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Preparing A Sales Outreach Strategy That Yields Results

No kidding right here, a key to successful B2B sales is nothing but quality leads. Getting the right people (aka qualified leads) to interact with your sales teams, engage with your content, and finally move from potential buyers to actual paying customers is difficult and 40% of salespeople say moving prospects through the sales funnel is the hardest part of their jobs.

Believe me, without a proper sales outreach strategy, your sales reps might never be able to achieve a single sale.

In this article, we will walk you through tips and tricks to creating the perfect sales messaging strategy to boost your sales outreach efforts and reach your target audience, but first, just as I always do, I will first walk you through beginner topics like;

  • What is sales outreach?
  • What should sales organizations and marketing teams consider before building a sales outreach strategy that performs well?
  • What are some of the finest sales outreach tools?
  • Frequently asked questions about sales outreach
  • and many more.

Now let’s cut the chase, let’s get to work!

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What Is Sales Outreach?

Welcome back! Here’s how sales outreach can improve your conversion rates.

The marketing and sales team at B2B organizations should make marketing efforts that include marketing and sales communications.

Sales outreach is simply the strategies sales reps put together to call out or reach out to potential customers. In other words, sales outreach could be described as the magnetic force that draws and pulls potential customers into the sales funnel.

What Should Sales Organizations And Marketing Teams Consider Before Building A Sales Outreach Strategy That Performs Well?

No matter how creatively your sales reps design the sales outreach strategy, it might never boost sales or add up to your sales process if you neglect the following key subject matters;

Understanding customer pain points

Sales is literally about solving problems, so if your sales reps do not understand what problems the potential customers are facing, how then do they plan to structure a good outbound sales outreach strategy and initiate contact that wins the buyers over?

Making customer pain points your priority is the beginning of the creation of more leads.

Identifying the decision makers

No hate whatsoever for the small fish in the sea, but damn, have you ever had any sales phone calls or sales pitch with a shark? Okay, enough with the metaphors, I mean it’s no use trying to sell a B2B product to staff without the power to make purchase decisions in the business.

The key to generating leads is targeting the right people. You can do this by creating buyer personas.

Building relationships

Throughout the buyer’s journey, the goal should be one thing, building trust.

Trust is the only thing that would make a new prospect become one of your best customers in no time.

Building trust promotes long-term success, rather than small, short-term wins.

You can excel in this by studying buyer behavior and remembering to follow up with both past and new customers.

Communication channels

It is one thing to put out relevant content, it is another thing entirely to use that outreach channel as a tool to generate leads. The key is studying the buyer behaviour and learning how they like their content served, how hot or cold they like it, and what time they like it.

Refer to the following chart for some inspo.

outreach sales enablement

Providing a steady customer influx and a constant client base ensures continued profit which is a major business problem.

Salespeople have to adapt sales outreach strategies in response.

You cannot trust conventional methods of selling. In today’s world, decision-makers receive hundreds of sales messages across channels – a challenge for them to reach out and hear from who they want to buy from, so you must find an innovative way to reach out and get noticed.

The challenge of marketing effectively becomes increasingly harder without the sales outreach strategy in place. This is a reason outbound sales don’t always work today as much as they used to.

It remains a crucial element in your sales strategy. It is necessary to lean the right way, and find a way to create inbound sales outreach. This brings the customer to you instead of you running after them.

As buyer habits are continually changing, which is why sales outreach is so effective. In today’s world, decision-makers need to be able to make sense of this overwhelming pressure. How do businesses increase sales potential by using leads to generate more revenue? Unfortunately, cold calling and email outreach are no longer the answers.

B2B prospects are more interested in engaging themselves through consistent personal customer marketing campaigns that they do not always see in other businesses.

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Sales Outreach Tools And How They Aid Your Sales Process

There are hundreds or even thousands of sales outreach software products available on the market, however, we will highlight the best we have tried that are guaranteed to help your sales teams enhance productivity and generate qualified leads that quickly become new customers.

Sloovi Sales Outreach

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Sloovi sales outreach gives your sales and marketing teams the ability to build an ideal customer profile, and identify and nurture leads through personalized, scalable, and automated sales outreach through innovative methods including but not limited to cold calling and cold email outreach.

Generally, Sloovi outreach helps boost your sales process and your customer outreach efforts through cutting-edge features.


  • Get the most out of your leads. Surface your potential leads with targeted follow-ups, global calling, and meetings.
  • Convert and don’t stop. Save hours every day by automating your cold outreach and driving conversions and win rates.
  • Perfect your sales pipeline. Diagnose the health of your sales pipeline and rally your team around the right deals.
  • Do more with data power. Empower your users with rich data analytics – maximize outreach ROI.


Sloovi Outreach offers four plans, starting from $19/month per user.

Read more on pricing here

Sloovi also has a free tool to build email signatures to win your leads over through email marketing.

HubSpot Sales Hub

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HubSpot is a sales outreach software that helps B2B sales reps attract customers, convert valuable leads, and close deals by using inbound sales and marketing software.

With HubSpot, your marketing team can host websites and landing pages, manage business interactions between leads and customer service, send email sequences and create blogs to analyze campaign success and track client behavior. 

Each phase of your business journey can be enhanced with the automation software’s tools. Each tool is categorized into a “HUB”.

You can purchase them individually or together, depending on your needs. With these tools combined, you can provide your Marketing, Customer Support, and B2B sales teams with a comprehensive set of tools that can make a big difference and drive more leads into the sales funnel.


 sales outreach ideas

Anyone looking to win over potential customers through a successful sales outreach strategy should have a look at Lemlist.

Lemlist allows you to personalize presentations, automate tracking, and keep track of your outreach email success all from one dashboard.

Also, Lemlist is the first email automation platform that generates custom images, such as company logos, names, and employees.

In addition to B2B sales, Lemlist facilitates communication with the press, follow-up email, SEO and association backlink activities, and recruitment.

Cirrus Insight

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Through Cirrus, Salesforce users can easily enter information and access it while working, automatically or with a single click. When you open an email, the Cirrus side panel will display all the information you have about the contact in Salesforce. The information allows users to write emails quickly while fully understanding who they’re writing to.

Someone who isn’t in Salesforce sends you an email? Cirrus scans the email signature, pulls the relevant information, and you can add the new contact to Salesforce with a single click.

The features of Cirrus mean the system is:

  • Easier to learn
  • Takes less time to use
  • Gives full access to the returns of using Salesforce


 outreach sales automation

Through, B2B companies can grow and become independent by attracting new ideal clients and partners.

It would take a lot of time for business development teams to send emails and social media messages to prospects every day. As a result of Woodpecker, business development teams can spend more time building human-to-human relationships and less time on repetitive follow-up tasks.

An effective sales automation strategy requires persistent multi-channel communication as well as a personal approach to every prospect. A web app like Woodpecker offers modern sales departments and lead generation agencies exactly that.

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Tips And Tricks Of Building Well Performing Sales Outreach Efforts

Bear in mind that the goal of an effective sales outreach channel is to recruit new prospects for the business. In addition to some of the loopholes we discussed avoiding earlier, there are several elements that must be taken care of while conducting sales outreach.

1. Automate your outreach efforts

As your business grows, you realize you’re spending a lot of valuable time doing repetitive tasks. Prospecting, sending emails, and then follow up is overwhelming, and doing it all manually only makes it worse. It would be helpful if you could automate the sales outreach process.

Most salespeople spend their time doing routine and mundane tasks that aren’t focused on building client relationships and closed deals.

Rather than performing the “busy work” manually, why not use powerful B2B software? Even better, why not automate significant parts of sales outreach itself?

Some of the things that can be easily automated include:

1. Send automated email and follow-up sequences

2. Use a VOIP dialer and a headset

3. Automate sales outreach on LinkedIn

4. Automate sales outreach on Twitter

5. Run CRM retargeting and retargeting ads

2. Personalization is key

The subject line of an email determines whether people will open it 47% of the time? The more personalized the subject line, the more likely it is to be opened. 

Ideally, prospective clients want to feel a sense of trust and connection with a company before making a purchase. It’s best to personalize your message if you want them to respond positively. In your cold emails’ subject line and body text, including the individual’s name, company name, and why your product is relevant to them.

If you come across as too generic or scripted, response rates will decrease, whereas if you personalize a message, email, or follow-up, click-through rates will increase.

3. Captivate your audience with videos

With a well-made video, you can demonstrate how a product works, showcase customer satisfaction with the product, and establish a connection with your audience better than with a text message.

Videos can be incorporated into emails, social media, and sales pitches in order to increase engagement and profit.

Explainer and whiteboard animations are popular ways to introduce your product, its uses, and its value to potential customers. Customer testimonial videos are also an invaluable tool in the sales process, as they provide social proof through the power of testimonials.

Social proof can also be invaluable to a sales funnel when incorporated into customer testimonial videos. The great thing about video is that it can be used at all stages of the sales funnel – and that 54% of buyers prefer that type of content over all others.

4. Bear in mind that the prospect is human

Thanks to the next sales intelligence tool, you don’t need any technical skills to use it.

The answer is simple: 

Being human is the best thing you can do when writing a prospecting email or conducting outreach.

Be a person, not a salesperson. Be careful not to overdo it with marketing speech. Think of yourself as a human contacting another human, even if it’s just a follow-up. A quick chat just to get to know each other.

It is important to treat your prospect as a human being, not just a job title.

That’s why a conversational tone works best, no matter the social outreach channels you choose.

5. Don’t sell a product or service, sell benefits, needs, and solutions

Social media is full of salespeople selling one product or service or the other, dare to be different. Instead of selling boring old towels, sell the importance of keeping dry and staying warm.

Final Thoughts

Sales outreach statistics show that over 45% of sales people who do their outreach right, achieve the desired results.

Maintaining a stocked pipeline for a B2B business requires sales outreach. Relationship-building through sales outreach, both inbound and outbound, leads to more sales and higher profits.

To achieve success in sales outreach, you must develop a strategy that is efficient and focused.

With the tips and tools contained in this article, you will be sure to increase the ROI of your sales outreach and increase your overall success.

It’s important to remember that social media is a great way to connect with potentials. There are many social media platforms that B2B buyers can use to research brands and products, whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, to achieve sales goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of outreach?

You may have volunteered in nursing homes, homeless shelters for animals, or at the local library, or charity for people with disabilities, or even coaching youth sports teams.

How did you learn about the volunteering opportunity, how were you compelled it was right for you?

Answer these questions and there you go, your example of a perfect outreach.

Why is sales outreach important?

In order to grow a B2C business you must have sales outreach.

It is helpful to attract leads, pass and nurture them through your sales funnel until you seal purchase deals, establish new relations with your clientele, create trust and educate leads about the new and existing products you have.

What does outreach mean in marketing?

Outreach marketing is a technique that enables you to attract and build relationships with the businesses interested in your product.