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Sales automation & sequences
Convert your cold prospects into warm leads with fully automated email prospecting outreach.
sloovi Email campaigns
sloovi Personalized cold emails at scale
sloovi Customized templates
sloovi Automated follow – ups
sloovi Maximised deliverability
Prospecting & sales engagement
Customize your sales outreach with a personal touch.
sloovi Bulk emails
sloovi Email follow – up sequence
sloovi Email & text templates
sloovi Email Tracking
sloovi Calling & power dialler
Sales pipeline management
Track and follow – up prospects on a periodic basis.
sloovi Account management
sloovi Contact management
sloovi Email calendar sync
sloovi Call recording
sloovi Visualize sales pipeline
Reporting & Business intelligence
Get great insights into your sales process and track progress efficiently.
sloovi Simplified actionable reports
sloovi Customized, intuitive & flexible reports
sloovi Performance locator
sloovi Sales forecasting & goal tracking
sloovi Analyse team & individual performance
Elevate your sales to new heights
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