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What Is a VoIP Caller? Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever received an incoming call, and what flashed on the screen was “VoIP caller? For a split second, you contemplated whether to pick the call or reject it. You are probably here to know more about such strange or unpopular calls; we will provide you with all you need to know about VoIP caller software and VoIP phone services.

what is a voip caller

What is VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol, short for VoIP, is a technology that converts sounds and audio into digital signals over the internet that another individual can receive. It allows you to make and receive calls using the internet connection from multiple devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

VoIP technology is very beneficial for business and individual personal use because it can connect more than two people simultaneously. It also includes other feature that is not accessible on traditional phones. Features such as call recording, call return and call waiting, and voice mail to email also enhance call blocking.

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Who are VoIP callers?

A VoIP caller is calling through an internet-based-services using broadband or a Wi-Fi connection, rather than through a cellular connection of traditional phone lines.

VoIP caller means the incoming calls are coming from the internet protocol.

The VoIP phone system is a technology that enables you to make calls over a broadband internet connection. When you make a call, it transmutes your voice or sounds into a digital signal transferred over the internet through a router. The signal is then converted into a traditional phone signal before reaching your receiver. Explore, how customer interaction is started.

Basic component of VoIP system

There are some basic elements of VoIP regardless of your service provider; the below component will always be present.

  • Audio pick up
  • Speaker
  • Adapter
  • Stable internet connections
  • Softphone app
what is voip caller

Who is using VoIP technology?

VoIP technology is helpful for both personal and business phone communication activities. You might not know it, but some popular social media platform offers VoIP services.

Social platforms like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and Google voice are all VoIP. Hence if you have ever called any of your friends or business associates through those platforms, you used VoIP technology. VoIP is also used for recording conference calls.

Large companies utilize VoIP because it saves them a considerable amount of money compared to regular phones.

VoIP is essential for international companies to reach out to customers beyond their region and country. However, using regular phone calls in such cases will be more expensive because international calls are generally more expensive than local calls.

VoIP is useful for small business owners, especially the inside sales-type, that solely depend on virtual communication to reach out to prospective buyers or customers, follow up on leads, and close deals.

Utilizing VoIP will save such a business a lot of money, such that the overall sales expenses will be reduced, and you will be able to follow up and close deals effectively.

what does voip caller mean

Advantages of VoIP

VoIP technology is becoming more popular as people become more aware of its superior advantages over traditional phone lines. Here are some of the benefits of using VoIP services and VoIP system

You can call anytime anywhere

Regardless of your location, you can make calls using your VoIP number anytime worldwide as far as you have a stable internet connection. Therefore, it is beneficial for international calls.

VoIP telephone numbers are still valid regardless of your location, which means you can use the same number when you travel outside your home country to another continent or part of the world.

Most of the current VoIP service providers render cloud-based services, which means you can make calls from anywhere; so far, you have the softphone application installed on your device.

 what's a voip caller

Low cost per call

This is one of the wonderful benefits of VoIP; it is very cheap to make national or international calls. Unlike the traditional phone line, which charges a high rate per call, especially for international calls, VoIP is very cheap.

Your company can reduce the overall cost of calling by switching to VoIP. First, you need to get the right VoIP service provider for your business and download and install its application on the existing desk phone or computer. The next thing is to acquire your VoIP phone number, and you are good to go. Check out the difference between sales qualified lead and a marketing-qualified lead (MQL vs SQL).

Higher scalability

You can add as many lines as you want to your existing phone or computer without purchasing a new set of devices or hardware. This will help your business’s sales reps to reach out to many customers at once at a low cost.

what does a voip caller mean

Disadvantages of VoIP

Everything that has advantages will have its downside. Here are some of the disadvantages of VoIP.

Dependent on internet connection

Without a reliable internet connection, you will not access the VoIP services on your device. Therefore, a stable broadband connection is required to enjoy VoIP calls and other services offered by the technology.

The quality of VoIP calls also depends on your internet/Wi-Fi connection, as the quality of your voice might be reduced, or the calls may be delayed/fluctuate.

Difficulty tracking caller id during emergency

Unlike traditional smartphones, where you can easily track the phone number or the caller’s location through GPS, this could be a difficult task when it comes to VoIP. Tracking VoIP caller id is possible by tracing the internet protocol (IP) address, although IP address lookup might be too late.

Security issues

The most significant security problems are identity theft, malware, and viruses, receiving spam messages, phishing attacks, and hiding caller IDs when using VoIP.

Most of the security issues can be tackled if you must use a VoIP network by creating a strong password for all the related devices on your VoIP platforms and keeping all your employer updated on what to do in case of a phishing attempt.

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Some popular VoIP service providers for your business

VoIP providers are business entities that render VoIP services directly to individual consumers and business organizations. Below are some of the best business VoIP providers

  • Dialpad
  • Google voice
  • Freshcaller
  • Nextiva
  • Ringcentral
whats a voip caller

Differences between VoIP calls and Phone calls

The VoIP phone system is different from the traditional phone systems, and the differences can be seen in their distinct benefits and method of operation. Below are some of the significant attribute that distinguishes the two systems.

Cost per call

Regular phone outbound calls are expensive, especially for long-distance or international calls. In contrast, the VoIP phone system is highly cheap regardless of your location or the location of your receiver.

The low cost per call of VoIP system is one of the main reasons many businesses choose it over regular call systems for their various business communications.

Landline calls over a long distance will always come at a higher cost because hundreds of circuits need to be kept open. At the same time, VoIP converts the voice or audio sounds into digital signals sent over the internet. For this particular reason, VoIP calls will remain cheaper than traditional landlines. Check out the guidelines for how to build an ideal customer profile.

Internet connection

VoIP phone systems cannot survive under low or no broadband connection because they are internet-based. ordinary phone lines, on the other hand, do not require an internet connection to make or receive calls.

what is a voip caller mean

Quality of calls

With low or disrupted broadband connection, VoIP calling will be messy and of low quality compared to the traditional phone systems. This is because the call’s quality depends on the broadband internet connection. Check out the guide about sales enablement.


VoIP calls are sent and received over the internet; this happens to be the strength and weakness of the technology. It makes the VoIP system vulnerable to cyber-attacks, although this is mainly bound to happen when the device has a public IP address. The system will be safe when incoming and outgoing network traffic is filtered and monitored using firewalls.

Ordinary phone systems can never be prone to cyber-attacks as it is not connected to the internet. However, phone tapping can always happen, resulting in data theft and other criminal manipulations. Get some free sales funnel template for crazy conversions.


The features available on traditional phones are limited and well known to all, while the features on VoIP systems are dependent on your service provider, and you might not be aware of them. However, there are some basic features on VoIP that are constant regardless of your service provider. These superior features include the following.

  • Caller ID display
  • Call diverting
  • Data exchanges are end to end encrypted
  • Voice mail services
  • Conference call
  • Call blocking
 what's voip caller

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that might be in your mind concerning VoIP callers, and the answer to each question is provided below. Check out the finest guide on how to build the sales pipeline stages for your business.

1. Is VoIP calling spam?

Not all VoIP is spam, but it might be one of the main reasons you might get repeated calls from unknown numbers or VoIP callers; some of those calls are legit business calls, while others might be from the Government and non-government organizations, etc.

The good news is that you can always request call blocking from your service provider to block unnecessary calls from getting to you.

2. How do I know VoIP caller id?

Just like ordinary smartphones can hide caller IDs, it is also possible to receive hidden caller IDs. In such a situation, take note of the time and date of the call, then contact your service provider with the information; they will be able to track the name of the unidentified caller.

3. Is VoIP fraudulent?

VoIP happens to be the primary tool used by fraudsters; hence you have to be very careful when using it for personal or business communication channels. However, not all VoIP incoming calls are fraudulent; some are legit. Also, find SaaS sales and tech sales.

4. Can a VoIP call be traced?

VoIP calls can be traced. VoIP incoming calls can even be traced after the call has ended by checking the server records and the associated data. Such information, in most cases, can be accessed by law enforcement agencies and more influential business organizations.

The only downside is that tracing such calls can be difficult during emergencies. This is because VoIP phone numbers have no country or region barrier.

5. Can I make VoIP calls without internet connections?

No, you cannot make VoIP outbound calls at the absent of internet or Wi-Fi connection, as VoIP phones system is entirely dependent on it.

6. How to stop receiving VoIP calls?

The best way to stop receiving unwanted VoIP calls is to use call blocking features available on your devices to block VoIP calls or request call blocking from your service provider.

You can also purchase and install various call blocking hardware on your devices to help you prevent unwanted calls from coming through to your device. Find what is B2B sales and how it’s different from others.