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An email signature generator that
deserves your love.
Top notch designs, easy to customize
Create, manage, and centralize your team’s email signatures with ease.
Align with your brand
Automate and maintain brand consistency and legal compliance.
Add personal touch
Personalize email signatures to accelerate account-based marketing.
A smart, easy-to-use, and absolutely-free
email signature management tool
More credibility for your brand
Standardize great-looking email signatures to attract customer attention.
Email signature is the new marketing
Create an alternative channel to non-intrusively deliver rich marketing messages.
No complications or delays
Set up new email signatures, based on multiple levels, and share – all in a few clicks.
Customize until you get it right
Pick a template (including fonts, colors, and fields) that “feels” like your brand.
If the going gets tough, we’ll be there
Get user guides to simplify your Sloovi Email Signature Generator experience.
Super device friendly
Ensure consistent email signatures across devices of all sizes and configurations.
How it works
Use a powerful editor to design the perfect email signature
Generate a link to share the email signature across the company
Get teams to fill in their personal details while staying consistent
Sign off your brand story
in a way that matters
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