General Data Protection Regulation

Sloovi always protects its users rights to data privacy and protection. We have proven this over the years by consistently following the industry protocols. We collect and process only the data that we need for the functioning of our products and this will always remain the same. Implementing GDPR is only going to strengthen the trust users have with Sloovi.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is an European Union wide policy and data protection law that controls how companies protect and enhance the personal data of European Union’s residents. The law came into force on May 25, 2018 and it fortifies any other directives existing on data protection.

Key fundamentals of the GDPR

GDPR allows the businesses to regulate the security and privacy needs of the individual’s personal data used for the business. The main principles that GDPR requires businesses to follow are;

1. Legitimate, reasonable and straightforward handling of data:

Accentuates straightforwardness for all users. For example, when information is gathered, organizations should be clear concerning why information is being gathered and what it will be utilized for.

2. Limited Purpose:

Collect and process information, just for the reason you really want it for. That is, information gathered for explicit purposes/reasons can't be additionally handled in a way contrary to those reasons/reasons.

3. Minimized data storage:

Ensure information caught is satisfactory, applicable and restricted. In view of this standard, businesses should guarantee they store the least amount of data needed for their intent.

4. Right and up-to-date handling of data:

Data regulators should guarantee data stays exact, legitimate and fit for reason. To go along, businesses should frame policies and arrangements to address how they keep up with information they are handling and storing.

5. Limited data storage:

Have command over capacity and development of information inside the organization. This involves executing and authorizing data maintenance arrangements, and eliminating unauthorized storage and movement of data.

6. Private and secure:

An organization gathering and handling data is solely responsible for carrying out fitting safety efforts to ensure data protection of individuals.

7. Responsibility and obligation:

Organizations should have the option to exhibit reception of essential strides to secure a singular's very own information, and have the option to pull up each progression inside the GDPR technique as proof.

How does Sloovi secure the data?

  • Sloovi follows a robust data protection process to stop data from unintended disclosure and misuse.
  • Sloovi follows industry’s best information security practices to check its products and fix any bugs and vulnerabilities it finds.
  • Sloovi assures that the users can get full hold of their data.
  • Sloovi undergoes annual vendor reviews with their data sub-processors (eg., Amazon Web Services) to ensure that the users’ data is not compromised.

Suggestions for Sloovi Users

We reckon data security and privacy is not a sole responsibility of a vendor but a shared responsibility between both the vendor and the customers. Sloovi is devoted to assisting you in meeting your GDPR requirements, no matter where your organization resides. It’s important that you follow these guidelines before you start using Sloovi;

  • Study and understand the GDPR regulations.
  • Assess the data you shared with Sloovi and make sure that you are not sharing any sensitive personal information such as credit card details, passport details, license etc.,
  • Review systems that may store or process your sensitive data and determine if they have proper methodology and structure in place to handle your data. If necessary, institute Data Processing Agreements.
  • Confirm you have approval to record calls and email opens. If not, we suggest you deactivate those options.
  • Always include unsubscribe links or notices inside any emails you send to abide by the laws.
  • If you or your company want to remove their data completely from our system, drop a mail to

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