you do not lose more customers. Instead, show these not-so-funny sales memes to your sales manager.

 sales memes 2022

This has to be the funniest of all the sales memes here! Haha!

Has your boss set the sales team an unrealistic sales target this month? I believe in miracles, but sorry, boss, just not in sales!

Sales managers often have big dreams, such as all their sales meeting their monthly sales targets. Sadly, they remain nothing but dreams month after month. Walking on water or getting a pet dragon from Santa seems more realistic. LOL!

 best sales memes

Remember your last sales meeting that should have ideally been just an email? Some of us would have even attended a two-hour strategy meeting to decide the color of the following sales brochure. Whatever be the end goal of such meetings, here’s how it ends for you, just like those guys in these sales memes.

 funny christmas sales memes

No doubt, many times, convincing your managers is much more challenging than selling or trying to hit a deal with your leads. This is mostly valid if you’re asked about your monthly pipeline when it looks like this sales meme.

Funny Sales Memes For Beginners

Perhaps you are just starting as a salesman, looking to learn from the sales experts how the whole prospecting thing happens, how to get deals, and even more deals; I have a few funny sales memes for you too.

 daily sales sales memes

We all have that one task we dread so much, and somehow, managers have the uncanny ability to detect this task and make us do them repeatedly.

Cold-calling holds the top position in their “eww” list. For too many salespeople, However, unfortunately, it is an inevitable part of the daily life of a typical salesman, so you must learn to deal with picking up the phone and using that phone to contact decision-makers during your sales outreach.

Cold calling isn’t that bad if you master the art.

 halloween sales memes

Another classic situation to fall in. is as a news salesperson. Lol!

It would help if you taught yourself to have humor. Every joke made by a potential customer should get you rolling on the floor!

The prospect has the fundamental right to crack bad jokes, and you have the essential duty to laugh no matter how lame it is.

After all, the deal is more important than your merriment!

 sales motivation memes

Unlike marketing, sales cannot be learned in a classroom. Instead, sales can only be experienced firsthand.

Many expert salesmen learned everything about selling and sales outside their sales training.

If you want to become an expert salesman, the way to success is to quit the classroom training this very week and head into the sales field.

 sales memes end of month

While trying to impress your boss, you should be careful how you source leads in these challenging times as a salesman.

You shouldn’t go every nook and cranny looking for leads. A single qualified potential customer is better than ten unqualified leads.

The lead generation process is faster when you contact and do business with the decision-makers, so it’s best you don’t answer Pennywise when he shows up waiting in that drainage; he’s never up to any good.

 inspirational sales memes

Applaud yourself if you ever get praised by a potential customer. However, you should also realize that this compliment is never a sign that your lead generation strategy has hit success that week.

It will help if you come to terms with the fact that you might receive emails, attract business deals and spend less getting more potential clients and still not meet your daily sales target.

Take a rest, find the next point and follow it to success.

Funny Sales Memes Just For Laughs

In less than four minutes read, here are some extra funny sales memes you can save up or share with your colleagues.

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Final Words On The Funny Sales Memes

I believe these funny sales memes brought back surreal memories of what it’s like to be a sales decision-maker and render one of the most important services known to the corporate world; you’re a superhero; without you, your brothers in marketing are mere javelin throwers (LOL).

You can share these best memes with your colleagues today and laugh your way to success in your next contact and boost your daily sales with these funny sales memes. Check out the guides about B2B sales, SaaS sales and tech sales.