Crack more deals
with less effort.

Outreach programs have one sole objective: Winning Customers.
Why use multiple platforms to get it done, when you have Sloovi Outreach?

Customers growing their business with Sloovi
Get most out of your leads

Surface your potential leads with targeted follow - ups, global calling and meetings.

Convert and don’t stop

Save hours every day by automating your cold outreach and drive conversions and win rates.

Perfect your sales pipeline

Diagnose the health of your sales pipeline and rally your team around the right deals.

Do more with data power

Empower your users with rich data analytics – maximize outreach ROI.

Keep your outreach effort simple, smart and frictionless.

From loading thousands of targeted cold leads, warming them up with personalized email campaigns to hitting the bottom of the sales funnel, Sloovi Outreach offers powerful features that save your time and level up your sales outreach game.

Never let a lead slip out of the cracks

Fill your platform with thousands of leads and manage them all in one powerful dashboard. Analyze and track key information of every single lead with a single tap.
Contact thousands of prospects all at once.
Create Smart Views to prioritize lead data and optimize your sales process.
Conduct dynamic search and find the lead you want in seconds.
Track every touchpoint of all your leads in one visual timeline.
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Automate and simplify cold email campaigns

Get more meetings booked with automated prospecting outreach via emails, global calls and SMS.
Connect with thousands of prospects with personalized cold emails at scale.
Constantly stay in touch with them with timely and sequential follow - ups.
Measure the success of your campaigns by tracking opens, clicks, bounce and replies.
Maximize response rate by scheduling campaigns around the prospects’s timezone.
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Insightful metrics to drive your growth

Spend less time on scuffling through endless spreadsheets to fetch the sales data you want. Get meaningful sales data in customizable and flexible reports in seconds.
Get a holistic view of an individual and team’s performance with our Activity Overview report.
Create leaderboards to promote healthy competition among your team.
See which team and team member is hitting the sales mark for any given period.
Customize data with smart filters and export them easily in any format you want.
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Keep pulse on your company’s financial health

What was your set target and what’s that your team achieved? Get an aggregate view of actual and expected values within every stage of your pipeline and rally your teams around the right deals.
Eliminate the friction out of your sales process and maximize productivity.
Get rid of the redundant data entry tasks and focus only on sales.
Identify where leads fall out and optimize ways to improve the conversion rate.
Build multiple views with different metrics for different teams and products.
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