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Sales Outreach Tools – Everything You Need to Know


Today, the power to close a deal lies more in the hands of the buyers than the sellers’ ability to pitch a product.

With the development of technology, buyers have access to more information than ever. The responsibility lies with the sales team to connect with prospects interested via preferred channels.

Sales outreach tools are critical to the process of business growth today. Sales and marketing teams leverage various sales automation tools to enhance their outreach campaigns and reach the target audience.

Understanding the Sales Outreach Strategy

Outreach campaigns are defined by methods designed to help businesses bring in new clients. The outreach campaign may consist of a single action or an accumulation of several tactics. This depends on the complexity of the sales organization.

Outreach strategies help streamline the sales process to a great extent. The human aspect of sales is here to stay. There is no denying that. However, several tools have been developed to make sales outreach easier for sales executives and sales managers.

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The need to invest time and energy in manual tasks has been significantly reduced. Sales engagement is a priority on everyone’s list today.

Approximately 90% of sales professionals are leaning towards investing in sales engagement platforms and sales tools to help their account executives interact better with customers and prospects.

Winning Sales Outreach Strategy

Several sales outreach strategies have been developed to help sales teams convert new leads. These tools are integrated with the sales effort at various stages to further streamline the sales outreach campaigns.

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  • Creating the persona map
  • Prioritizing the personas created
  • Identifying the best channel for outreach
  • Personalizing the emails
  • Setting up email tracking and automated follow-ups
  • Updating the customer relationship management software per the campaign
  • Aligning goals with those of marketing teams
  • Automate manual tasks wherever possible

Various Sales Outreach Techniques

1. Qualifying lead data

To appeal to prospects with the probability of maximum conversion rates, it is essential to know who they are. This helps evaluate if the candidate is the decision-maker for the purchase and if the business can afford your service.

Concentrating the focus on those leads that fit your ideal customer profile will help with revenue growth.

2. Cold email outreach

One of the proven methods to attract the attention of prospects is by effectively conveying the value you can add to their business operations.

Launching email marketing campaigns with the help of an email outreach tool is an excellent method to achieve this. Personalizing these emails is proven to lead to twice the conversion rates compared to non-personalized ones.

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Incorporating relevant data for every lead, such as name, position, organization’s name, and so on, will help grab the reader’s attention. Refer to Linkedin profiles, Facebook communities, Quora and Reddit to gain more insight into their pain points and areas of interest.

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Using these as a part of your conversation will give the impression that you have done your homework and are well informed about the lead. Sufficient research will help you identify the pain points. You can leverage this information to provide a reasonable value proposition to the prospect.

3. Cold Calling

The rules of cold emails and cold calls are very similar. Ensure you know all the relevant data before going into the call. The probability of a call going south is much higher. It is crucial to respect their time and keep your pitch concise and to the point.

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To achieve this, start the call by stating the prospect’s name. Once you have introduced yourself, skip right to the reason behind the call. Provide them with the needed information to make them realize that you know their pain points and how your product or service can help provide them with a solution for it.

4. Social media outreach

Choosing the right channel for your social media outreach is integral to success in your sales outreach attempts. Sales teams have maximum success while using professional networks such as LinkedIn in their sales activities.

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Business to Community

Providing helpful information for prospects is a smart strategy to generate inbound sales since visitors who connect with your material will interact with it, indicating that they may be potential leads.

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Business to Community

Getting sales reps to join various communities and actively indulge in discussions about your industry will help you build a database of potential customers.

3 Outreach Sales Automation Tools That Are A Gamechanger

Incorporating a new procedure can be overwhelming. However, many sales outreach tools assist in automating the tedious assignments and keep your sales team zeroed in on selling.

1. CRM Software

If you are not already utilizing CRM programming, then now is the time to attempt it.

In addition to the fact that CRM assists with automation, it also makes your outreach group’s existence more straightforward and guarantees you’re amplifying your deals.

When it comes to sales automation tools, they can do a couple of things specifically to simplify the cycle.

2. Email Automation

Curating advertising messages to keep possibilities and clients tuned in can be tedious, yet you can accelerate the cycle with email automation to design customized and personalized emails and email templates that help grab the attention of prospects.

In addition to templates, most email tools provide users with a wide range of options to curate emails with impressive personalization.

Based on the pain points of leads, their areas of interest, and the current market trends in your industry, you can develop highly concise and customized emails and email templates that help create impact.

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Business to Community

Email tracking allows sales professionals to design campaigns that keep consumers engaged at every step of the process. By using their purchase history and area of interest, outreach campaigns are designed with customized deals and offers.

CRM software allows users to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. This will enable sales managers to tweak their outreach campaigns and sales activities.

3. General Automation Tools

Having specific automation tools is a massive advantage to any business. However, incorporating other devices that facilitate the easy flow of automated follow-ups between various software uses makes a huge difference and boosts sales engagement.

By setting conditions and the reactions you need them to set off, you can automate cycles to keep your sales engagement campaign up-to-date.

Receive email notices of any leads connecting with you via various social media channels or automate follow-up messages when leads pursue your product or service via email campaigns.

Or on the other hand, when a sales outreach campaign gets a reaction from a lead, you can set up a trigger to move them to the following stage, ready to go. This helps engage leads better. Usage of a sales engagement platform helps marketing professionals design better email campaigns.

Eventually, the sales performance gets better and boosts the sales funnel further.

Categories Of Sales Management Software

  • Account-based Sales and Marketing
  • BI Analytics & Dashboards
  • Buyer Enablement
  • Communication/Conferencing
  • Content Sharing and Management
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Data Networks
  • Email Management
  • Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting Tools
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Engagement Sales and Market Intelligence

Top 8 Sales Outreach Tools In The Market

Sales prospecting is the central part of deals, without a doubt. Searching for appropriate clients, building associations with them through different sales outreach tools, and successfully closing more deals is the primary goal of a sales rep.

Businesses rely on the ability of the sales team to grab the attention of consumers. They represent the business and are responsible for building long-lasting relationships. Incorporating a sales engagement tool along with other tools enables enterprises to fine-tune the process.

Studies show that nearly 50% of consumers pick the vendor proactive with their outreach campaigns and responses. This requires the sales rep to schedule meetings and facilitate a successful sales conversation. In addition to other tools, businesses need to adapt to the right sales tool to help convert more prospects.

More than 40% of sales professionals believe that prospecting is single-handedly the most challenging part of sales performance. Sales tool exists to help make this process smoother for those executing the strategy. They are designed to help drive sales engagement more straightforward and more streamlined for sales organizations around the globe.

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List Of Preferred Sales Outreach Tools


Nailing the first impression establishes the groundwork for the entire sales conversation. Customized emails help sales reps achieve this with prospective leads. Sales cycles are generally cluttered with multiple steps that require manual labour and time. Automating these processes with the help of a sales tool helps shrink the sales activities to a great extent, thereby freeing up resources for businesses.

Qualified leads allow sales organizations to achieve higher rates for successful conversion. Pursuing verified leads enables you to focus your workforce and resources on meaningful exchanges that lead to increased sales and, therefore, revenue growth.

Follow-up is a crucial part of the sales funnel. Timely customized automated email follow-ups help businesses achieve top of the mind recall value, which is vital in the world of sales. In addition to executing a cold outreach email campaign, Sloovi helps boost the reply rates, schedule meetings and maintain records of all customer interactions.

outreach sales automation

With Sloovi, you can customize your sales outreach efforts to cater to the profile of your prospects. Personalized emails are proven to fetch better responses when compared to non-personalized ones.

Sloovi is of paramount importance in helping you launch and maintain your email campaigns to target the right leads with an increased scope of response.

Key Benefits Of Sloovi Include:

  • Generating qualified leads that lead to better conversion rates
  • Data-driven analytics that provides valuable insights to the internal teams
  • Scheduled automated follow-ups leading to increased reply rates
  • Personalized email templates that warm up your cold outreach email campaign
  • Supercharging your sales outreach with actionable insights

Working in sales implies you are regularly making or sharing some kind of documentation. Be it introductions, deals decks, propositions, persona records, documenting customer data, contextual analyses, digital books, or something different, sales reps often make many reports. Therefore every big and small business should utilize Bit. It aids in document creation and management.

A cutting-edge cooperation device, Bit enables outreach groups to make promotional sales materials while collaborating in a typical work environment. The sales professional can produce, customize, collaborate, and share internal and client-facing material. Since these documents align with individual brand guidelines, clients can undoubtedly perceive your material.

In-built document tracking allows sales reps to get an instant warning whenever a client or prospect sees their sales pitch. They can get commitment measurements like how long they spent on the deck and other significant client data.

Sales professionals can also set up a flexible lead catch structure that permits them to gather data (name, organization, email, and so forth) before their audience sees the report.

All things considered, Bit is an absolute necessity for sales organizations!

Key Features of Bit include:

  • Document tracking
  • Real-time collaboration with fellow sales reps.
  • Store media assets, files, and documents in one place.

With such a tremendous amount on their plate, a few tasks will undoubtedly fall through for sales professionals. Nonetheless, that slip-up could be exorbitant when it’s tied in with circling back to a prospect or client. Following up is fundamental as it can, in a real sense, represent the deciding moment of a deal. Be that as it may, human blunder and absent-mindedness creep in as your sales funnel expands.

To manage this, introduce An excellent chrome extension, flawlessly coordinates with your Gmail account and assists you with sorting out your subsequent follow-ups. Whenever you send an email to a prospect, it reminds you to plan a schedule for what’s to come. Email tracking helps keep the sales outreach campaigns in check.

A faltering 80% of deals require five subsequent follow-ups, but more than 40% of salespeople surrender after the primary endeavour. Try to follow up and close more deals with!

Key Features of include:

  • Snooze low-priority emails and focus entirely on the things that matter the most.
  • Auto follow-up on emails, track email opens, set recurring reminders.
  • Email scheduling

Cold emailing is a vital part of every sales organization’s daily practice. However, finding the correct email address of prospects could be troublesome. This is where comes in. is a chrome augmentation that allows you to find the email addresses of individuals with great ease.

Simply type the individual’s name and their site (or organization) area, and will rapidly find their email ID utilizing its aggregator. likewise shows a certainty score (the exactness of the said email address) for each recommended email.

Aside from email addresses, users can likewise figure out the names, work titles, telephone numbers, and social networking profiles of prospects, making a fundamental sales tool for the sales engagement process. Explore the sales pipeline stages.

Key Features of include:

  • Used by 2,000,000+ professionals and leading companies.
  • Export or synchronize leads with your favourite CRM.
  • Filters to find only role-based email addresses.


68% of deals experts say it’s essential or vital to have a comprehensive perspective on the client across divisions. Be that as it may, client communications these days go from sales calls and sales meetings to messages, Linkedin, and chatbots. Customer information is crucial to the sales funnel in many ways.

With conversations spread across multiple channels, it’s hard to have a compound perspective on each client. All things considered, Cloze to the rescue! A client relationship management tool, Cloze goes about as your partner. It watches every one of your clients as it consequently assembles insights on each prospect from your applications and makes a single profile perspective on each individual and company.

By having all vital data in a single spot, Cloze then, at that point, utilizes progressed artificial intelligence to sort out who is significant and prioritizes customer relations likewise!

Key Features of Cloze include:

  • Customer contact details, calls & emails exchanged, documents exchanged, and social media interactions all in one place.
  • Automatic prompts to reach out.
  • Maintains prospect data automatically.


Utilized by close to 90,000 organizations worldwide, Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM software designed for sales outreach efforts. You can monitor your sales processes with this simple to-utilize product. It’s a moderate UI that permits agents to rapidly jump aboard with the stage and picture their deals interaction – plan, messages, subsequent follow-ups, recommendations, and so forth.

You can see precisely where a client is in the business pipeline and how you want to proceed with the negotiation. This mix of focusing on and arranging various sales tasks is the critical component of Pipedrive we have come to adore. Likewise, you can set and measure key metrics for your business cycle and perceive how your business is performing.

Key Features of Pipedrive include:

  • Mobile apps and integrations with powerful sales platforms.
  • Track calls, emails, and contact history.
  • Automate tasks using artificial intelligence.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Next up is LinkedIn’s own special Sales Navigator. With practically every organization and its representatives having a Linkedin account, it’s simpler to search for and track down prospective clients on LinkedIn compared to other social networking platforms.

With built-in CRM reconciliation, sales associates can naturally save leads and records from your Sales Navigator to your CRM straightforwardly. It helps with efficient lead collection and makes sourcing new leads easier. With Linkedin outreach, salespeople can reach more than 500 million individuals on LinkedIn, regardless of whether they are associated with them.

Key Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator include:

  • Smart Links Presentations to share and track content with prospects.
  • Teamlink to collaborate on leads with your sales team.
  • Notes and tags to effectively organize lead data.


LevelElven gamifies the sales team’s performance, assisting sales managers in keeping the morale high and thereby accomplishing better outcomes. With real-time perceivability into their everyday exhibition, big and small businesses can utilize LevelEleven to monitor the advancement of their sales process regularly.

LevelEleven shows customized scorecards and other critical measurements for the whole sales team, keeping them inspired during the various processes of the sales funnel. By showing them their advancement regularly, sales assistants can see where they dominate and what needs improvement.

Key Features of LevelEleven include:

  • Create custom incentives to motivate individual reps.
  • Identify essential KPIs and team performance.
  • Coaching software to empower sales engagement and teams.
  • And improve performance.

Top 7 Sales Outreach Challenges And Trends Of 2024

1. Building Trust Virtually

Sales is a people’s job. It involves making meaningful and long-standing relationships with people over businesses. The pandemic brought all in-person interactions to a complete halt. Sales reps need to adapt to the circumstances and strike the right balance to establish credibility with their prospects despite the virtual barrier.


This is achieved through personalized interactions. Having someone behind the sales interaction whom the prospect can relate to and connect within a ‘human’ way. It is also essential to ensure that your efforts are relevant, timely and on the right platform to meet the prospect on their terms.

2. Marketing And Sales Teams Integration

Sales and marketing traditionally work in silos, negatively affecting lead management and, ultimately, your ability to close deals. When marketing and sales work in different systems and manage data separately, duplication and loss of data are almost guaranteed to occur.

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Combatting this requires sales and marketing teams to break down the walls of tradition and work together as an integrated system of goals and processes. This is achieved by creating a central hub of truth (consolidated, consistent data) that integrates both teams and the leads/prospects they are working on.

3. Getting A Response From Prospects

The most common challenge a sales team faces is getting a response from prospects. Despite the availability of various communication channels, the response rate is at an all-time low.

top sales software

This is attributed to the overload of information or excessive proliferation of channels. To earn customers’ trust, sales reps need to stand out from the crowd.


To stand out from the crowd, it is essential to incorporate various sales outreach tools. Accurate personalization, using video tools and so on are identified as methods that help achieve the same. Follow up emails play a crucial role in extracting responses from prospects.

4. Successful Closure Of Deals

The second most challenging aspect of sales is closing the deal. With the shift in the economic situation due to various reasons, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Customers do not want to feel forced into buying a service or product.

Consumers prefer to do the groundwork on their own nowadays. With access to a plethora of information, consumers can access expert knowledge about the market.


Sales teams need to be aware of the pain points of the targets. Presenting consumers with customized solutions helps fast-track the deal closure.

5. Scouting Good Lead Data

Finding quality leads is becoming increasingly difficult for sales teams. Good leads translate to effective business. Engaging with prospects is easy. However, the real challenge lies in identifying the leads worth pursuing and those that will convert to business.


Accurate alignment of the sales and marketing teams helps solve this issue. Incorporating the right sales automation tool helps both parties filter the leads and only pursue those with scope.

6. Connecting Via Phone Calls

Although most of our daily activities revolve around our mobiles, it is getting increasingly difficult for sales reps to get in touch with prospects via phone calls. One-on-one conversations have a significant impact on the outcome of the deal.

Solution: Utilizing a stage like HubSpot CRM, you label your messages, so when a prospect opens up your email or quote, you can call them to follow up. They will, without a doubt, reply, as you’re not intruding on another undertaking, meeting or interaction. This makes associating more applicable.

7. Effective Incorporation Of Social Media Into The Sales Strategy

Today, a significant test for agents is seeing how to utilize online entertainment instruments in the selling system. It boils down to understanding where your leads are and associating with them on their favoured channels.

Sales teams should work with the advertising groups to comprehend where clients are distributing on the web and recognize the best fit for business procedures to associate with their crowd. Advertising can then utilize significant social channels like the B2B organization – LinkedIn to find and focus on the best possibilities. Check out, what is B2B sales?


Supported LinkedIn InMail crusades are an incredible asset for focusing on new possibilities in specific businesses and areas. On the off chance that you lack specialized abilities or the showcasing group that can execute on this, one-on-one InMails are a decent option regardless of whether this is somewhat more tedious.

The Benefits Of Using A Sales Engagement Platform

sales prospecting tools

Sales engagement platforms and sales tools are developed to help enhance the workflow and processes involved in different stages of the outreach process. Discussed below are the significant benefits of incorporating a sales engagement platform.

sales engagement platforms

Better Communication

A sales engagement platform streamlines the various communications of your sales team to your clients across each field. This apparatus can coordinate multiple sales tools, for example, your voice, email inbox, content administration frameworks, social media accounts, everything clubbed in a single spot.

Now, you can associate with your prospects through different channels. The essential data is additionally available under one platform. With speedy email automation and customization, you can grab the attention of prospective customers much more effectively in one go. Let’s find the detailed guide SaaS sales.

Efficient Processing

Utilizing a sales engagement platform can accelerate the sales cycle while you monitor the activities of your internal team in a single place. You can see confounded spreadsheets, hard drives, and different email accounts in an easy to understand design.

Non-selling errands that require to fork information are currently in one spot. These assignments might include logging in, program flipping, work following, and pursuing the lost data.

This sales engagement platform’s inherent insight and progressed highlights assist you with zeroing in your endeavours on viable selling. These will help you with purchasing more opportunities to circle back to your leads, orchestrate more gatherings, abbreviate your deals cycle, and stay cheerful at work.

Smarter And Faster Selling

A significant part of this automation process is to assist you with insight and intelligence pertaining to sales. With everything programmed and in a state of harmony, you don’t need to stress over your deals getting postponed.

Working with the right tools and platform helps you track and screen each call, email, and prospect follow-up. It arms you with the advantages of settling on informed choices about the further advances you want to take.

Likewise, you also get familiar with the proper sales approach you can use for a particular prospect. The current status of your product or service and the consumers is likewise visible, giving you fundamental insights on the most proficient method to continue.

The platform additionally assists you with acquiring factual information about your industry and activities. So on the off chance that you are thinking about how to sell an item, an integrated sales engagement platform is your best choice.

Increased Productivity

Real-time sales engagement platforms offer a colossally refreshed and solid A/B testing information reinforcement. Thus, you partake in the correct email planning for balanced one-to-one and one-to-many email variations.

You can boost client commitment by sending the correct email to the ideal individuals with impeccable timing. The messages are altered utilizing your image correspondence through the sales engagement platform and other sales tools.

Personalized Prospect Engagement

Different call and messaging options are one more mix in the sales engagement platform. These service options give your sales professionals click-to-call or live specialist power dialer choices.

The innovation additionally empowers you to send off outreach campaigns with voicemail drop layouts and customized email formats and email templates. These layouts can assist you with saving time in designing an attractive and ideal cold email outreach campaign.

These more modest yet profoundly insightful services guarantee the appropriate execution of email automation. Prospects and clients are getting the suitable attention that helps elevate client relationships.

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With various personalizations, automation and intelligent arrangements, the apt outreach software and sales engagement platform help drive better commitment.

Lead Generation

These sales engagement tools give the right lead generation content nonstop. These assist the sales associates to come up with value-driven efforts at the ideal locations to target potential customers effectively.

A sales engagement software additionally gives the most appropriate data to the prospects as and when expected, without wasting any time. Joined with automated messages, you can enhance the conversion pace of sales and lead generation techniques.


To be a triumphant sales association, you should consistently improve your sales cycles. So a fundamental capacity of a sales engagement platform is to track your outcomes and compute your performance analytics and other KPIs to understand what is working.

technologies for sales tools

When you work out every one of the advantages of utilizing a sales engagement platform, you end up with more meetings schedules, more concise sales cycles, and goals that are being met and surpassed by your agents.

Better Customer Lifecycle Support

Most sales engagement tools ensure that sales prospecting is lined up with the expectations and requirements of the sales committee. The sales reps access a sole interface to communicate and collaborate seamlessly in any sales conversation.

You don’t have to open different data platforms and storage because the information is synced in one spot. Therefore, you abbreviate the client care cycle.

sales development tools

It helps big and small businesses promptly cater to their consumers’ needs and queries. Quick and easy resolution of any escalations helps formulate better customer relationship management in the long run.

Upselling or Cross-selling

The sales cycle isn’t over after successful conversion. For SaaS organizations, upsell, cross-sell, and renewal is fundamental for income generation. For softwares, a continuous sales process is fundamental.

Being aware of usage numbers and agreement end dates isn’t sufficient data. You need to reveal every one of the potential open doors inside a record. Sales insight helps construct a total image of your clients. This image empowers you to give the most significant level of sales and service.

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Regarding your sales managers and their teams, knowledge is a fundamental investment. The data permits your organization to give the selling experience that purchasers anticipate. There is an unavailability of sufficient tools to provide sales reps with this information for most organizations.

It requires some investment and works to assemble data on prospects. This data is the thing that causes reps to feel certain while going into selling discussions and sales conversations. You can pinpoint must-have data for robust talks by looking at your sales cycle. From that point, you can put resources into the intelligence tools and programming that lays out the groundwork for your sales team to achieve success.

Improved Outcomes in Revenue and Sales

Likewise, the software salespeople get a subsequent strategy in light of different records and client personas. This further betters discussion with prospects and increases the ratio of qualification.

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The detailed documentation and reporting of the sales engagement software helps in a superior comprehension of the business as the reps step nearer to closing deals successfully.

Integrated Platform

The local integration of the prospecting and sales engagement platforms makes room for a superior experience for your sales teams. Besides this, CRM is also capable of being incorporated into the engagement platform.

The platform or tools should assist you with different sales errands. These assignments include executing a business promotion and sales technique, tracking client commitment through calls, standard mail, content administration frameworks, and messages, and efficiently managing necessary sales errands.

The future of sales outreach campaign

LinkedIn is the most preferred channel to the network in the B2B market. The LinkedIn sales navigator helps power email campaigns with great ease.

The future of sales tools and customer relationships is incorporating AI-powered sales outreach tools.

An AI-fueled outreach tool assists sales teams to remain relevant to those in their pipeline. Furthermore, that is by and large why it’s so significant. It permits you to get to the core of the business and comprehend how you want to push it ahead.

And you can do this for all the people in your sales pipeline — not just a few high-profile ones.

It saves you time by allowing you to see every one of your messages. However, do not feel you have to send a similar email a third time to present your defence. You can rapidly skirt the small talk and go directly to the correct data and maintain steady control over the discussion.

How Does This Help In Closing More Deals?

Closing a significant number of deals is an obvious motivation to put resources into AI-controlled apparatuses. With AI, you can recognize which arrangements merit your time and which are not vital. You’ll have the option to distinguish how effective everyone was and save time for more significant arrangements.

AI likewise recognizes where to send your subsequent message. If you send it to prospects that have failed to answer, it will give you a programmed answer to tell them that you’re on the lookout.

However, if a prospective customer has not answered, you might want to contact them; you can reach them straightforwardly with an email, which is much more effective than sending a mass email.

As may be obvious, utilizing an AI-fueled outreach instrument implies you will not need to send a progression of messages attempting to close every one of the deals in the pipeline. You’ll invest less energy doing what you specialize in, selling.

You can zero in on making successful deals, and you will have a superior possibility of converting them successfully.

Wrapping Up

Sales outreach tools and engagement platforms benefit big and small businesses that properly utilize their features. Sloovi can perform practically all functions that are vital to the sales process.

As innovation turns out to be more ordinary in sales, it is worth incorporating new processes into your cycles. The right automation devices can upgrade productivity and save time, as technology can reduce time spent on tedious, repetitive tasks while you focus on the most critical aspects of your sales outreach – building associations with your clients and prospects.

There are different routes you can take based on your business needs, however, standard tools assist with email automation as well as pipeline analytics to assist you with seeing how leads react to what you send them.

Sloovi gives simple customization tools based on the need and usage. Presently, sales groups all over the planet are successfully closing deals and expanding leads via automation of their client commitments and engagements.

Fresher and better advances come out consistently. More precise utilization of these platforms will show up sooner rather than later.

Hence, it is an opportunity to reexamine your sales process and rethink the shift to adapting to a sales engagement platform such as Sloovi. You can change your outreach methods to create better client leads and results. Simultaneously you can tackle the force of various salesforce channels and sales tools.