Effective date
July 20, 2021
Privacy Policy of Outreach

Sloovi Outreach collects some personal data from its users in order provide some outstanding services to its users. Outreach takes appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized destruction of the data.

Personal data is collected from its uses for the following purposes and using the listed tools and services.




Google Analytics

Personal data: Tracker, data usage

Get in touch with the user

Contact form

Personal Data: company name; email address; first name; last name; number of employees; phone number; website

Displaying content from external platforms

Google Maps Widget

Personal Data: Tracker, Usage data.

Processing payments


Personal Data: different strings of data as mentioned in their privacy policies.

Hosting and backend infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Personal Data: Different sets of data as specified in their terms & privacy policies.

Retargeting marketing

LinkedIn Website Retargeting, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram retargeting marketing

Handling contacts and sending messages


Personal data: phone number

Interacting with users based on their location


Personal data: Geographic position

Why we need access to restricted user data from Google?

Sloovi Outreach is an end-to-end sales tool that allows its users to send and receive mails, calls, texts, schedule meetings and track performance of all the sales activities. With the sensitive data we access through the Google APIs, Outreach application allows its users to,

• Identify emails and events related to their sales activities and display them within in the application
• Schedule calendar events
• Send and receive emails
• Show emails and events that matches the sales leads in our system with the other Outreach users.
App disclosure

sloovi's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Contact Information

For any data related queries, please drop a mail to support@sloovi.com.