the best email signature for your personality
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The Best Email Signature for Your Personality

Maybe you’re a small business owner, the CEO of an organization, a student just entering the new job title, or just someone looking to brand yourself. Whichever category you fall under, you need to brand yourself, and you need to do it well. And your emails are the best place to get this started. These are kinds of email signature marketing. The best way to brand your emails is by using a business email signature.

Think of it like a fun virtual smile, high-five, or hug at the end of your email. But how do you know which signature is the right one for you? To help you, we offer you a few choices. Below is a list of 8 different email signature templates, depending on your personality. These are the best email signature examples, you can choose one that best suits you. Let’s find the perfect email signature template.

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1. The minimalist

Are you someone who hates grandiosity and flair? Do long emails with preambles put you off? And do you wish to keep your emails crisp and to the point? Even though your email messages tend to be on the shorter side, you ensure that they sound professional and friendly. Does that sound like you?

If it does and you’re tired of using monotonous sign-offs such as ‘Regards’ and ‘Thank you,’ then the minimalist email signature is the one for you. No-fuss, no-frills. Just all the necessary details that the recipient might need. Adding social media icons of yours will drive the people through digital mediums and it leads the way for a good personal touch, also putting the right social media links is important.

the minimalist email signature for your personality

2. The linker

Is your personal and professional life interlinked? Has it never occurred to you to keep it separate?

You’re a tornado of productivity and relationship building, carrying the pulse of a million things on your finger. You’re a manager, you’re a handler, and you treat your friends and clients alike. Do you also believe you’re someone who bridges the gap that exists in your clients’ needs and makes friends out of them? Then to keep up with your ever-growing inbox, you will need to use an email style that is professional yet breezy.

And if you feel you possess the traits mentioned above, you need an email signature that is lightweight, friendly and highlights only the most relevant contact details. Check out the personal and professional email signature example. Reach one interesting guide for freelancers email signature.

the linker email signature for your personality

3. The life and soul of the party

Is your social media presence one of the most essential facets of your brand? Do you identify as an influencer? From posting Insta stories on a daily basis to video-documenting your life, does social media play a significant role? Maybe you’re a freelancer, and your social media serves as your portfolio, or you’re just someone who loves documenting your life online.

Be what it may; your social media shows your clients and followers how great you are. Chances are you’re probably chirpy, exuberant, and the life and soul of the party.

And if you want your email signature to project this personality of yours, you will need to include your social media handles that showcase your talents and skills. With clients on the constant lookout, this signature might be what you need to make a statement among the crowd.

soul of the party email signature for your personality

4. The closer

Are you a no-nonsense person that likes to get to the point? Do you hate the unnecessary frill and lead-ins? But you make sure your emails carry both warmth and practicality. You know precisely what your clients want and work to deliver that. With you, it’s always under-promising and over-delivering. And your emails tend to be insightful and action-oriented, with an emphasis on the facts, infused with your signature charm.

So your email signature also needs to represent your closer personality. It’s professional; it’s classy, it’s stylish, it’s you. The details that you provide in your signature will delight and entice your clients while bringing in more inquiries.

the closer email signature for your personality

5. The BFF

Do you consider yourself bubbly, jolly, and exuberant? Unlike the minimalist, would you like to end your emails with ‘Ciao’ and ‘Xoxo’? And although you can’t do that, for it might sound unprofessional, there are indeed ways in which you can express your personality through your signature.

Your whimsical communication style can easily be expressed in the BFF email signature design. By using more icons and having a company logo in the front and center, you can make your signature more personable and capture your recipients’ attention.

the bff email signature for your personality

6. The smarty pants

Even though your emails are usually brief, do they pack a punch? You’re a master at tying together seemingly disconnected incidents and concepts, contributing insightful graphics and explanations that connect with your clients. In their quiet subtlety lies the elegance of your emails. Your clients love the insight and knowledge you offer, and you’re usually regarded as the wisecrackers.

Suppose these traits resonate with you, then your email signature though basic needs to have a significant impact. Using a simple interface and liberal use of white space, you can make your signature look and sound as smart as you.

the smarty pants email signature for your personality

7. The comforter

Do your clients feel like they’re talking to a longtime friend when they’re emailing you? Do your emails dole out comfort and care?

With you, your clients feel heard; you make them feel special. Do you have a knack for converting your clients to friends? While some people may be wary of giving out their personal email or phone number, that’s never been an issue with you.

If you nodded in approval for all these traits, then the comforter email signature may work best for you. They are professional with a touch of care just like you.

the best email signature for comforter

8. The boldie

In your career, do you admire bold and creative designs? And are you someone who believes your emails should showcase that? Whether you’re expressing a new idea, giving input, or responding to an inquiry, from the vocabulary to the graphics you pick, do you try to integrate style into everything? You ensure that your emails are bold; they’re fierce, and you don’t shy away from speaking your mind.

If that sounds like you, then the boldie email signature type may just be what you need. With its bold typeface and vibrant social icons, it welcomes the propensity for big ideas and designs. It welcomes you.

Check out the ultimate guide for email signature, it may use in various ways and methods for your email signature marketing campaigns.

the best email signature for boldie

Are you ready to sign off in style?

Depending on which personality category you fall under, you can easily customize your personal or professional email signatures or use the templates provided. And if you feel these personality types aren’t suited to you. Don’t worry. With Sloovi’s email signature generator, you can create just the email signature for yourself. And the best part is, it can be done in less than 60 seconds. With over 100’s professional email signature templates are available with various sizes of email signature banners, you are bound to be spoilt for choice. In your career, do you admire bold and creative designs? Check out some professional email signature examples at Sloovi.